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Breaking news AROD to be suspended by MLB
9 years ago  ::  Jun 06, 2013 - 7:00AM #141
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Too bad MLB can't suspend A-Rod for stupidity because he has tons to spare. I don't care how the Yankees get rid of him, let him lawyer up and waste his time fighting legal battles away from the field. He's going to be more useful there than he will on the field. All he does now-a-days on the field is hit on women in the stands and fail in big spots. 

9 years ago  ::  Jun 06, 2013 - 7:45AM #142
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A-Rod's future with Yankees is uncertain

NEW YORK (AP) -- Don't count on Alex Rodriguez giving up his Yankees pinstripes any time soon.

Vilified by fans for his poor performance in the playoffs. Pursued by Major League Baseball in yet another case involving performance-enhancing drugs. Called out by his employer for not behaving like a Yankee should.

A Lightning Rod for all the wrong reasons, none of the off-field distractions - and there have been plenty - have seemed to have had any effect on A-Rod in the past.

It shouldn't be any different this time.

As MLB ramps up its investigation into the Florida anti-aging clinic linked to the sale of performance-enhancing drugs to Rodriguez and more than a dozen major league players, the three-time AL MVP quietly rehabs his surgically repaired hip at the Yankees' minor league facility in Tampa, Fla., with plans to return in the second half of the season with ''a lot of unfinished business.''

Even as a solitary figure on a field in Florida, Rodriguez is a bother in the Bronx.

Earlier this week, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told ESPN he didn't think the 14-time All-Star third basemen could live up to his record $275 million, 10-year contract that runs through 2017. A day later managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner piled on, saying ''there have no doubt been times when we've been disappointed in him and we've conveyed that to him and he understands that.''

There's been plenty to be disappointed about.

After winning his second MVP and earning his fourth of seven All-Star nods with the Yankees in 2007, Rodriguez opted out of his contract during the World Series, rankling baseball executives. Two years later he admitted using steroids while with the Texas Rangers from 2001-03. He's also been investigated for participating in illegal poker games.

Rodriguez is as careless as Yankees captain Derek Jeter is discreet. A-Rod has been repeatedly splashed on the gossip pages with Madonna, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and Torrie Wilson. He caused a stir when he was seen with a stripper in Toronto and at a swingers' club in Dallas. For a magazine spread, he was photographed kissing his reflection in a full-length mirror - no one loves Alex more than Alex.

And that's just off the field.

Last October, he was benched in three of nine games and pinch-hit for in three others - after being removed from Game 1 of the AL championship series, he was caught flirting with fans in the stands. His next hit against a right-handed pitcher will be his first in 19 at-bats. He was 0 for 18 in the postseason against righties. With each of his outs, fans booed more loudly and were more decisively convinced that he was done as a player.

But there is no end with A-Rod.

And there's little the Yankees can do about it - and the remaining $104 million of Rodriguez's contract.

There was a time when Rodriguez was touted as the star who would restore credibility to the record book. Now MLB wants to throw the book at him.

And the Yankees might prefer it if he just goes away.

Even if MLB suspends Rodriguez for 50 or 100 games for his connection to Biogenesis of America and its founder Anthony Bosch, the Yankees can't use that to void his contract because of language in baseball's drug agreement.

Yankees ace CC Sabathia said he and his teammates are behind Rodriguez no matter what comes out of the investigation.

''There'll be nothing but love and support in here,'' he said.

But the drug agreement does allow for a team to void a contract if it is proven that a player's injury was a direct result of his use of performance enhancers.

The physician who performed Rodriguez's surgery in January, Dr. Bryan Kelly of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, debunked that theory. He said the condition, known as femoral acetabular impingement, was caused by genes, not by steroids.

''This is a developmental, genetic predisposition to a certain shape of the hip joint that occurs during the first 15 years of development,'' Kelly said. ''Steroids don't change the shape of your bones, of your hip joint.''

That leaves the Yankees in the position of hoping the soon-to-be 38-year-old Rodriguez will retire - a big money saver for the team - or can have a resurgence similar to the one he had in 2009, when he returned from his first hip surgery and nearly single-handedly led the team to its first World Series title since 2000.

Of course, that New York love-in for Rodriguez didn't last long. The following spring he was tied to Anthony Galea, the Canadian doctor who was indicted in part for illegal possession of human growth hormone with intent to distribute. The team made it known they never authorized Rodriguez to be treated by Galea.

9 years ago  ::  Jun 06, 2013 - 8:35AM #143
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Anthony Bosch asked A-Rod for money before agreeing to help out MLB

Jun 6, 2013, 8:13 AM EDT

Anthony Bosch

Just another avenue for cross-examination of MLB’s star witness should they attempt to suspend players in the Biogenesis thing. From the Daily News:

The owner of the South Florida anti-aging clinic at the center of baseball’s latest doping scandal asked embattled Yankee star Alex Rodriguez for financial help after Major League Baseball filed a lawsuit that alleged he had sold performance-enhancing drugs to Major League Baseball players.

When Rodriguez rebuffed Anthony Bosch’s request for money, believed to be in the hundreds of thousands, the self-styled “biochemist” turned to a strange bedfellow — MLB.

The Daily News spins this as MLB being “worried” and concerned about what Bosch might do and then reaching out to assist him. It’s worth asking, however, if Bosch was seeking cash in all of this before, what exactly is he getting from MLB now? It has been reported that MLB has agreed to drop the lawsuit it filed against him earlier this year, to pay his legal bills, to indemnify him for any civil liability that arises from his cooperation, to provide him with personal security and to intervene on his behalf if he gets into criminal trouble of his own. That stuff is all very valuable.

But if this report is accurate, he was seeking cash from A-Rod very recently. Is he now getting cash from MLB? Did he approach any other players in order to get cash before? All witnesses in Bosch’s situation are vulnerable to cross-examination about what they’re getting in exchange for their testimony. But if it’s cash on the barrelhead for non-expert testimony or if he has peddled his loyalty to both sides of the case and decided to go all-in with the one who gave him the best deal, his credibility is in even greater trouble than your typical hired-gun witness.

There have been reports of ex-Biogenesis employees trying to sell documents to the press, essentially holding an auction for information. Has Anthony Bosch done the same thing with his testimony? If we don’t find out before MLB takes any action in this matter, we will certainly find out when the players and the union’s lawyers attack Bosch with it in an arbitration later.

9 years ago  ::  Jun 06, 2013 - 6:42PM #144
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Jun 5, 2013 -- 7:52PM, louisiana_lightning wrote:

Jun 5, 2013 -- 4:10PM, 61in61 wrote:

All I'm saying is that a player doesn't have to fail a test to be in violation of the program.

Don't kid yourself.  Big Mack, Barroid, Rocket, etc. all got off the hook.  They already caught Braun dead to rights and he got out of it by impugning the investigator.


Won't you listen to what the man said...

9 years ago  ::  Jun 07, 2013 - 9:12AM #145
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..and away we go as MLB solely focus on A-Rod to bury him. MLB issued subpoenas to Federal Express, AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile USA for the shipping and phone records of Bosch and others linked to the now-defunct Florida anti-aging clinic.

I have no problems going after PED users, why is there minimal focus on Braun et al

MLB hopes Anthony Bosch sitdown will bury Yankees' Alex Rodriguez

As the Daily News first reported Wednesday on its website, Bosch turned to MLB only after Rodriguez, one of his alleged clients, refused to give him financial help.

<br />    Alex Rodriguez works out in Tampa while his latest PED storm swirls, as head of Miami clinic is slated to share details about A-Rod today. Bill Serne<br />


Alex Rodriguez works out in Tampa while his latest PED storm swirls, as head of Miami clinic is slated to share details about A-Rod today.

Now batting, Anthony Bosch.

The founder of the Miami-based Biogenesis Clinic at the center of Major League Baseball’s latest PED firestorm is scheduled to meet Friday with MLB officials, who hope he will provide enough credible information to allow them to seek drug suspensions of up to 20 players − including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun − they believe are implicated in documents baseball possesses.

The MLB officials, who promised to drop the tortious interference lawsuit they filed against Bosch in March as well as indemnify him against future litigation that might emerge from his testimony and pay his current legal bills, are scheduled to meet with Bosch and his attorney, Susy Ribero-Ayala.

As the Daily News first reported Wednesday on its website, Bosch turned to MLB only after Rodriguez, one of his alleged clients, refused to give him financial help.

“Their goal is to emerge with tangible evidence against all these players,” said one source familiar with the meeting. “The first order of business will be him signing the agreement.”


MLB has made it clear it is willing to play hardball. It was reported Thursday that baseball issued subpoenas last month to Federal Express, AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile USA for the shipping and phone records of Bosch and others linked to the now-defunct Florida anti-aging clinic.

The subpoenas for records were filed on May 23, according to the case file in Florida’s Circuit Court for Miami-Dade County, where MLB filed its lawsuit against Bosch and several associates in March, according to The Associated Press.

MLB asked Federal Express for shipping records for Biogenesis and Bosch and the other defendants, as well as a long list of other individuals tied to the company.

MLB asked AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile USA for records for the phones of Juan Carlos Nunez, an associate of former Yankee Melky Cabrera who was banned from MLB clubhouses after he admitted that he created a fake website for a product Cabrera claimed made him test positive. Nunez is believed to be a conduit for players to deal with Bosch.

A-Rod drives away from Yankees’ Tampa complex but can’t put controversy in rear-view mirror.


A-Rod drives away from Yankees’ Tampa complex but can’t put controversy in rear-view mirror.

MLB is also seeking the phone records of a former Biogenesis investor named Porter Fischer, who sources say leaked documents linking Rodriguez and other players to the anti-aging clinic to the Miami New Times in January following a dispute over money with Bosch.


The Players Association is likely to challenge suspensions or any other discipline commissioner Bud Selig dishes out as a result of Bosch’s assistance, and the records could be used to corroborate Bosch’s testimony.

The companies have indicated that they will not fight the subpoenas. “FedEx complies with all valid subpoenas and we are unable to comment further,” spokesman Scott Fiedler said.

Friday’s meeting, in the works for weeks, is believed to include Bosch and his lawyer, Ribero-Ayala, as well as MLB executive vice president Rob Manfred, MLB department of investigations senior vice president Dan Mullin and other baseball investigators. MLB attorneys and lawyers from MLB’s outside counsel, Proskauer Rose, are also expected to attend, as well as a court stenographer.

MLB officials have worked for weeks to secure Bosch’s cooperation, including long sessions this week with his attorney, as they move toward suspensions of players they believe were involved with Bosch and Biogenesis.

MLB is in possession of documents that came from Bosch’s clinic, having purchased them after the publication in January of a story in the New Times citing documents and notebooks belonging to Bosch that detailed drug regimens and schedules with players’ names next to them.


A-Rod’s name appeared 16 times in the documents the New Times reviewed, recorded as “Alex Rod” or “Alex R.” or by his nickname at the clinic, “Cacique.”

Rodriguez’s cousin, Miami resident Yuri Sucart, also appears in the same records on the same days as Rodriguez. Sucart is the infamous “Cousin Yuri” whom Rodriguez identified in 2009 as having provided him with performance-enhancing drugs in 2003. A source told the Daily News that Sucart is believed to have introduced several of the players named in the documents to Bosch.


Alex Rodriguez can't run and hide from reports that Anthony Bosch is going to spill juice on the Yankee.

Rodriguez has adamantly denied getting drugs from Bosch, or even associating with him, as have Braun and other players.

Bosch will also be asked about Braun, who has had a target on his back since he successfully appealed a positive drug test last year. According to baseball sources, Bosch has indicated that he “treated” Braun while the slugger was a student at the University of Miami, contradicting his own claim to ESPN in April that Braun’s name had appeared in his ledger only because he had been hired as a consultant by Braun’s lawyers during his appeal process.

Bosch might also be asked about an ESPN report saying he injected Rodriguez at the star’s Biscayne Bay mansion, arriving late at night, every few weeks. On one occasion, ESPN reported, Bosch had trouble locating a vein. “Tony said A-Rod was pissed at him,” a source told ESPN. “He said he was bleeding everywhere.”

9 years ago  ::  Jun 07, 2013 - 9:29AM #146
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If allegations are true and provable, lets hope A-Rod drag this into the following season.  This would provide funds available to resign Kuroda for another season.... 

Yankees would save big if A-Rod drags out battle, gets banned in ’14

SEATTLE — No matter how much you hate Alex Rodriguez, regardless of how much you blame him for the Yankees’ myriad headaches, baseball’s illegal performance-enhancing drug problems or the tropical storm that hit Tampa yesterday, you should root for him to avoid being suspended this year.

That’s because what you really want — if you’re a Yankees fan, at least — is for A-Rod to be suspended next year.

For if Major League Baseball actually can procure a 100-game suspension against the Yankees’ beleaguered third baseman in 2014 — hardly a slam dunk, but a possibility — A-Rod might just save the Yankees in the process.

Three sources familiar with baseball’s collective bargaining agreement confirmed yesterday that, when a player gets suspended and loses salary as a result of an illegal PED violation, it impacts a team’s luxury-tax commitment.

This is meaningless for most teams. For instance, the Brewers don’t sniff the luxury-tax threshold, so a suspension for Ryan Braun would carry no relevance beyond the money Milwaukee would save from his forfeited paychecks.

For the Yankees, however, it couldn’t be more meaningful. Hal Steinbrenner’s stated mandate to get the team’s 2014 payroll would become considerably easier with a 100-game suspension for A-Rod.

Here’s how this Yankees fantasy scenario would work:

1) Anthony Bosch, having agreed to speak with MLB, turns in substantive proof of his relationship with Rodriguez — not just verbal testimony, but physical evidence like canceled checks or photos — to give MLB the ammunition it needs to impose discipline.

2) MLB takes this evidence and combines it with the answers Rodriguez provided in a 2010 meeting with league investigators (he denied using illegal PEDs beyond the 2001-03 period to which he already confessed) and decides to suspend A-Rod for 100 games, the usual penalty for a second-time offender.

3) The process, including an ardent appeal by Rodriguez’s army of attorneys and public-relations gurus, drags through the regular season, into the winter — only to end with an independent arbitration panel ruling in MLB’s favor.

4) This would cost Rodriguez, due $25 million next year, approximately $15 million in salary. And all of that would come off the Yankees’ luxury-tax calculation for 2014.

(If the resolution occurs this year, then A-Rod would serve his sentence part of this year and part of next year, and the luxury-tax relief would be pro-rated accordingly.)

Given how much salary the Yankees need to shed from this year’s payroll of approximately $230 million while intending to give Robinson Cano a significant raise, that extra $15 million would be quite significant. It would make it easy to retain Hiroki Kuroda (his exact salary this year is $15 million), if Kuroda keeps pitching well and wants to join the Yankees for a third season.

What is the likelihood of this all going down? I’ll give it a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. Bosch hardly is an ideal witness, and he already has damaged his credibility with public statements denying what he now seems eager to confirm. MLB’s concessions to Bosch, while understandable, serve as red meat to the Players Association attorneys, whose job will be to destroy the founder of Biogenesis.

And even if Bosch’s words and items hold up under scrutiny and MLB prevails, a 100-game suspension for A-Rod, as someone who has zero violations in the drug program, simply might not be viable. A 50-game suspension would give the Yankees about $7.5 million of salary relief, still meaningful.

Remember, irrespective of Rodriguez’s problems with baseball law, his greatest threat remains his health. If a doctor confirms he is no longer physically able to play baseball, that would relieve the Yankees of 80 percent of their commitment to him, with insurance companies picking up the tab.

However, in that instance, A-Rod’s salary still would be part of the luxury-tax calculation, meaning if Steinbrenner is serious about staying under the $189 million figure for principle’s sake, this wouldn’t help the Yankees’ quest. Of course, the savings from such an endeavor — A-Rod is due $86 million from next year through 2017, and 80 percent of that is $68.8 million — could be so profound that it might open Steinbrenner’s mind to surpassing the luxury-tax ceiling.

Even after hearing of Bosch’s decision to flip, we still are early in this Biogenesis game. And if you’re a Yankees fan, this is a game you don’t want to end until next year.

9 years ago  ::  Jun 08, 2013 - 7:09AM #147
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Jun 6, 2013 -- 5:50PM, misscamaguey wrote:

I heard that Melky was on that list. So if he is, Melky will have to serve a 100 games, because he already failed last year, same goes for Colon. I have to believe there are more notorious players and the word is 90 names. Let's have all the names out not one at a time.

Best case scenario for the Yanks is that A Rod is gone for the year, this way the Team does not have to deal with the circus that will follow the Yanks and A Rod.

I'm tired of the A-Rod clown show that is always on public display. At this point I'm more than sick of it. 

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