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Being in a rut and going thru the ebbs and flows of a season won't... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Not sure what that means.Trying to figure out what an "inexcusable" or even an "excusable" loss is. 27 Replies
Just like last year -- bad mistakes baserunning No.When you have a player prone to laziness, you have to kick him in the buttocks.Boone doesn't do that. He's milquetoast and has no idea how to whip people into shape. 4 Replies
Which Cole will show up tonight? Better question was and is: will the offense ever show up? 18 Replies
Being in a rut and going thru the ebbs and flows of a season won't... The word inexcusable sure appears alot in this forum. 27 Replies
Yankees/Mariners game 3 of 3 lineup/game thread 8/10 I think they're better than last season's Yankees. They won't win it all yet again this year, but they won't be one and done this season, but more like "some and done". 60 Replies
This season will hurt more than any in the last 7 yrs because of... The 2022 Yankees started the season like they were a combination of the 1927, 1961 and 1998 Yankees all rolled into one, and it took nearly half the season for the fans to... 1 Replies
The Trumps: A Family Of Crooks Part Two NY AG may seek 'corporate death penalty' for Trump Tower -- and all his golf courses: legal expertFormer President Donald Trump may lose the "crown jewels" of the heir's... 1071 Replies
FBI executes search warrant at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Trump Launches Conspiracy Theory That FBI 'Planted' Evidence At Mar-a-LagoAnd Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has joined the right-wing influencers backing him... 39 Replies
Serious Question ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Maybe the injuries are the result of scrubbing too many toilets. 12 Replies
Oh Those Crazy, Wacky Con Artists: Part 11 Another con artist who feels that he is above the law:Sen. Graham fights subpoena in Georgia election probeRead more: 2193 Replies
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