Berkman Kearns are we better worse or the same

    Saturday, July 31, 2010, 9:53 AM [General]

    Whew....The trade deadline is past and the Yankee ship is still sailing upright!!! While im not at all for the Berkman/Kearns deals..It hasn't cost us all that much and they are only 3 month rentals.

    Berkman has decent OBP and has had 15 IBB this year. He'l get a chance to swing in our lineup. Kearns, i don't understand this at all but i guess i don't have to. Maybe he is just a piece to mix and match with or a guaranteed K in the middle of the lineup so other teams actually have a chance.

    My biggest disappointment is that Colin Curtis will lose ABs even when the roster is expanded. We aren't going to pay Berk and Kearns and not use them. The development of Curtis would lessen the need for Crawford and we could concetrate resources in other areas. Frontline pitching and a power DH. Although a full time DH might just spell the beginning of the end for Jorge.

    Again as i asked at the beginning of the year, "Are we better, worse or the same?" In this case i would have to at least say we are the same. I think the biggest question is. Are we going to give the kids a chance to play and if not when and for what or we going to make a move? We didn't make a lights out push for Lee and considering Houston took on alot of the Big O's salary we could have made a decent move there and possible restructuring of his contract could have led us to keep him and sign Lee.  So i wonder what whats in store for the off season?

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    The Boss

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010, 8:39 AM [General]

    Lupica is a small minded little man who has never had an original idea. He is old school in the way that controversy sells papers. The positve thing here is that with that advent of the internet. No one has to pay to read his small witted remarks. His kind is outdated and the timing of his column is horrid. He reeks with jealousy over the Yankee fans and the fact that Big Stein came out on top.

    Anyone that has run or known someone that has run a sucessful business knows that in order to be sucessful and hands on you have to be a little off center. It is an all consuming labor of love and a lifetime of growing. Mr. Steinbrenner came around in a different age and didnt know all that much about baseball when he took over the Yankees. In three years he took the Yankees from the gutter to the World Series. In five years he had 3 pennants and two championships. Some people say he bought it and maybe he did but as a fan im happy to have an owner who spends his money on his team instead of lining his pockets and complaining about why his team cant compete.

    With success comes many perils and George was not immune from them. His association with Howard Spira will remain a black mark. However it is worth mentioning that  Mr. Spira came to him, not vice versa. Thus there was a third party association that sent Spira to George and that remains overlooked. It was also worth mentioning that while his motives were suspect, the concern was that the Winfield Foundation was not actually perfoming any charitable works and that all donations were being eaten up by administrative costs. Something that happens quite frequently these days. It must also be noted that The Dave Winfield Foundation was the first of its kind in sports and was run by administrators and not Mr. Winfield who assumed community work were being done. It was the result of this investigation that led to wholesale changes within the Foundation and a more "hands on approach" by Dave Winfield.

    With relation to Spira being a gambler. Any association Mr. Steinbrenner had with him was in relation to his motives with Dave Winfield and by no means meant to portray the Boss as having any association with gaming illeagal or otherwise. His suspension for "having ties to a known gambler" is akin to saying Derek Jeter should be suspended because he knows people who play poker on Saturday nights. The gambling association is used widely at the discretion of the commissioners office and has motives of its own. A classic example was Willie mays being suspended from baseball because he represented a casino. What no one told anyone was that Mickey Mantle was essentially his boss. Granted all of that has since passed under the bridge but it is a case in point. In subtext

    A. Mr. Steinbrenner provided the money for the first ever charitable foundation in sports. Which has inspired many other atletes to do the same, providing countless good works for the coummuntiy in several different countries.

    b.Mr. Steinbrenner never sought third party blame and accepted his punishment as a man.

    With relation to his involvement in player signings etc. I would beg to ask "what owner of any business would not be in on the day to day operation of his business?" I've been reading about Matt Nokes and mullets yet it isnt written anywhere that Matt Nokes was the best available catcher atht he time. The Boss ahs always considered his team to be a "product" and as the owner of said product has always made the best product available. How amn times have you seen new and improved on a label? Its because they found a way to make it better. George's decisons were not always right or farsighted but his intentions were always the best. He put the best team on the field money could buy and what more can you ask as a fan?

    It is also under repoted that he the Steinbrenners provide employment for hundreds and subsequently thousands of people. Players and plain people who would have not found employment elsewhere in the game came to Mr. Steinbrenner for jobs and were trained and given a chance. He hired one of the first African American GMs in baseball ( a poor choice) but a chance nontheless. He treated people firmly yet fairly. His realationship with Martin i look at as a classic example. Billy ran himself out of every job he had, including his ballplaying days. He had demons and troubles, yet George never gave up on him.

    When Guidry went bankrupt with oil deals in the 80s. It was the Boss who rescued him. he got Rivers out of constant gambling debts. He overpaid Pinella and gave him extra time on the last two years of his contract so he could have financial stability. Did the Mets go out and rescue Stawberry and Gooden? No it was the Yankees.

    George never let go of anyone and always gave you chances. He believed in the human spirit and what could be accomplished by mankind. He worked hard and rewarded loyalty and even forgave his detractors. He had thick skin and could take a hit.

    Like it or not, we are all going to miss him

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    Winning and losing ...yankees

    Tuesday, June 8, 2010, 7:21 AM [General]

    While all is not well in the Yankee Universe, one should be filled with a certain amount of pride being able to complain about a team playing 600 baseball. If we lived in Milwaukee we would be dancing in the streets and preparing for our postseason cookout.

    On 161st and River we are looking for heads to roll and reasons why our team wont be going 162-0 this year. Ok il give alittle credit 154-8. With all 8 losses coming on the west coast. While this team has some notable problems, namely its depth and management, i would offer that we are the 2009 WORLD CHAMPIONS!!

    The Yankees boast seemingly limitlesss resources and the best facilities in baseball. The win every game mentality should be a reminder to the fans that the organization fields the best possible product every year. That is a testament of the Yankees commitment to their fans as well as their legacy. No other team in baseball or sports for that matter can say that or prove that.

    I understand that with the money and the fame comes the expectations  but these guys are human beings. Texiera will slump Arod will strike out and the Captain will hit into a DP. They are not devoid of feeling and need support.

    We treat them like the crazy uncle who we will fight to the death for if someone else says something about them but who we abuse shamelessly. What other team gives the fans a forum like this to lamblast their own club?

    Now i hate Girardis notebook and we havent moved a runner up since 1995 but this club has excellent starting pitching and a good enough bullpen to get the job done. We have speed at the bottom of the order and the defense is improving. The vetrans will come around to hitting shortly. you cant take career 300 guys and all of a suddent hey cant hit. Maybe Tex wont hit for the rest of the year, guys have bad years. Regardless this is still the best team in baseball and aside from a few games that we should have won wed be in first place.

     When the dust settles we will be on top. I guarantee it.

    GO YANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Heartbeat of the Game and over it

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010, 3:05 PM [General]

    I may be the first one to say this in an open forum, but i am tired of of Girardi. Hes a great guy and all but his profile just doesnt fit as a manager of a Big league club. He's too much the face of the Yankees when it should be about the players and the game. His persona is more suited for that of a GM and his baseball analytical skills are after the fact like those of a color analyst. His face is all over NY more than any other player hawking everything in sight.

    I realize the Yankees just won the World Series but im wondering how hard it was to pencil in Jeter, Damon, Texirea, Rodriguez, Matsui and Posada everyday? His overjoeing it almost cost the series and as we saw in game one of this season he isnt about to stop. What exactly is in that notebook other than the Lords Prayer? He should already know what ever is in that book and the fact that he carries it and refers to it as often as he does only reflects that he has no feel for the game.

    Why employ a coaching staff if all the answers are right there at your fingertips? The answer is he wants to look smart and impress Cash as some type of numbers guru. While i realize that numbers are really important to some people and the game itself, we cant lose sight of the fact that Baseball is about HEART.

    This is the same person whos management opinions and style allowed Matsui and Damon to walk over peanuts. Trading our best barganing chips for a guy who is happier in left and as weve seen doesnt have a CF arm. Bringing back two players who if anything have had lackluster careers in NY. Now from a pure numbers perspective, ok let them walk but lets replace the production we got from their bats. His numbers are projecting Grandy to hit 30hrs. (il give u a dollar for everyone over 19) and Johnson to have OBP of 400..(lets see if he even gets 400 AB) The Yankee depth is atrocious and hes ready to jump on the DL wagon already if things dont work out.. He's already refering to the health of the club as an important factor to success. (again tell us something we dont know) Two games into the season and we still cant move a runner to third with no outs he brings in Ascevas who gives up the weeny. Thats how good that book is.

    Lets not forget, Matsui put us on his back and carried us to the championship. Arod broke outta his funk and got us there. DJ is always DJ and the pieces to the puzzzle fell into place. That takes chemistry, that takes heart and like the look on Joes face when he was legging out that triple in 96 against the Braves, it cant be found in any book. So please, put down the book give up the in game interviews, go back to scouting drafting and what you see. Get in touch with the players, the emotion and as Joe Torre put it, The Heatbeat of the Game.




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    Response to life without Jeter

    Friday, March 5, 2010, 4:29 PM [General]

    In regards to jeter and his eventual retirement. it goes to show what a true star he really is and that he is in fact taken for granted by this generation of fans. You can look and fantasize all you want but you simply wont find another. He is a true once in a lifetime champion. If you can remember those who came before him, good players and nice guys but all fuzzy faces with less than memorable names. Smalley, Espinoza, Andre Robertson. Would we even remember Bucky Dent if not for the home run? Fred Stanley, Gene Micheal himself, all forgotten faces all the way back to Rizzuto.
    This generation cant remember what it was like for Bobby Murcer being compared to Mickey Mantle and basically being rode out of town because he couldnt be Mickey Mantle. While Murcer  himself was a great player and a champion in his own right he could never get away from not being able to be the next Mantle.
    Who will take over fo Mo? Name the faces before him...Hernadez, Steve Farr, Bullpen by comittee. What about our starting rotation? What guy will stand up and take the ball like Pettite has over the years? He faces the pitchers from every team , Maddux, Glavine, Smotlz ,Martinez and BEATS THEM!! All the time without half the pedigree that those pitchers come with.. I doubt anyone understands how lucky we were with Tino replacing Mattingly.
    The point is there doesnt seem to be alot people around here that remember the years from 78-95 and i think they take alot for granted.
    Tey dont remember the Ron Hasseys and Don Slaughts, Balboni, Maybury and George Scott. How bad did Cerone have it taking over for Thurman? Remember when the starting five was Chuck Carey, Alan Mills, Kamenicki, TIm leary and Scott Sanderson? Kammy won 15 games and we all went nuts buecause we were like the rest of the fans that dont root for the yankees we had to hang on to all the positive stuff we could get cause there wasnt alot. We didnt have Joba or Hughes in the pen, we had Don (the long ball Paul) he was responsible for coming in and giving up 3run jacks.. How many Cfs can you name b4 Bernie? There were dozens and left anf right were a crapshoot every year till Paulie got here...
    In closing id like to point out that all the aforementioned players gave the yanks and thusly us everything they had, they were all wonderful men with a lifetime of memories.. I for one will never forget the sight of Balboni chugging into third with a triple. Mel halls batting glove in his back pocket "so it can wave bye bye" as he rounds the bases. The changing of the guard is inevitable so hang onto what you have now, because in the words of my man Bob Dylan " The TImes They Are A Changing

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    Tuesday, March 2, 2010, 11:47 AM [General]

    Was wondering if any one has read this book. Its not a great read but there are interesting aspects of it. One of the more interesting parts that concerns the current yankees is the part on Damon. The book goes to say that while Torre liked damon and admired his play he was not fully comitted to playing and often comtemplates retirement. Says he is moody, fragile and reports out of shape. I would certainly assume this is the reason the Yanks didnt want to commit any great amt of money or extra years to his contract. It is also the reason while no teams were offering more than 1 yr or willing to commit a lg. amt. of cash.

    Otherwise the book is a tough read. i think its the sections written by verducci that are hard to follow. There are multiple pages about the Redsox, so many in fact i had to check the cover to make sure it was indeed about the yankees. It speaks primarily of the Soxs organization and goes into detailed discussion of how they rank players,epsteins rise to power and the moves they make.i know its supposed to be an illustrainon of what the sox were doing right vs what the yankees were doing wrong but it gets lost in its own scope and seems to be more about the sox themselves. The parts on the history of the team, the dynasty years and the falling from granduer are a good read and the small storyline about Torre's personal life is also interesting.

    What gets me is that as a fan you think you understand what is going on behind the scenes but you really dont. Its hard to get a handle on just how fragile some of these players are as human beings.. For instance we all knew Kevin Brown stunk up the bronx, but i dont think we realized why. We never saw he was an emotionally fragile person with a thin skin.

    We all knew about knobbys problems but we didnt know he would breakdown in the clubhouse and wanted to quit. Did we know at the time that Torre preferred Vlad over Sheff? and to think we had a chance at Vlad and didnt pull the trigger is just mind boggling. The whole Igawa fiassco and the money that was commited wow!! The hatred of the players toward Pavano!! We knew there were resentment but we didnt realize to what degree.. Mussina refered to the DL as "the 15 day Pavano" "30 day pavano" etc.

    While Torre didnt bash anyone he made it abundantly clear who were gamers and who werent.. he really seemed on the bubble as far as Giambi and its kinda hard to gauge how he truly felt. While he makes no qualms about his disdain for Giambis defensive skills, he also makes it clear that he consulted with Giambi on team matters to get a feel from the players and i would assume he considered Giambi to be a leader of sorts. He does say that certain players notably guys like lofton, brown, and to some extent Arod were more geared toward individual accomplishments then they are team achievements. He holds no ill feelings in stating that just simply says that it changed the dynamic of the team... I would also add that it stresses no matter how talented a player is nothing can overcome chemistry when it comes to a championship team.

    Of course he gushes over jeter and you can tell there is true sincerity there. He even goes on to say how he missed the Boss as his input in day to day operations ended. He discusses his true feelings toward cashman and you can sense that he obviously does like him but there is some kind of trust issue there. He makes the hierarchy seem like some three headed monster of Hal, Levine and cashman witht he overall authority coming from hal or at the time Swindal and levine who in Levine he says after the team got the funding and the ok for the new stadium should have been moved aside as president of the yankees cuz he has no idea of baseball and is simply a politician. Of cashman he writes how the game has been turned over to stat gurus who dont "feel the heartbeat of the game"

    In closing id say it was an interesting read, tough in spots but if look between the lines it shows you the human side of the clubhouse and the people who we expect so much from. id recommend the book. GO YANKS!!!!

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    Free agent dollars why clubs arent spending

    Sunday, December 27, 2009, 10:22 AM [General]

    With the ecconomy in a spiral clubs are leary to spend dollars on semi star players. Now to you and i 2yrs and 13 million may sound like a dream payday it actually reflects a downward trend in free agent spending..Of course there will always be big money for guys like arod jeter and the like but there is a noticable trend developing for second tier athletes ie johnny damon, abreau, tori hunter and the like

    Why would Boston take so much time on the Jason Bay signing is an example and the Yankeees letting Matsui walk is another..Or take damon for example. He wants three years at 15mil per and clubs arent even coming close to that. The offers are ranging 2 years and 13 mil total contract some with incentive clauses. The Yanks supposedly offered 2 yrs and 20mil total hes getting bad representation if hes being told not to take that.

    Smaller market clubs are having their dollars stretched and what they do spend on new talent has to be marquee and is going to be around a few years to five. They also have to take care of the talent they already have.  Even the big market clubs are spending alot wiser and watching the bottom line more and preparing for the nxt few yrs when they spend this years dollars.

    On that note take the Yanks for example: The infield with the exception of Cano is locked up for the forseeable future so there is no payroll cut coming from there. Two of there starting pitchers are locked up for the nxt three years so there is no payroll cut coming from the front line, Granderson is locked up now and if they go after crawford nxt year u can bet it will be for over 4yrs. So where are they to offset payroll when new talent becomes available? What the would save with the departure of guys like swisher, johnson, and the like is peanuts compared to what its going to take to pay guys like crawford , lee or webb.

    So you have trades, but what ever trade somone makes salary is going to have be eaten by one of the clubs involved and if thats the case why would you spend say 45 mil over 3yrs for a very good player like damon when u can get the same production from two or three different guys at a substantial value.. Johnson and granderson are both only costing a total of about 15mil a year and can cover 2 to three different positions and dh. It doesnt mean that Damon isnt a good player or worthy of the fat payday it just means the times are changing and second tier players are going to have to take alot less than what they were used to getting

    The Pavanos of the world are likely never to see more than a two year contract again and in alot of cases its one year.. that protects the teams payroll from year to year in case of injury or loss of production. Personally i think its a good idea especially in the case of pitchers.  How many times have we seen a career season from a guy in the walk year of his contract? Then after he gets the big dollars ie. pavano is either injured or fails to produce. Now you take that same player and with every year being the walk year of his contract he is obligated to perfom on a high level to increase the following years pay check and keep his job (alot like you and I) Now that doesnt seem fair to some people but you know what life isnt always fair. Remember when Abrau sniffed at the yankees offer and went to the Angels? That was a sign. Is he a great guy and a good player? Hell yes. From a production standpoint is he worth that crazy contract he got with Philly or the 4yrs 60mil he was looking for? Hell no. Did the yanks get the same or better production in RF for a monetary savings? Sure the did, and they also won a World Championship!!!!

    Now we all knew the Yanks couldnt stay under 200mil but even they have to realize that at a certain point payroll is going to max out.. There are simply not enough clubs that can spend what the yankees spend eveery year and even the Yankees cant spend that and stay ecconomically viable.

    Now take Boston and Bay... Theyd like him back but they figure to be big players on lee and crawford next year as well..and Boston knows what every other club knows... in this ecconomy Jason Bay is a good player but a second tier player and no club sees him at 5 yrs and 75million dollars.. Maybe three years at 35mil or something in that ballpark.. Hes not Crawford or Texiera, or Lee or Halladay hes going to have to put up two more seasons with monster numbers to get that money and even then it  would probably be another three yrs at 15mil.

    The alternative as i see it is that the Union lets the teams and players restructure current contracts to make more payroll available in order to keep parity in sarlary..The alternaive is say every team has a self imosed cap which they all pretty much do. Now say every team is at that cap.. What then? Jason Bay cant play this year because noone can pay him what he wants? Now what if in say three years some phenom comes from nowhere and boston or whoever simply cant afford to sign him because you got a 37 LF taking up 19mil worth of cap space..Now i know there is no LEAGUE imposed cap but EVERY business has one. Even a team like the yanks with al the resources they have dont need five of every position . So where r these players going to go? Again always open to suggestions (so long as they are clean) and to hear your thoughts

    GO YANKS!!!!!


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    Thursday, December 24, 2009, 4:12 PM [General]

    With the siging of vasquez im again left scratching my head.....its not that im bashing cash.. i just dont understand the logic.. I think Javier is a good addition but at that price considering what we already traded away? Now if all things had stayed the same from last year and Cash made this deal then i would think it was awesome. At least we have a no4 starter, vasquez eats innings and is a better back of the rotation guy then a front liner which he was on his first go around here....... but stay with me.....

    How can we or anyone project Granderson to more than 20hrs? if he does than thats great the OF has definately improved. but since we let Matsui go (OVER 6.5 million dollars) and have no interest in signing Damon, holliday or Bay, whos gonna play LF? To get this straight in my head, we let matsui go over 6.5mil signed,signed johnson (who was traded for Vasquez B4) for 5.5mil, traded cabrerra, pretty good prospects and cash for vasquez, pushed the payroll over 200mil and still dont have a LF?

    Again i dont think we were serious layers for Halladay, i think that was some kinda weird deal set in motion last year..The sox getting Lackey wasnt that big of a deal..Our front three is just as good. So in essence we couldve resigned Matsui at say 2yrs 13mil. Let Damon walk (he deserves it but his price is too high) Take on say Sheets as a reclamation project for a year.. fielded the exact same team as last year and not given up our Blue Chips..

    We all know the Yanks are drooling over Crawford next yr so that moves Granderson to left. There are also some pretty good arms out there and the yanks are going to have to replace vasquez pettite or both.. So where does the money come from then? All the dollars are locked up. A couple of mil from vasquez, a couple from johnson, maybe swish..but thats peanuts compared to what crawford or lee or webb is going to command..So you trade right? What do we have left to trade now is my question. How do we make a deal for a marquee player if we cant or wont spend dollars nxt year? We all know the Yanks arent afraid to spend money but even they have a ceiling you have to just to keep a business ecconomically viable, but thats a story for another day....let me know your thoughts, again merry xmas and take care  GO YANKS!!!!!!


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    matsui mess

    Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 3:58 PM [General]

    i dont undrstand the logic especially now that the price on matsui is out 6.5 mil for one year is what he got.. cashman spends more than that waxing his head and buying sunglasses. whos the dh? Matsui saved Arods ass and what is 6.5 mil to yanks? Again if you were putting together dough to pay halladay i could see the  pitching would offset the run production but this is just insane.. maybe they got Balboni coming back, or mel the long ball hall...we gave our best prospects for curtis granderson for christske who i keep confusing with harriston jr. for some reason. plus matsui could hit no.2 whos gonna do that posada? since the yanks refuse to go out and actually get a leadoff hitter i guess dj is still our man.... of course the cap is great but how  many more pitches would he see and how man rbis if we had an actual leadoff hitter.. the fact that he executes as welll as he does only testifies to his heart. Maybe kenny lofton is coming back and when our starting staff retires maybe cash will reactivate, chuck carey, allan mills and tim leary. (for all of you who didnt know the yankees had a team before 95 look them up that was our front three alond with a pretty good scott sanderson}bet you had to look him up too)

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    Whats Going On? Hot Stove Trades ETC...

    Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 6:55 AM [General]

    I dont understand the Yankee mindset this year.. Matsui goes to Angels? Cliff Lee to Seattle in exchange for Halladay essentially. Boston has two centerfielders, but make no serious play on Jason Bay... don't get it.

    I can understand the Yankees not tendering Wang. The guys a head case now and without location, his fastball is useless. We resigned Andy, thank god. There is no better big game pitcher out there, even at his age. After that it just falls apart. I could understand the Yanks low balling Matsui and Damon, IF they were making a serious play for Halladay or Lackey, the pitching would make up for the loss of run production and in the case of Doc you could justify trading the farm. Now with Lackey and Halladay gone, Matsui in California, the Yanks look like they blew all their chips on Curtis friggin' Grandrson... Look at Santana. We essentially had to give up Melkey and Kennedy. Kennedy is gone and Melky's a platoon player at best and thats if he isn't out clubbing all night with Cano. So there goes Johan. Now we got a chance to lock up another premiere pitcher for years in exchange for say Joba and Jackson plus one lesser hand and we decide it's in our best interest to let Halladay slip away and play our cards on Curtis... Hope he hits 40 hrs 130 rbis and can give us 16 wins and 240 innings and 10 complete games... Halladay alone would have made up for for the innings we would've missed from Joba.

    So whats next? Damon has the ball in his court now, cuz now the Yanks need him. Who's in two hole behind DJ if not? Since the Yanks haven't had a legit leadoff hitter since Knoblach, DJ has to leadoff even though he is a perfect No. 2 man.. Matsui was great behind A-Rod and a big reason for his great season. Plus Matsui was clutch.. Greatest single game performance in World Series history since Reggie.

    I'm not a great fan of Damon, I mean I like him and respect his ability but also think we can get the same production elsewhere. Matsui on the other hand has that intangible quality, like Kirk Gibson, Reggie, DJ, Mantle, and can I say Ruth. He shines when you need him most. He hits a Grand Slam on opening day in his first game as a Yankee for christsake!! For the Yanks to let him walk over nothing without a serious play for Halladay or Lackey was not only boneheaded but disrespectful.

    So where does that leave us? Sheets as a reclamation project? If he's healthy, and a big if, Sheets is great. But even if healthy, what? Maybe two years at best? We could've locked Doc up for four or five years and Sheets isn't in his category. What's up with that whole trade? Philly can't resign Lee but they can Halladay? Did lee not want to play in Philly? Otherwise, it makes it look like this trade was in the works long ago. Why wouldn't they try to keep Lee? And if Halladay wants to win so bad, why would he take on the same role in Philly that he had in Toronto? If Hammels doesn't have a comeback year, Philly is good but no better than Toronto.

    And Bosox get Cameron? Gotta be trade bait for something else.. otherwise Ellsbury goes to left and if so where does Bay go? Why would the Yanks spend dough on him, but not sweeten the pot for Matsui or put the pieces together for Halladay?

    My point is at the very least we coulda fielded the same team as last year. instead we lost vital pieces with no noticeable upgrade in any position.


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