I havent been on the board much lately cause I didnt wanna deal with any possible negative so I just saw your comment. Last Sunday was quite bad but 6-1 is still way better than i could have ever expected. They beat the Pats and the Chargers. Steelers up next. Another tuff test.

    November 5, 2009
    11:14 AM
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    I have tix for the Monday game.... I may not be able to go, my daughter's boyfriend has his fingers crossed because he gets the ticket if I have to bail and he's an Angels fan so I'll make every effort to be there....

    October 15, 2009
    12:04 AM
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    That looks like you in a Rockies jersey....

    October 12, 2009
    5:20 PM
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    A Broncos fan, no doubt....Im still in disbelief of this season :-O

    October 11, 2009
    12:43 PM
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