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      Location: New York, NY
      Who is your cable or satellite provider? Time Warner Cable
      About Me: The love for sports is a universal thing, although in some places, it seems to be a generally accepted idea that sports is more of a “male thing.” Ditch that idea and visit the blog Lady Loves Pinstripes.

      The lady behind this blog is Kate Conroy, and she shows the world that you can be a girl and love sports as well. Her blog primarily focuses on baseball (pinstripes, right?) and you’ll get all sorts of up to date information. You can read about news items about the teams and players, individual profiles, and other happenings in the world of baseball. An interesting bonus is the fact that you’ll get witty opinions about the game and the teams from a woman’s perspective.
      Favorite Sports: MLB
      Favorite Teams: Yankees, NY Giants, Knicks, Ravens
      Favorite Players: Derek Jeter, AJ Burnett, Arod, Justin Tuck, Mathias Kiwanuka, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Curtis Granderson, CC Sabathia, Tim Lincecum
      Favorite Sports Memory: Being at Joe Torre's last game in the pinstripes and at the game in 2010 when he returned for the first time.

      That is tied with going to three 2009 WS games, one in Philly and two in the Bronx.
      Least Favorite Teams: Texas Rangers, Phillies (fans), Tampa Bay Rays, Boston Red Sox
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