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Posted by: dougiebone on Nov 25, 2009 at 02:15:28 AM

      While I dream of the Cashman bringing back both defensively challenged- clutch hitting leftfielders, the facts are somehow that situation will not materialized. If I was playing it by heart, it definitely would be Hideki Matsui because the guy's been a Paul O'Neil like warrior and if things went right, could have won his 3rd championship this past October instead of only his first. Still, Haz-Mat has done everything any fan could had imagined back in 2003 and it kills me to think he will finish his career in some other uniform for one year.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind the Yanks think with their head when making crucial decisions like this Matsui v. Damon debate yet I refuse to accept the concept of choosing a winner in this debate over "who helps rotate the