Judge- The Future of Sportsmanship

    Thursday, May 18, 2017, 7:45 PM [General]

    Recently, Jose Bautista, near has-been & spokesman of the Big Papi Vitman Shack Inc., pulled off another classic display of mentally challenged , er, infantle boasting, er, I mean progressive celebration that had all the conditioned talking heads applauding his boorish, er, cool behavior. Now, I know my outdated traditional view is not allowed, er, being transitioned into the correct thinking by my baseball betters in the media but perhaps there little enforced evolution of acceptable baseball attitudes might have hit a huge problem in the newest Yankee rising star. 

    Meet Aaron Judge a larger than life figure proving more than capable of hitting the ball farther than likes of Bonds, Sosa or Ortiz and without a hint of PED use. Playing for the most visible and vibrant baseball organization just ready to welcome in a new era of prominence and it very well might be led by him. Just one tiny problem for the hip overtly emotional media, this giant is incredibly humble. Oh, bother, some are even whispering his attitudes reflect those of the iconic, and total role mode, er I mean boring robot, Derek Jeter. 

    Panic for those affliated, and dedicated, to marketing the new baseball that will appeal to the hipsters, the urbanites that want obscene gestures of "celebrations" to become common place and replace that antiquated form of Jeterian play. Please, we want more JoeysBats doing his totally fine not at all chidlish display of ego with each blast not this Aaron Judge that runs to first after hitting a moonshot like those ancient robots- Mantle, Mattingly and Mays (trying for the M alliteration, okay) 

    Yeah, he must not have gotten the memo, damn those parents raising Aaron with manners, sportsmanship and class!! Where is the attitude, drugs and phoniness that I have come to except from my modern baseball star. Unacceptable, or perhaps maybe those elites could take a moment and listen to the forgotten fans that raises ire over the Papi staredown or the Manny flip and not just shout them down as outdated bigots that just need to evolve. There will always be more Jeters than Bautistas in the MLB pipeline just because every prospect will need humilty far more than ego to keep going in this fine pastime that will go on being supported the oft disregared but loyal traditionalist. 

    Keep on staying fine, friendly and classy Aaron Judge- MLB unrelunctant new, yet familar face 

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    My 27 cents on the 2010 Lineup

    Wednesday, December 30, 2009, 3:29 AM [General]

        This past offseason has seen many veterans leave the team in favor for younger, more athletic and more affordable players in their prime. Although, there have been several propsed lineups, none have produced a functional #5/A-Rod protector for my tastes. In my mind, the answer has been clear ever since we got the athletic, speed C-Grand and was re-assured even more with the Nick Johnsons signing. The only true hitter capable of certifying back-up whenever Alexander steps to the plate is none other but Mark Texiera!

        Now, some might be puzzled, others angry but please hear out my idea before disapproving it fully in your pinstripe hearts. My first reason for my proposed switch for Mark is the fact that his hitter type in my opinion tends to lean more towards run producer than the overal balance hitter prefered for the #3 spot.After a year of watching Tex in pinstripes I have come to judge him as a hitter who accelerates in RBI moments rather than simpling looking to get on-base.

        Simply put, I believe Teixera is an aggressive slugger looking for RBI's not a passive hitter who jut so happens to have power to go-along with his incredible On-Base acumen. Although, both had uppercut swings- Tino Martinez's & Jason Giambi' skill differd greatly and I tend to believe Mark has more Tino in him than Jason.

      Don't get me wrong, an MVP season full of clutch hits and glowing statistics shows he more than capable of being there for many years to come, but if Brian Cashman refuses to move the budget to sign a Matt Holiday, what choice is better than Tex? Time in the majors has allowed Jorge Posada to improve his pitch recognition greatly, but it has also drained his bat speed & power to the point where placing him behind an elite hitter, A-ROD, has turned into an improbale decision. Plus, another negative to that idea is the glaring fact of Robinson Cano being a vastly better hitter at this point and if he can't surpass Jorge at this point- then it is indeed time to worry about his future. So, a potential Grandy for righties, Cano for lefties platoon and Jorge being the constant #6 hitter is a tolerable solution, but still not close to the envisioned lineup I had in mind. 

            Still, you fine ladies and gents are wondering who the heck replaces Mark's 2009 spot at the #3 hole? Well, to be fair I didn't know until we recently signed him, this individual does everything you want from a #3 hitter- he has perhaps the best eye to recognize pitches and get on-base in a remarkable clip. He knows how to hit well for average to all fields and loves torturing pitches with long at-bats that would make the in his prime-Oakland Atheletic Giambino proud. Of course, you probable guessed with the such key words that I'm refering to Nick Johnson.

        I know how everyone thinks the best and/or only spot he has in this powerful lineup is the #2 hole but why is that? In my opinion, the first two guys in most great lineups are speedy atheletic hitters who have long at-bats and know how to get on base no matter what. While, Nick fits the latter description nicely, the former description is much harder for Nick to comply with his skill set. Plus, I think placing him in the #2 spot will lead to way too many double plays due to his lack of speed plus I do believe we have a far better option with...wait for it..... Curtis Granderson.

         Quickly, side note, I have just loved the judgement this all-star has already recieved from the Yankee faithful. The idea his few problems {against lefties; strikeouts too much} are permenant problems to his game are foolish and incorrect notions. Even with the problems, the Detroit star had a certified MVP season three years ago and a very good season two years ago and I believe he would eaily match Johnny's numbers from the number two hole.

          The only thing we worry about placing him in Johnny's old spot is the fear he will not battle pitchers as well because of his high strikeout numbers and his struggles against lefties. First, let me address the latter prospect because I realize if he never overcomes his problem against lefties then we have no choice and keep him in the latter part the order. Still, I firmly believe giving him the chance to keep his career major league spot in the top of the order and if he succeeds in at least overcoming the problem against lefties then we have a superior offensive weapon than Damon. Finally, let us not forget the guy has succeeded in the top of the order and has been one of the few bright spots in the abysmal Detroit lineup over the last few years.

         Also, I believe the best combo for the top of order is pairing Derek with Curtis instead of limiting run production by having the slower Johnson be in the #2 spot. Also, trying this combo out would be financially smart because if it worked it would remove the need for getting Carl Crawford next year. Personally, I believe we will be after Carl Crawford over a Holliday, even Werth and Hawrpe next offseason because he could best replace the combo we had with Derek-Johnny. Still, I think Curtis is superior overall player than Carl (especially defensively) and he could easily be our #2 hitter for years to come- if only he solves that {vs. lefties} problem. Oh, as for his strikeout problem, another guy has a similar strikeout problem and his offense has translate well in the top of the order, as well. That guy's name is uh, Derek Jeter.

        Now, I know Derek's problem with strikeouts has never been as severe, still if Curtis can't lower his strikeout rate from the ugly 140's to the preferable 90's-100's per year then I will be greatly dissapointed. I have no proof that he will indeed strikeout less or suddenly figure out southpaws, but I do believe that being surrounded in the best lineup in the sport, instant career re-vitalization coming from depressive Detroit (last three season have been brutal since WS appearence in 06) to the elated clubhouse in the Bronx and having one of the better hitting coach, Kevin Long, will greatly improve his already fine offensive game.

       Then, I have always figure the best place for Nick to bat in the lineup is the three hole because it would be ideal to have one of the best On-Base% guys bat ahead of our best run producer-Alex Rodriguez. Imagine having a guy who easily gets on-base at a 40% clip, forces the pitcher to throws a ton, will not be tempted by the short porch to become a strict pull hitter- he is a balanced hitter and of course he will benefit from batting ahead of Alex, too. All this could allow Nick to post his most impressive numbers in his career easily.

         I know the Universe will be howling at me for removing the power threat of Teix-Alex that produced a WS championship & was the best 1-2 punch in the game. Still, I think that tandem was formed mainly due to the threat Alex brings and folks forget (ya, know with the injuries) Nick is an elite On-Base & very balanced hitter- for me that translates into a John Orleud-lite player. If this guy's healthy, I believe he can be a better #3 hitter than Teixera, who I think translates better in the cleanup role or the runnerup cleanup role-  the #5 spot. So, in conclusion, my 2010 New York Yankee lineup would be:

       Finally, I wish to provoke your minds, MyYes community, to the greatest reason why I want this line-up to come to life and that point is- fufillment. I believe if we allow Nick to bat in the number two slot % Curtis somewhere in a more RBI focused lower slot in the lineup; it will prevent them to fix their problems and allow the team to accept their limitations- which is never good for a team that last year famously believed- no lead was safe from their inevitable comeback magic.

       I will focus on Curtis first because many have already stapled the image of his shortcomings before his first at-bat in Yankee pinstripes and I refuse to allow Curtis to be marginalized into a platoon player. This guy truely can become Bernie's Heir and it won't happen if we bury this All-Star in the bottom of the lineup after a career in the top of the order. Now, onto the solution, shall we Yankee Universe? I think every segment in a baseball lineup focuses on a different aspect of the offensive game and it breaks down like this- top of the order (primary objective- get on base, contact hitters, speed, see plenty of pitches); middle of the order (primary objective- bring runners home, aggressive-patient sluggers); & the bottom of the order (primary objective- hitters who weren't good enough to excel in one of the previous segments)

       So where does Curtis fit in this proposition? Many feel he belongs in the bottom of the order and I believe that is true waste of his abilities because his bat would fit nicely Johnny's old spot. Face it, putting Curtis in the #7,8 or 9 slots would allow C-Grand to accept his short-comings and never fufill his true potential- see Nick Swisher's horrific batting average and strikeout problem for an example. Personally, I feel it would be a terrible decision for Curtis because he is on the edge of turning into the wrong type of hitter- a slugger.

      In the long run, Curtis projects better as really strong contact hitter rather than an awkward slugger. And the time is now, Girardi and co. to save Granderson from settling into a slugger's persona of not caring about your strike-out-rate,    focusing on your slugging% over on-base%, and prehaps even accepting a platoon. Also, I have faith to believe Curtis at his opinion on himself- about being able to do whatever the team asks of him. So, I firmly believe his numbers were altered in Detroit because Curtis knew in that weak lineup he needed to be more of a slugger and produce runs along with scoring them. Here, he can relax in the top of the order because there are plenty of guys to bring him home. In this new top of the order, he can adjust his hitting approach to take more pitches, improve his On-Base% & alter his offensive persona to reflect more a Damon-Jeter style: aggressive/high-on base contact hitting.

         Now, you're probably wondering how Nick Johnson offensive can be improve? The only problem he has is Charlie Brown-like luck with injury, right? There, my fellow Pinstripe brothers & sisters is where you would be wrong. Personally, I believe Nick could actually be more aggressive and the thought has come to my mind, what if Nick's great On-Base% is a result from him becoming too passive? Or is he simply an infield version of Bobby Abreu in his prime just waiting to play in an awesome line to excel his full potential? I prefer to believe the latter and I think batting infront of Alex will allow Nick to open up his aggressive side.

         Like Granderson shouldering the burden for Detroit's offensive problems, I believe Nick Johnson has been on many teams where he has to focus on his best skill- getting on-base. Thus, between playing on weak offensive teams & battling his injuries, I believe Nick has never been able to explore his full offensive game. If the Yanks decide to place him in the #2 spot, I think Nick will settle into his familar offensive game of having a great on-base, but letting his slugging ability slide. Although, if the Yanks were to place Johnson in the #3 slot, I think Nick will see too many good pitches, batting infront of Alex, not to improve his slugging and run production. Plus, his lack of speed & athleticism, hurts in comparison to what Damon or Curtis could bring to the slot. 


    1) Curtis Granderson {lefty}

    2)Derek Jeter {righty}

    3)Nick Johnson {lefty}

    4) Alex Rodriguez {righty}

    5)Mark Teixera {switch}

    6)Robinson Cano {lefty}

    7) Jorge Posada {switch}

    8)Nick Swisher {switch}

    9)Brett Gardner {lefty}

      So, please I wish to hear your thoughts and most of all tell me I'm not too crazy for imagining this line-up. I really think it could help utilize C-Grand & Nick Johnson's full potential and solve their offensive problems. Can't wait for the reaction...

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    My First Blog- An opinion on the Matsui/Damon Debate

    Wednesday, November 25, 2009, 2:15 AM [General]

          While I dream of the Cashman bringing back both defensively challenged- clutch hitting leftfielders, the facts are somehow that situation will not materialized. If I was playing it by heart, it definitely would be Hideki Matsui because the guy's been a Paul O'Neil like warrior and if things went right, could have won his 3rd championship this past October instead of only his first. Still, Haz-Mat has done everything any fan could had imagined back in 2003 and it kills me to think he will finish his career in some other uniform for one year.

    Honestly, I wouldn't mind the Yanks think with their head when making crucial decisions like this Matsui v. Damon debate yet I refuse to accept the concept of choosing a winner in this debate over "who helps rotate the DH" concept!  It is ludricious to decide the future of next year's team when Matsui's only fault is he clogs up the DH spot for one season. Let's be frank, Damon is one lost step in his legs, from being as useless as Hideki is in the outfield and then Matsui, IMO, takes the lead in the comparison. Also, am I crazy to think that Matsui could play perhaps twice every ten games in the outfield next year? It's probably going to be his final year considering why no one has mentioned Hideki's interest in wanting to play more than next year. Right now he's playing it by ear, and how his knees feel, and I believe after a whole year as a DH; the door may be open to play Matsui 25-30 games in the outfield.

       Next vital point that goes into my fiery blue-tinted debate is my personal spin on the stat of WAR. As most know it means wins above replacement, and although Johnny's WAR last year was slightly better than Hideki's (3.0 to 2.4) that doesn't mean Hideki produces more wins. In my opinion, the one ability that Hideki trumps anything Johnny has is his ability to protect Alex Rodriguez in the lineup. No one else can do it and there is no replacement out there on the free agent market to the void either. Unless Brian and pals want to fork over $100 million to the highly overrated Matt Holliday, I don't see any other way we can fill the void. We all love Jorge and his bat remains a solid B+ for a catcher and in our 6th or 7th slot in our lineup, but for the batter whose supposed to protect Alex; he doesn't come close to the threat of Godzilla. Ironically, Cano is talented enough to be that threat but, his drastic problems with RISP prevents him from contributing in the 7th slot let alone in the all important A-Rod slot protector.

          Unlike Matsui, Johnny's #2 slot can be replaced in several ways that are suitable for a defending champion both in-house & out-house. First, we could use either the excellent OBP & pitch-count threat of Swisher -OR - use the excellent contact hitting whose only getting better and seldom strikeouts (less than 10% this past year) Robinson Cano. If the Pinstripe Front Office decides to replace Johnny's bat with someone more adaptable to the leadoff order there is the trade possibility for Curtis Granderson or signing the somewhat under priced Chone Figgins. Any of these options are more viable & effective than potentially replacing Hideki with a defensive specialist/ no bat player like Ramiro Pena, Brett Gardner, etc. OR having to pay the pricey & overrated Holliday.

         In the end, the best hope the Yanks have in repeating next year is to resign both players to one-year deals and for the true future plans of this team to be activated NEXT off season. Let the massive changes to get younger, more athletic, and versatile happen after more attractive replacements become possible next November with a free agent like Carl Crawford and the much heralded outfield prospect, Austin "Action" Jackson. Please Yankee management let the Universe have two fan, and clubhouse, favorites back for final swan song on a team that it is about to go from focusing on the Core Four to recognizing the Posse of the Farm- the Joba, Hughes, Montero, Cano, & Jackson. As many are excited to welcome the new age of Bronx Bombers, I would be elated to watch the Old Gang of- Andy, Damon, & Hideki- have one legitimate chance to win another championship & have a truly worthwhile season of baseball. Don't ruin that because of a few pennies, impatience to execute a grand plan or, Mo forbid, to allow the DH spot to become a rest stop for our decrepit Bombers, who obviously could survive it up one more year. One more year, let it happen Yankees- Damon, Hideki, Andy- they did sort of win the last World Series title, ya'know ;-)

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