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Posted by: swishfan33 on Feb 4, 2010 at 12:35:27 AM

So reports of a 10 year deal for Minnesota Twins Joe Mauer has been sifting through the airwaves of lately. Awesome! And no pun intended. I'm really happy about this, because this keeps Mauer in Minnesota and it's a good thing for baseball. With the likes of Ripken Jr., Mauer can become a hometown hero and be the biggest thing in Minnesota. He is already the face of the franchise and he has support with the stellar firstbaseman in Justin Morneau, another MVP award receipent.


The Yankees have their star catcher in the minors, Jesus Montero. A phenom at all levels and didn't miss a beat from Double-A to Triple-A. A minor broken finger ended his season last year but no harm no foul and should rebound with no after affects from it. He is a soft spoken individual who does his talking