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    I got it Big Guy.I'm just very slow in returning my answers. Especially after losing my oldest brother last Oct and then finding out that my younger brother's wife has breast cancer,and then that my next oldest has lung cancer. It seems as if someone is out to eliminate my family as quickly as possible. My question is,what is wrong with Jeter this season? He hit .330 in April and has been dropping ever since. I know he's getting older,but I don't thinh that explains his drop in BA. Not after hitting .317 for his career. I believe he needs to have his eyes checked. He's at an age now when people start needing this. Just going from a 20-20 to a 20-30 can cause a player to miss picking up the rotation of the ball. I don't know if he has already,but he to have it done again. It can go very fast and not really be realized by an individual until later.Better to do it now rhan to wait till after the season's over. Look at his splits between day and night games.

    September 9, 2010
    1:28 AM
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    Glad to see you got this thing worked out Mick. Good to have you back. I'm not sure what the hell is wrong with Jeter. Maybe he's hurt. He got off to a great start but really hasn't done anything since May. He has to get it going, so does Granderson and especially Joba. Catch you soon.

    July 18, 2010
    10:42 AM
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    I got this one,BG. Don't know why I didn't get the first. Hope you get this reply. Are you,like me,one of those wondering what's wrong with Jete?.Except for the early season a few years back when he was hitting under .200 near the end of May, a few years ago, This is as bad a BA as I've seen him have this late in the season since his career began. I know that even the greatest of the great players,have "off-seasons",and that this might turn out to be DJ's worse. Or he could really turn up the heat in the second half. Here's to hoping that the guy really switches it on in Aug. through Oct. I really hated to see Matsui leave,Though I understand the logic. He was just such a great teammate and a really great clutch hitter. I think Jete needs 150+ hits to reach 300 and expect to see him do so next season. I just wanted him to have a super,terrific year this year,so he could get it out of the way early next season.

    July 17, 2010
    11:31 PM
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    I got it,BG. I'm still trying to figure out this new format,though.

    July 14, 2010
    3:42 PM
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    Hi Mick. I tried to email you on this, and I'm not sure you'll get this either. Key in YESNETWORK.com into your internet search. YES should pop up. You'll see a list of options across the top of the site. Go to MY YES. Click on MY YES. A dropdown box should appear. Click on Forums or Message Boards whichever it says. That should bring up a list of the different forums. Click on YANKEES for the main Yankee Forum. On the right hand side you should see LOG IN or JOIN NOW. Click on that and give the info that it asks. That's where you put in your email, the username and password and you hopefully should be ready to go after that.

    July 13, 2010
    8:13 PM
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