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Posted by: AJFreeway on Nov 13, 2009 at 02:48:38 AM

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Game Review: NCAA Football 10 (Xbox 360)

I don't have time to lay out every individual problem or improvement in order, so I will just go in with the things that irked me the most, as well as the things that surprised me or showed some promise:  

As you can see from the title, my main gripe with this game is the fact that on the hardest difficulty, Heisman, this game plays no differently than an arcade game. Surprisingly, problems that were gone in years past have actually returned in this year's game. Like when the CPU QB is passing a ball on a late down (3rd or 4th) near the end zone, or for a deep throw downfield, even if the receiver is nowhere near the pass, he will magically "zoom" to the ball and make