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    Location: Scottsdale AZ
    About Me: I live in Scottsdale Az but grew up in Connecticut. Went to San Diego State and was drafted to the NFL in 94 where I played 5 years in the NFL. Although I played football, baseball and the Yankees will forever be my #1 love. I love the Yankees with such a passion and, not to steal someones saying, I do thank GOD for making me a Yankee fan!
    Favorite Sports: MLB, NFL, College Football, College Basketball
    Favorite Teams: New York Yankees
    San Diego State Aztecs
    North Carolina Tar Heels (BB)
    Favorite Players: As a child, Reginald Martinez Jackson. Today, I love everyone who puts on those pinstripes equally.
    Favorite Sports Memory: When I sacked Mark Brunell during my 5 in a NFL game which was the day after the Yankees beat the Braves in 96 to win the WS!
    Least Favorite Teams: Boston Red Sox
    Los Angeles Lakers
    Favorite TV Shows: Lost and yes, this is true, General Hospital
    Favorite Movies: Pride of the Yankees, Wizard of OZ,
    Crash, Breakfast Club, Passions of Christ and West Side Story
    Hobbies: Working out. Anything health related especially today as I have Multiple Sclerosis and I want to beat as much as I can
    Relationship Status: Single
    Skype ID: Mondoas