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Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Nov 27, 2010 at 11:52:27 PM

PHILADELPHIA – There probably were times in this game when you were waiting for the Nets to make a run and put the Sixers away. But if you were, you have bought into the notion that the Nets have turned the corner.

This game, a numbing 102-86 loss to the Sixers, proved without a doubt that the Nets haven’t.

If they had turned the corner, if they really were progressing, they would not have taken the Sixers lightly. If the Nets really were climbing, they would have attacked the Sixers early and tried to wear them out instead of letting Philadelphia be the aggressors from the beginning.

If the Nets truly were getting better they would have done something to stop the Sixers – the Sixers – in the fourth period.

It’s only one game and you’re going to have

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Apr 15, 2010 at 12:06:54 AM

The Nets season ended in fitting fashion. At least they had a night out on South Beach. At times, they played like they had a night out on South Beach.

This was a game you thought the Nets would win, especially since the Heat were without Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem and Jermaine O’Neal. But how many times have the Nets not taken advantage of a team without some of its top players? Whatever the number is, add one now.

The Nets should have avoided their 70th defeat. But they were down 13 at the start of the fourth quarter as they played like there was some good times on Ocean Ave or Collins. But hen the Nets put up a fight and made it interesting.

They didn't lose until double overtime, 94-86, and the game wasn't decided until Yakhouba Diawara banked in a three. The last time the

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Apr 13, 2010 at 04:49:17 PM

MIAMI –- The Nets’ season ends here, fittingly. It’s one of the places their season ended before it really began.

Miami ranks right behind Minneapolis in that regard. Both places are where the Nets saw their season and any chance having success blow up. Both games ended in last-second shots.

If the Nets beat the Wolves in the opener, they don’t set the record for most losses to start a season. If Dwyane Wade doesn’t bury them in Game 10, then Lawrence Frank still would be coaching, which cannot be minimized.

Honestly, the young players would have gotten more out of this season if they had a coach coaching them. But if it means the Nets wind up with the No. 1 or No. 2 pick -– John Wall or Evan Turner -– then fans and members of the organization

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Apr 3, 2010 at 10:22:17 PM

The Nets are playing for pride, playing to get as many wins as possible -– they got No. 11 last night -- and trying to improve for next season. For many of the Nets, that’s happening in practice and on their own time.

One interesting and significant thing happened after today’s shootaround ended, after all the rotation guys either left or went to the weight room. There were three players shooting on three different baskets.

They were Tony Battie, Trenton Hassell and Bobby Simmons. Respectively, they’re the first, second and fourth-oldest players on the team.

Battie and Simmons are inactive just about every game. The Nets’ easy 115-87 victory over New Orleans last night was Simmons’ 36th time declared inactive and the 33rd for Battie. But they haven’t

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Feb 8, 2010 at 04:44:05 PM

Speculation, rumors and other stories are following the Nets every day. That’s what happens when you’re as bad as they are.

Everyone's waiting for the next trade, coach's departure, controversial Tweet from some of the young players or lengthy losing streak.

The stories will continue leading up to next week’s trade deadline and beyond because there will be an ownership change at some point, with players unhappy if they’re still with the Nets after the trade deadline. And there’s always the chase for infamy -– the worst record in NBA history -– that will gain national attention.

Had the Nets won a few of the close games lately maybe some things would disappear. Certainly the race for the record and the coverage it will receive. But some of the

Posted by: Al Iannazzone on Jan 13, 2010 at 11:16:14 PM

The Celtics didn’t have Kevin Garnett or Rasheed Wallace, but the Nets were minus Keyon Dooling and Tony Battie so it all evened out. Not really.

Boston would have had to be without Garnett, Wallace, Big Baby Davis, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Brian Scalabrine, Ray Allen and Kendrick Perkins for the Nets to have had a chance Wednesday night and that might be pushing it.

This one –- a 111-87 Boston rout -- was over early as the Nets failed to defend and rebound and let the Celtics' aggressiveness take them out of the game right away. It was a double-digit deficit about six minutes into the game and surpassed 20 with just under two minutes to go in the first period.

There’s no truth to the rumor that recently acquired Shawne Williams, who was exiled from the Mavericks since