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    Location: New York
    About Me: I am a New Yorker who just expatriated from three years in Chicago. I'm a graduate of Fordham as well as Rutgers University. I'm a comedian in New York City.
    Favorite Sports: MLB, NHL, College Football, College Basketball, College Baseball
    Favorite Teams: The Yankees, The Devils and all things Fordham and Rutgers
    Favorite Players: Don Mattingly...well, duh?!
    Favorite Sports Memory: The George Brett Pine Tar Game...well, duh?!
    Least Favorite Teams: The Chicago Cubs = Gross
    Favorite TV Shows: Colbert Report
    Favorite Movies: Major League
    Hobbies: Sports Commentary
    Relationship Status: Single
    AIM Name: Chiimprovgirl
    Blog Header ChiYanksGirl
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