My Groups

Name: Unite in Comraderie
Category: Games
Status: Owner
Description: For those want to share in the comraderie with fellow fans. I'm hoping this can be a place to go where people who want to discuss the game can do so without being brought down by the "haters". There are enough of them in this world, and as Yankee fans, it would be nice to come together to cheer on our team with fellow fans.
Name: The 200,000 Group
Category: Sports
Status: Moderator
Description: Group of 200,000 users who want to discuss the Yankees and the Games in a friendly and more upbeat manner.
Name: Yankee Fans Outside of NY
Category: Sports
Status: Member
Description: It's hard for some of us who live outside of NY (I live in Altanta) to have huge support networks and NY Yankee fan friends in our local areas. So, I thought I'd start a group for those of us who live outside of NY.. JOIN.. whether you live on the West Coast, MidWest, Southeast, Or.. wherever! (I guess just not those living in greater NY area).. LOL.