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    Fan Friendly. I've heard so many players say how the Yankees would be nothing without their fans; how important their fans are to them. Unfortunately, I think not. I am a Yankee fan living in San Diego, CA. Watch every Yankee game on YES network which I get with Directv sports package; have purchased thousands of dollars worth of memoribilia; am retired and planned a trip of a lifetime to see a Yankee game at the new Yankee Stadium. Flew from San Diego to Holyoke MA to visit family. Purchased Legends Premium seats at a cost of more than $1,000 each. Hired a car and driver to take us (wife and I) to the Stadium on Sunday, August 14th. I can't even tell you how excited we were. After a 3.5 hour drive, we arrived at the Stadium to be told at the gate that the game was rained out. Okay - can't fight Mother Nature. No problem. There is lots to see and do at the Stadium besides watch a game. But NO, we were told the Stadium was closed because the game was rained out and we couldn't even get in to see the Great Hall and all the other things they brag about the new stadium. I could not believe it. There we were - in all our Yankee garb; standing at the gate in the pouring rain only to be told we could not get in. I don't even know who to complain to not that I think it would do any good. The 3.5 ride back to Holyoke was not pleasant. I was so disappointed and disallusioned. My wife was beside herself with anger and frustration. We don't know when the makeup game will be. Not a nice way to treat a loyal and devoted fan.

    August 24, 2011
    8:22 PM
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    Love the Yankees Family and the MO Very nice photos Joe

    June 21, 2011
    8:22 PM
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