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    Location: Woodhaven/Riverdale
    About Me: 18 year old guy from Queens and now dorming as a Frosh at Manhattan College! Love sports, music, politics and history. I want to become a history teacher, or politician, or radio show host.
    God Bless You All
    Favorite Sports: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, College Football
    Favorite Teams: New York Yankees,
    New York Jets,
    New York Knicks,
    New York Rangers,
    Manhattan College Jaspers
    Favorite Players: Alex Rodriguez,
    Robinson Cano,
    Derek Jeter,
    Mariano Rivera,
    Darrelle Revis,
    Mark Sanchez,
    Danilo Gallinari,
    Henrik Lundqvist
    Favorite Sports Memory: Aaron Boone,
    Joe DiMaggio Day,
    Melky's walkoff single versus Twins
    Least Favorite Teams: Boston Red Sox,
    New England Patriots,
    Boston Celtics,
    New Jersey Devils,
    New Jersey Nets,
    New York Mets,
    New York Islanders,
    Washington Capitals
    Favorite TV Shows: The Office,
    30 Rock,
    The Colbert Report,
    Countdown with Keith Olbermann,
    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,
    Real Time With Bill Maher,
    That 70's Show,
    Nurse Jackie,
    The West Wing,
    Beer Money,
    Eastbound & Down,
    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
    Favorite Movies: Forgetting Sarah Marshall,
    Pineapple Express,
    Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny ,Coming To America,
    American Beauty,
    Across the Universe,
    Reign Over Me,
    Dazed And Confused,
    Walk Hard,
    Almost Famous,
    The American President
    Hobbies: Sudoku,
    Video Games,
    Music (Classic Rock/Grunge),
    Relationship Status: Single
    AIM Name: jgsportsfan92000
    Gmail Name: jonathangallo91
    Skype ID: OOVOO jonathangallo91
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