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    Location: garden state
    About Me: RN, BSN, full-fledged Yankee/baseball junkie... chronic over-analyzer, self-employed comic. Feed me.
    Favorite Sports: MLB, NFL, NHL, Tennis
    Favorite Teams: Yanks, Giants, Rangers
    Favorite Players: JoPo, Mo, Jeet, Pet, Tex, Arod.
    Least Favorite Teams: RED SOX. period.
    Favorite TV Shows: dexter, sopranos, nurse jackie, weeds, south park, family guy, grey's anatomy, top chef, curb, seinfeld, sex and the city, friends, us of tara, house, bored to death, flight of conchords, six feet under, american idol. LOL.
    Favorite Movies: Cuckoo's nest, garden state, juno, Godfather I, requiem for a dream, reality bites, billy madison, happy, gilmore, tommy boy, princess bride, slumdog millionaire, major leage (hahaha @ jobu,) american beauty, borat (LOL), rent.
    Relationship Status: In a Relationship
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