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      Location: California
      About Me: I been a Yankee Fan since i was 13 . Since the summer of 2005 I fell in love with the Yankees. My dream goal is to work with the Yankees as a Broadcast Journalist or Public Relations .
      Favorite Sports: MLB
      Favorite Teams: New York Yankees , LA Lakers , SF 49ers and Club America.
      Favorite Players: Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte , Robinson Cano. Derek Fisher , Pau Gasol. Patrick Willis .
      Favorite Sports Memory: Yankees winning the 2009 WS : ) , Lakers winning the Championship for 08-09 season. Derek Jeter passing Lou Gehrig as the most hits in Yankee History .... so many more :)
      Least Favorite Teams: Red Sox, Celtics, Chivas, Raiders , Angels, Mets, Cowboys.
      Favorite TV Shows: Law and Order SVU , My Life as Liz, Family Guy, George Lopez., King of Queens.
      Favorite Movies: *61 , A Walk to Remember, He's just not that in to you, Dark Knight, 10 things I hate about you, Pineapple Express.
      Hobbies: Writing Poetry, Listening to music, playing soccer and the Tambourine.

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    Yeah, Girardi should start Gardner. He'd be a good no.9 hitter in our lineup, of course he would add speed ato an explosive lineup which only adds another demention to the offense. We all know though that Girardi is going to make it a competition for the starting left field position BUT don't be surprised if Granderson becomes the everyday left fielder. If you ask me I'd say Winn comes off the bench and have Gardner partol centerfield and have Granderson patrol left field.

    February 4, 2010
    4:49 PM
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    Thank you, yea i just think that Mauer ending up with the Yankees or Red Sox is just wrong, and it taints the sport a lil bit bc all of the smaller market teams(like the twins) would be missing out on their homegrown players and i cant stand yankee fans that say well i cant wait for posada to leave to go get mauer, and im like are u kidding me, posada is the man! lol I cant wait for the duo of posada for 4 games a week, then montero the others, its gonna b outstanding

    February 4, 2010
    12:00 PM
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