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Posted by: Jack Curry on Mar 7, 2013 at 03:45:57 PM

TAMPA - We all knew this day was coming. Someday soon, Mariano Rivera would sit down, thank everyone for attending his news conference and then tell the world he wasn't planning to play baseball anymore. When Rivera first arrived for Spring Training with the Yankees last month, he strongly hinted that 2013 would be his final season. Now he is expected to finally confirm that decision.

After ESPN's Buster Olney tweeted that Rivera could announce his retirement as early as Saturday, Joel Sherman of The New York Posttweeted that Rivera would have a news conference at 10 a.m. on Saturday. While Rivera's retirement announcement is probable, one source added that there was a remote chance that Rivera could change his mind.

Rivera has a rarified place in baseball history. He is the greatest

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TAMPA -- Curtis Granderson began working out in left field for the Yankees on Thursday, which is a precursor to Granderson moving from center field to left. Brett Gardner will move from left to center.

There has been speculation about the Yankees starting Gardner, who is the better defensive player, in center this offseason. While manager Joe Girardi has addressed questions about the possible switch, it didn't come to fruition until he spoke to both players about the plan.

According to defensive metrics, Gardner has been one of the best defensive left fielders in the Major Leagues while Granderson has been one of the worst center fielders. Gardner considers center field his natural position. The Yankees aren't concerned about Gardner transitioning to center, but they do want Granderson

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TAMPA– On Monday, Phil Hughes explained how his five-day-a-week workouts at Athletes’ Performance in California in the off-season had helped him get a jump start for the 2013 season. On Tuesday, the Yankees announced that Hughes had stiffness in his upper back. On Wednesday, Hughes revealed that he had a bulging disc in his back. He will miss at least two weeks.

In the span of 48 hours, Hughes went from discussing how prepared he was for the season to speculating on whether he will be ready for the start of the season. Hughes’s injury occurred when he ran to cover first base during pitcher’s fielding practice, routine drills that aren’t supposed to result in injuries. Hughes’s early injury reinforced the value of depth because every team will have to

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TAMPA - One year ago, Andy Pettitte came to Spring Training as a guest instructor. As Pettitte stood near the first base dugout at Steinbrenner Field and discussed his new role, he looked as athletic as ever. Pettitte looked like someone who could still pitch. Soon, very soon, we all learned that he could.

That gig as an instructor didn't last too long for Pettitte. He came out of retirement about three weeks later to pitch for the Yankees and he is back again in 2013. When Pettitte pitched in 2012, which was only for 75 1/3 innings because of a broken fibula, he was very good. This season, Pettitte expects to be just as reliable.

For Pettitte, being a 40-year old pitcher trumps being a 30-year old pitcher since he suggested that he is a better pitcher than he was a decade ago. Pettitte,

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TAMPA, Fla. – Mariano Rivera never throws on the first day of workouts for pitchers and catchers, a fact that he mentioned with a sly smile. But Rivera threw on Wednesday, smoothly navigating through a 25-pitch bullpen session. It was the most scrutinized session in the state with about 40 reporters watching every pitch that Rivera uncorked.

When it was over, Rivera exhaled. So did the Yankees. It was the first step in a process that the Yankees hope will end with Rivera returning to his dominant form as a closer. Rivera, who wore a light-weight brace on his right knee, said that it felt "wonderful to be out there again." For the Yankees, the feeling was mutual.

It was only one bullpen session, only 25 pitches to Minor League catcher J.R. Murphy, but seeing a healthy Rivera on the

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TAMPA, Fla., – Before Spring Training, there's a snap shot or an assessment of every team. That snap shot is a quick way of deciphering who that team could be or should be. It's not always accurate, but it's the theme that follows the team into camp.

In Joe Girardi's association with the Yankees as a player, as a coach and now as the manager, those evaluations have invariably involved the team winning at least 90 games and qualifying for the postseason. Actually, in 17 of the last 18 seasons, the Yankees have reached the playoffs, eclipsing 90 victories in 15 of those seasons. Girardi was part of 10 of those teams.

So when I asked Girardi for his snapshot of the 2013 Yankees, he naturally didn't hesitate.

"This team could win 95 games and get to the World Series," Girardi said.

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Kevin Youkilis was standing on a golf course in northern California, but once he picked up a black bat, he might as well have drifted into any batter's box in any stadium. Although there was no pitcher and no screaming fans, Youkilis morphed into baseball mode on this January afternoon.

We have all seen Youkilis' unusual batting stance. He stood almost upright and rocked his body slightly. His feet were close together. He held his hands and his bat near his shoulders. He had a leg kick as he swung. And, of course, Youkilis' top hand moved along the handle of the bat and only caressed it. He didn't fully grip it until the pitcher released the baseball.

"That was the old me," Youkilis said.

In YES' Yankees Access show with Youkilis, the third baseman explained why he changed his stance

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The comparison is there, even if some Yankee fans are reticent to concede it. When you watch Kevin Youkilis moan about a close call, fling his bat or go into a dugout rage after an out, you should be reminded of another fiery player from the recent past. You should see shades of Paul O’Neill.

Before some of the O’Neill acolytes explode, relax. This doesn’t mean Youkilis and O’Neill are exactly the same player with the exact accomplishments. Of course, they’re not. What it means is that Youkilis and O’Neill share the same style for playing baseball with an intensity that’s visible to everyone and with an approach that chases perfection.

“He expects to get a hit every time up,” Joe Torre often said while trying to explain some of O’Neill’s

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NASHVILLE – On the first official day of the Winter Meetings, Alex Rodriguez emerged as the most discussed player at the cavernous Opryland Hotel. It wasn’t for a good reason. Rodriguez has a tear in his left hip that will require surgery, meaning he will miss part of the 2013 season. The New York Post first reported the Rodriguez news while adding that it’s not the right hip previously operated on in 2009.

Rodriguez injured the hip before the postseason, a dismal stretch in which he went 3-for-25 with no extra-base hits and 12 strikeouts. The hip problem could help explain why Rodriguez looked lost at the plate and showed no power in the playoffs. The Yankees had hoped that Rodriguez would return as a much more productive hitter, but now they will have to wait and see