Saturday, May 21, 2011, 3:51 PM [General]

    Ready for a huge game for our yankees. As I write this. im on dl with bad feet. The yankees bring me such joy. I love watching the pitchers pitch. The guys hit. I loved jeterian singles. swish homer. Tex messages in right field. I love abomb s that fall into the stands. I love grandy man that make me want to break into song.  A little cc magic . aj sharp pitches make me smile for days. I like saying hip hip jorge every time jorge comes to bat. Watching the yankees bring me joy.

    Nothing is better than resting and turning on the tv. or watching my yankees live. I love listening to yes and seeing all my faves calling the game. Everything of yankees i love. 

    They inspire me!!! Make me happy . Love everything about them

    Lets go yankees beat those mets. Sending my jen mojo and my squirrels.

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    Monday, July 12, 2010, 12:24 PM [General]

    HEY yall back from seattle. What a trip. We lose only game i go to Derek jeter doesnt play and i have to watch king felix. but the rest of m's pitchers stink so we get to go 3-1 on them . Cant wait for all star and swish in homerun derby. So excited

    Boy being in SEATTLE FANS treated me like i was a fish out of water. But i painted my face and was decked out yankees head to toe. you guys would of been so proud. i led alll the cheers and even took pics

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