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As the 2013 disappears for our Yanks I turn to the future. When I do that I seem to get even more...
10 years ago  ::  Aug 26, 2013 - 10:49PM #1
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  As the 2013 disappears for our Yanks I turn to the future. When I do that I seem to get even more depressed or maybe the word is disgusted. How many years have the fans been fooled by our front office, how many drafts have we been told how great our draft was? We have too fantastic baseball guys right here on this Board, Major Yank and the Big Guy, who know as much about our farm system than anyone outside of the Yankee administrators. I now believe these two guys over any propaganda that comes from Tampa. As the saying goes, we have been sold a " pig in the poke" for how many years and now that we are running out of Rivera's and Jeter's, Pettitte's and Posada's, Bernie's and O'Neill's we've got nothin' coming up!
   It's a rare occasion that any writer praises the Yankee Farm System. It's always the same, the prospects get hurt all the time, other team's lose pitchers to TJ surgery but come back strong or stronger, our guys are finished. Our hitting prospects never seem to get by AA Trenton, either getting injured or just hitting their ceiling. Look at this year, Heathcott, Austin, Williams all with down years. In the past there was Jesus Montero, yeah me too, whatever happened to his future? Will Gary Sanchez end up the same way? Remember the Big Three Catching prospects, Montero, Romine and Sanchez, we are down to one unless you wanna count Austin Romine who, at best, is a back up catcher.
  And how about our pitching prospects? Remember the Killer B's, oops sorry, the Three B's? How's that going? Betances maybe will be a reliever, maybe. Andrew Brackman is out of baseball, another questionable first rounder. Banuelos is the only hope to get something out of that triumvirate And all he has to do is overcome TJ.   
  In case some have forgotten let's go back and review our first rounders, our can't missers that were going to fill Jete's cleats, Pettitte's left arm or Jorge's 300 home runs! There was Cito Culver who every scout thought was a crazy pick. Then we have Dante Bissette, who's Daddy was best friends with Joe Girardi. Wait, isn't Girardi's son named Dante? And the fore mentioned Andrew Brackman and Slade Heathcott who was troubled and injury prone when selected. How about Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain. Hughes will never hit his large potential in NY and I think the Yankees have screwed up Joba. There was Henry and Goodwin, David Parrish, Lance's son, and  Eric Duncan and John Ford Griffin. That's right guys and gals, any Hall of Famers? 
  So I am hoping that Big and Major let us know what they really think about our farm system. I hope they go into detail, give us some "inside baseball", maybe something we can look forward to. Other teams do a great job scouting players, there will always be more misses than hits, but out percentage is horrible. It almost seems as if there is no responsibility, the same things keep,happening. And the one thing I don't want to hear is how we never had high choices, no team has missed as often as the Yankees. It's hard to get excited every June knowing the past.
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Network Forums Yankees Farm System As the 2013 disappears for our Yanks I turn to...
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