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Posted by: mattpel on Mar 25, 2010 at 03:01:45 PM



Now believe me I’m more about supporting your team than the next guy. I walk around with the Yankees interlocking NY tattooed on my leg. I think if your a fan you should support your team in anyway you can, at games or just on an ordinary day. It’s nice because there’s so many ways to do so. Hat’s, T-shirts, Jerseys, Jackets, logos on your car, even body paint. Yet there is one thing to this day, that bothers me more than anything, and will continue to bother me until the day I die, or until this problem is corrected. The issue at hand is names on the back of Yankee Jerseys.

Now I’m not talking about the T- shirts with the names on the back or even practice jerseys. But Yankee fans please, if you purchase an authentic Yankee pinstriped jersey,