Stay in Mauersville

    Thursday, February 4, 2010, 12:35 AM [General]

    So reports of a 10 year deal for Minnesota Twins Joe Mauer has been sifting through the airwaves of lately. Awesome! And no pun intended. I'm really happy about this, because this keeps Mauer in Minnesota and it's a good thing for baseball. With the likes of Ripken Jr., Mauer can become a hometown hero and be the biggest thing in Minnesota. He is already the face of the franchise and he has support with the stellar firstbaseman in Justin Morneau, another MVP award receipent.


    The Yankees have their star catcher in the minors, Jesus Montero. A phenom at all levels and didn't miss a beat from Double-A to Triple-A. A minor broken finger ended his season last year but no harm no foul and should rebound with no after affects from it. He is a soft spoken individual who does his talking with the Lousiville Slugger.


    Joe Mauer, also will be a major go-getter if he chooses not to sign with the Twins. Both Yankees and Red Sox with throw him all the money they got and Mauer, if he did choose so, he could make more than Alex Rodriguez (thats over $30 million a year) and for Cashman, the last thing he wants to do is add another big payroll player to an already robust payroll at $200 million. Cashman has his plate full in the winter of 2010 to re-sign both Jeter and Mo, and will most likely entice both Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford to the pinstripes. That will certaintly raise New York's payroll over $200 million, maybe around $220 million for the 2011 season. And if your a GM, I'd rather have 2 players at $250 million ayear, than 1 guy that could cost you $250 million over ten years (if not more).


    Great players don't always need to land in the Bronx. And I hope that Pujols and Mauer stay at their respected teams for the rest of their career. It's great for baseball and great for the Yankees budget in the upcoming years to follow.








    I just want to thank everyone that puts their time into my blogs and posting what they feel, it means alot to me.

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    The 2008 Plan (2011)

    Monday, February 1, 2010, 7:10 PM [General]

    Ok, so its time to investigate into the future state of the Yankees. Yes, I know the 2010 season hasn't even played out yet but, it's exciting to see what the future can bring in the bronx. Back in 2008, Cashman hardly broke the bank, he kept his old veterans and stood firm with the hopes of Kennedy and Hughes could shine in the starting rotation. But, as you know, that was a mistake with injuries to both Kennedy and Hughes. But in the winter of 2007, there wasn't any big splash free agent signings. And because of the that the Yankees closed out the year at 89-73 and missing the playoffs for the first time since the 1993 season. In 2009, the Yankees spent over a half-billion dollars on 3 vital players in Teixeira, Sabathia and Burnett. Brian Chashman broke the $200 million dollar budget and in that, they won their elusive 27th championship.

    Now I said that to bring this up.....


    In 2008 Cashman did mostly nothing to tweak the roster because he knew what the 2009 free agent class would bring. In 2010 now, he maintained a $200 million dollar payroll (little less than 2009), he didn't sign Damon back for the propoused 2 year $14 million deal, didn't sign Jason Bay or Matt Holliday or (speaking of the Holliday) never tempted bringing in Doc Halladay for a cool $20 million year. He and his team are conjouring up a new deal in the works, the same as is in 2008, save up the resources and the money and get ready to see it rain in 2011 for free agents like Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and company. It's a clear cut indication. So for now, don't worry about Gardner and Winn patrolling LF, because 14 months from now, Carl Crawford will be running the grounds at the jewel in the Bronx in '11 and beyond. Cashman only needs to spend money to bring back Jeter, Rivera , and the rest is game. The 2010 Yankees are a very good team and will contend for the title, 2011 Yankees...... Man, do we need to play the season, because you're better off giving no. 29 in march, instead of playing the 2011 season


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