Letter to Mark Teixeira

    Monday, August 9, 2010, 8:41 PM [Letters to Yankees]

    Dear Mark Teixeira,

    Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of yours.  However, it wasn’t since you came to the Yankees.  You’ve been my favorite player in baseball since your rookie season in 2003.  I used to get tickets to games against the Rangers and Angels just so I could see you play.  Other Yankee fans used to give me a look asking why in the world I would be such a huge fan of a player who wasn’t wearing the pinstripes.  I would tell them you didn’t have to wear pinstripes to show that you are a fantastic baseball player.

    I know you don’t always have your best stuff in the first quarter of the season.  I don’t think anyone but you will ever know why your bat isn’t loud at that time.  However, what is always evident is that I always have your back.  Earlier this season a lot of fellow fans and newspapers were trying to argue that moving you out of the third spot would be the best.  I always backed you up and said that would not be necessary.  YOU ALWAYS COME THROUGH.  And look at you now!  You still are on pace to hit at least 30 homers and 100 RBI for the seventh straight season in a row.  To those fans that didn’t believe in you, I like to say, “I told you so!”

    What I admire about you most is that you always have such strong faith in yourself.  I wish a lot of other players out there had a lot more faith in themselves.  The saying is always, “Look at the back of the baseball card,” but you really live up to those numbers because you always believe in yourself.

    I know you are wearing the pinstripes now, and that makes me extra excited.  It was honestly one of the happiest days of my life when you signed with the Yankees.  I looked at my friends and said, “We just signed the BEST firstbase player in baseball.”  NO ONE COMPARES TO YOU.  I can’t wait for the year when you have a hitting first quarter.  It will be an EPIC MVP season for you!  Stay strong and keep me proud to be a fan of the Texecutioner!!

    Best Wishes,

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    Letter to Nick Swisher

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 8:52 PM [Letters to Yankees]

    Dear Nick Swisher,

    I watched your interview with Mike Francesa today.  I just had to take the time and share the things you said in that interview and express my gratitude and appreaciation.

    When asked about how you got so much better defensively, you said that you took a lot of pride in it.  I wish there were a lot more baseball players today out there who have the same idea of playing defense, though we do have our share on this team.  I was a "stopper" in soccer growing up and my coach used to tell me, "Offense wins games.  Defense wins championships."  Taking pride in defense helps you win championships.  Since you won a World Series last year, your increase in pride makes me look even more forward to this coming postseason.

    I really appreciate that fact that you and Kevin Long made time during the offseason to work on your swing.  I did find it odd last season that you weren't hitting much at home, especially with the home runs.  I noticed that your batting stance has changed and I've seen those clips of you getting extra batting practice before games.  Also your offseason boxing has seem to taken effect.  Only the best athletes train during the offseason and the most dedicated set goals and follow through with them.  Your swings are a lot better this year; especially at home where we Yankees fans want to see them.

    What I also appreciate about you is that you've really soaken in on what it's like to play in New York.  You know it's tough to play in New York.  You know it's not all about individual acheivements.  Most Yankees fans, especially me, don't even think about those awards and achievements until after the final out of the entire season.  It's all about winning with the New York Yankees and you've embraced that.  You're also really quick to point out the achievements of other teammates rather than yourself and that is a level of class I appreciate.

    I don't think you could have come to the New York Yankees at a more perfect time.  We came into the 2009 season after a tough 2008 season that fans like to try and forget due to the fact that we did not make the postseason.  We signed players like Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, and AJ Burnett which was an uplifter for fans.  When I heard Brian Cashman brought you over, I was overly excited because I knew what kind of attittude you had.  Your spirit and energy has really woken up the clubhouse and relaxed everyone, fans included.

    Finally I would like to point out your appreciation of the fans.  The reason why we the fans love you so much is because you love us.  Before the games even start, you are in right field waving to fans and cheering for us.  I've been sitting in the right field bleachers for a long time.  There has always been great energy, and whenever you're acknowledging us, the energy doubles.

    We are proud that you are proud.  You are absolutely right when you say you need to earn the pinstripes.  I'll tell you right now....you certainly have earned them!  With your power, pride, and swagger you are officially a New York Yankee.  I hope you're here for a long time if not the rest of your career.  Looking forward to the near future.

    Best Wishes,

    P.S. I gave you all of my All-Star votes.  You're an All-Star whether or not you're on that team.

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