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    Location: Queens, NY
    Who is your cable or satellite provider? Time Warner Cable
    About Me: I'm 27 years old from New York, born and bred here. :D ... I'm a caring, respectful, sweet guy that loves the game of baseball but love the Yankees even more! Go Yanks!
    Favorite Sports: MLB, NBA
    Favorite Teams: New York Yankees / New York Knicks
    Favorite Players: Mariano Rivera / Derek Jeter / Jorge Posada / Alex Rodiguez / Mark Teixiera / Nick Swisher / CC Sabathia / Phil Hughes / Ivan Nova
    Favorite Sports Memory: Derek Jeter diving catch into the stands during a Red Sox game / A-Rod's 10RBI game against the Angels / Yankees postseason game against the Twins (2009) A-Rod ties up the game as Teixiera hits a walkoff homerun / Yankees winning the World Series
    Least Favorite Teams: Boston Red Sox / St. Louis Cardinals / Phillies
    Favorite TV Shows: Fresh Prince of Bellair / Fullhouse / Family Matters / Family Guy / Southpark
    Favorite Movies: 50 First Dates / As Good As It Gets / Monsters Vs. Aliens
    Hobbies: Watching TV / Watching movies / Playing video games / Going out with friends / Collecting Magnets / Sometimes reading
    Relationship Status: Single
    AIM Name: nWo2SweetnWo
    Gmail Name: none
    Skype ID: none
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