• My YES
    My YES

      Location: America's Midwest
      Who is your cable or satellite provider? Other
      About Me: Army veteran 1969-1975 and devoted family man.
      Favorite Sports: MLB
      Favorite Teams: Yankees
      Favorite Players: Mickey Mantle, Thurman Munson
      Favorite Sports Memory: Watching Roger Maris hit his 61st homerun.
      Least Favorite Teams: Bahston Red Sux
      Favorite TV Shows: Like documentaries. Anything on exploration, archaeology, Egyptology, history.
      Favorite Movies: Children of the Corn, Death Wish, High Plains Drifter. Full Metal Jacket. Apocalypse Now. Godfather 1 and 2.
      Hobbies: Fishing. Cooking. Grandkids.
      Relationship Status: Married

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