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13 years ago  ::  Apr 14, 2009 - 8:01PM #1
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I think in order for us to get stronger and be successful we need to keep the same guys on the field day in and day out !The batting line up should be the same each day unless it's inter-league play or injury! I think a little friendly competition between between players vying for a spot is great, in spring training!We are in the regular season now, and everything counts! !If something isn't working,even though its the beggining of the season
,we need to make some changes and stick with them ,now! The Yankees are the greatest comeback team in history! Okay,Wang got shelled and our defense was shaky but is that any reason to give up! I felt like we just gave up after the first couple of innings and that's not part of our tradition!We need to be more hungrier.I would have made Wang stay on the mound and work it out ,thats how players get stronger!A championship club can come back from a big deficit , Iv'e seen the Yankees do it !I love the addition of Nick Swisher,he's doing awesome .I was a little aggravated when Joe put him on the Mound ,reasoning :so we do't tax the bull pen, it was like adding insult to injury! In my opinion, for some reason they aren't playing to their full potential.Every one needs to work Harder and Management needs to make it happen.They are getting paid big bucks,they should get taxed every now and again!!
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