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Why a 3-way tie with Eagles and Falcons eliminates Giants
15 years ago  ::  Dec 20, 2006 - 8:26AM #1
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Not that it matters because they're not going to win the last two, but I had to research in order to figure out why a 3-way tie with the Eagles and Falcons eliminates the Giants, in spite of the fact that they beat the Falcons head up and thus have the best record among the teams in head-to-head play.

In the NFL playoff tiebreakers, when 3 teams are tied for 1 wild card spot, and two of them are from the same division, then the first elmination takes place within the division. ("1. Apply division tie breaker to eliminate all but the highest ranked club in each division prior to proceeding to step 2.") The league's tiebreakers thus have a bias in favor of spreading the wild card slots among the divisions and against having two wild cards coming from the same division if it can be avoided. The Giants get dropped because the Eagles are 4-1 in the NFC East, and the Giants are 3-2. In order for the 3 teams to wind up tied at 9-7, the Falcons have to beat the Eagles, and the Eagles have to beat Dallas.

In that scenario, all 3 teams wind up 9-7, the Giants get eliminated 1st on divisional record, despite having beaten the Falcons on the road. They would end the season 4-2 in the East, and the Eagles would wind up 5-1.

Stupid, but there it is. The Giants have no one to blame for themselves for blowing the Tennessee game.

This week's loss to New Orleans at the Meadowlands will make all this moot anyway.

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