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Posted by: Jack Curry on Feb 21, 2013 at 12:41:57 PM

TAMPA -- Curtis Granderson began working out in left field for the Yankees on Thursday, which is a precursor to Granderson moving from center field to left. Brett Gardner will move from left to center.

There has been speculation about the Yankees starting Gardner, who is the better defensive player, in center this offseason. While manager Joe Girardi has addressed questions about the possible switch, it didn't come to fruition until he spoke to both players about the plan.

According to defensive metrics, Gardner has been one of the best defensive left fielders in the Major Leagues while Granderson has been one of the worst center fielders. Gardner considers center field his natural position. The Yankees aren't concerned about Gardner transitioning to center, but they do want Granderson

Posted by: Jack Curry on Nov 2, 2011 at 12:43:08 PM

NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN – The burly man carried his massive drum across the first level of Xinzhuang Stadium as if he was carrying an infant. He placed it behind a row of blue seats, rested his sticks on top of the drum and waited. He was one of the quietest men in the ballpark. But, eventually, that changed.

As soon as the Chinese Taipei National team hustled on to the field to play the visiting Major Leaguers, the man attacked the drums. He attacked them so vigorously that the folds of flesh on the back of his neck jiggled. The drummer was the essence of an intense fan, a portrait that was visible in hundreds of different shapes and colors throughout the stadium.

When Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson came to town, they noticed that the pulsating drums were only part of a festive

Posted by: Jack Curry on Oct 31, 2011 at 12:34:00 PM

TAIPEI, Taiwan – When Curtis Granderson marched through the airport on Sunday afternoon, there were about two dozen reporters pointing cameras in his face. Granderson didn’t blink. Instead, Granderson mimicked them because he was pointing a video camera right back at them.

“They’re looking at me and I’m looking at them,” said Granderson, who moved as briskly as if he was dashing from first to third on a single.

When Granderson was introduced at a press conference for the 2011 Taiwan All-Star Series, he happily waved to the dozens of photographers who were crowded inside a ballroom at the Grand Hyatt. The cameras clicked a little faster and a little louder, trying to capture Granderson’s simple, smart hello.

A few minutes later, Granderson’s

Posted by: Jack Curry on Apr 1, 2011 at 01:20:14 PM

Curtis Granderson’s overhauled swing didn’t automatically surface the first day that he swung a bat in Spring Training. It took time. It took work. The magical swing Granderson used from the middle of August until the end of the season had to be discovered again, nurtured again.

Granderson began the process by doing the same drills that Kevin Long, the batting coach, had used to help him rebuild his swing. He hit baseballs that were softly tossed to him, he hit baseballs off a tee and he hit baseballs inside a netted cage, dutifully working to feel the same way that he felt several months ago.

“You have to find it again,” Granderson said.

On Opening Day, it was obvious that Granderson had found it. For at least one memorable day, Granderson found his swing and

Posted by: Jack Curry on Apr 4, 2010 at 11:14:34 AM

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The stalking will begin early. The Yankees and the Boston Red Sox don’t have to wait a week or a month to play each other. They get to do it in the first game of a new season, which is a perfect opener on Sunday night. The comparisons between the teams never cease. So why delay the inevitable?

Why wait to compare CC Sabathia and the Yankees’ rotation to Josh Beckett and the other Red Sox starters? Why wait to assess the new Yankees like Curtis Granderson and Nick Johnson against the new Red Sox like Mike Cameron and Marco Scutaro? Why wait to see the first night of Boston’s not-so-revolutionary strategy of stressing run prevention in conjunction with run production?

Wrestle with these comparisons and others while the Yankees and the Red Sox are side-by-side