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Posted by: dougiebone on Dec 30, 2009 at 03:29:35 AM

    This past offseason has seen many veterans leave the team in favor for younger, more athletic and more affordable players in their prime. Although, there have been several propsed lineups, none have produced a functional #5/A-Rod protector for my tastes. In my mind, the answer has been clear ever since we got the athletic, speed C-Grand and was re-assured even more with the Nick Johnsons signing. The only true hitter capable of certifying back-up whenever Alexander steps to the plate is none other but Mark Texiera!

    Now, some might be puzzled, others angry but please hear out my idea before disapproving it fully in your pinstripe hearts. My first reason for my proposed switch for Mark is the fact that his hitter type in my opinion tends to lean more