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      About Me: I am currently a high school student who has nothing but undying loyalty and love for the yankees. My favorite player was Lou Gehrig and my favorite manager was Casey Stengel. I love the yankees so much, I even created a yankees themed Jeopardy game and received extra credit points in school. I want to know a lot more, but I know more about the yankees than many other kids in my school. I have jerseys, shirts, memorabilia, pictures, books, magazines, and drinking cups devoted to the yankees. I haven't missed a game in three years and I don't intend to in the future. I have even started my own yankees fan club with six members in it in the last two months. My grandmother turned me on to being a yankee fan for life and she will always be one herself. Sadly, she passed only a couple of weeks ago, but I'm sure that she is at a spiritual yankee game or shaking hands with ruth, mantle, maris, or even munson. For the rest of my life, I will be a true, die hard yankee fan not taking and bs from a yankee hating red sox fan or a bitter mets fan. The yankees are the greatest team ever. I love them.
      Favorite Sports: MLB
      Favorite Teams: New York Yankees
      New York Knicks (I know.)
      Dallas Cowboys (Mom and Grandpa's idea)
      Favorite Players: Yankees: too many to name
      Knicks: Patrick Ewing, Bernard King, John Starks, Willis Reed
      Cowboys: Troy Aikman, Emitt Smith, Demarcus Ware, Jay Ratlif, Michael Irvin
      Favorite Sports Memory: I watched my first ever Yankees world series in 1996 and they won. Even though I was only 2, I could understand the phrase, "Yankees Win!!!"
      Least Favorite Teams: Red Sox (of course)
      Philedelphia Eagles
      Favorite TV Shows: Any Yankee program, but mostly Yankeeography.
      Favorite Movies: Pride of the Yankees
      The Hangover
      Mr. Deeds
      Hobbies: Collecting:
      Yankee patches
      model trains
      sports memorabilia
      Relationship Status: Single
      Blog Header Go Yankees!!!

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