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Corrupt System
5 years ago  ::  Jul 13, 2018 - 10:19AM #41
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Jul 13, 2018 -- 9:33AM, craner7 wrote:

It's democrats who are trying so hard to block information getting out showing how some in the FBI and DOJ used govt powers to either influence an election or undo one they didn't like. They all jumped up screaming as one interrupting the hearing like crazy fools.....And Strzok deserves a Purple Heart? How sick is that!

You know that's a bunch of BS craner, it's your party that's blocking everything that's related to Mueller's investigation, and why might I ask ?? You know why, because the cons/donald have something to hide... Yes the Rep's. that headed that investigations yesterday are willing to throw the country under the bus than to find out just what the Russians and donald have going... It's funny how a couple of test messages that says donald will lose the election or whatever really matters that much ?? You can act like you know what the hell you're talking about, but we know what you're talking about when you praise Putin by God Blessing Him... 

5 years ago  ::  Jul 13, 2018 - 10:31AM #42
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Jul 13, 2018 -- 9:33AM, craner7 wrote:

It's democrats who are trying so hard to block information getting out showing how some in the FBI and DOJ used govt powers to either influence an election or undo one they didn't like. They all jumped up screaming as one interrupting the hearing like crazy fools.....And Strzok deserves a Purple Heart? How sick is that!

Pretty sick. One wanted to give him a hug and a kiss. If the Republicans weren't doing this we never would have heard about what he did. It would have been swept under the rug.Strzok was involved in everything. He started the Russia investigation. Was involved a year before he got the boot. He was was full of it about his explanation of his texts. He's smart. Knew what they would zone in on and had his BS excuses ready. He had to or he's going to jail.

Does anybody on here believe what he was saying about the SMELL in Walmart but the Dems tried to cover for him because they feel the same way.You see it in posts on here. The knocks on Trump supporters not being smart. Sound like Strzok. The so called elites. They know better. Watching the Dems and to be fair some Republicans you can see why people were fed up and wanted to go with somebody different. Gohmert went way over the line and thats not helpful but overall the Dems made fools of themselves. This hearing was to get answers from him and they had no interest because if he asnswered truthfully it wouldn't help them.

5 years ago  ::  Jul 13, 2018 - 11:59AM #43
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NYT conservative calls out GOP hypocrites on Strzok: ‘There’s a reason they’re called the stupid party’

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens called out Republicans for attacking FBI agent Peter Strzok over his private political views — which many of them shared before Donald Trump won the GOP nomination.

“There’s a reason Republicans are called the stupid party,” Stephens said. “My old colleague at the Wall Street Journal, Holman Jenkins, used to say there are certain ideas that vanish in the presence of thought.”

Stephens said the entire premise of the hearing was ridiculous.

“The idea there was a bias at the FBI toward Hillary Clinton is simply refuted by the fact that the FBI was the one agency of government which played a decisive role in getting Donald Trump elected,” Stephens said.

The columnist reminded viewers that Pence had been anti-Trump during the Republican primaries.

“You know, our friend on this show, Dan Senor, tweeted about a year ago that as late as February or March of 2016, a certain Indiana governor was saying to him that Donald Trump must not be allowed to become the nominee of the Republican Party,” Stephens said.

“So if Vice President Pence is allowed to have that bias up until march of 2016,” he added, “why is agent Strzok not allowed to have it up until the summer of that year? I can name dozens of prominent Republicans, including people who then are now serving in this administration, who thought exactly as agent Strzok did throughout the 2016 election. Maybe they should step down from office.”

Only the mental midgets known as Republicans on that commitee are too stupid to understand

the difference between words and behavior.

5 years ago  ::  Jul 13, 2018 - 12:09PM #44
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Yank IF he had been up front admitting his smell remark and how wrong and elitist it was I might believe him on other issues like who he meant by " we will stop Trump " but he proved what a POS fraud he is trying to sell us his ridiculous explanation for Wal-Mart people.
5 years ago  ::  Jul 13, 2018 - 12:11PM #45
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And yes Gohmert maybe went over the top but I think Strzoks arrogant smirk set him off along with his BS answers
5 years ago  ::  Jul 13, 2018 - 12:12PM #46
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The Strzok hearing damaged our democracy - The Washington Post Editorial Board

For his part, Mr. Strzok could not argue his way out of responsibility for his now-famous 2015 and 2016 text messages expressing strong anti-Trump views, as well as criticisms of other 2016 presidential candidates. Yet the messages are not proof of anything other than Mr. Strzok’s personal feelings — and, in committing them to writing on company equipment, his poor judgment. Republican arguments presumed that Mr. Strzok’s opinions were tantamount to corrupt behavior. As Lawfare’s Susan Hennessey, a former National Security Agency lawyer, put it, “What is actually on display here is House GOP members demonstrating that they cannot even conceive of the possibility someone could place duty and institutional integrity over base political and personal interests.” 


5 years ago  ::  Jul 13, 2018 - 12:29PM #47
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Jul 12, 2018 -- 4:31PM, yank0428 wrote:

Jul 12, 2018 -- 3:55PM, Max wrote:

Jul 12, 2018 -- 3:28PM, yank0428 wrote:

Jul 12, 2018 -- 2:56PM, Max wrote:

Sir, I think it’s important that you understand the context in which the texts were made. In terms of the texts that we will stop it. You need to understand that that was written late at night, off-the-cuff and it was in response to a sear Aries of events that included then candidate Trump insulting the immigrant family of a fallen war hero, and my presumption based on that horrible disgusting behavior that the American population would not elect someone demonstrating that behavior to be president of the United States. It was in no way unequivocally any suggestion that me, the FBI, would take any action whatsoever to improperly impact the electoral process for any candidate. I take great offense and great disagreement to your assertion to what that was or wasn’t.

As for the 100 million to one that was clearly made in jest. I acknowledge that is actually their right. That is what makes our democracy such a vie grant process it is. But to suggest we can parse down the words of shorthand like they’re a contract for a car is simply not consistent with my or most people’s use of text messaging. I can assure you, Mr. Chairman, at no time in any of these texts did those personal beliefs ever enter into the realm of any action I took. Furthermore, this isn’t just me sitting here telling you. You don’t have to take my word for it.

At every step, at every investigative decision, there are multiple layers of people above me and multiple layers of people below me. Agents and analysts. All of whom were involved in these decisions. They would not tolerate any improper behavior in me any more than I would tolerate it in them. That is who we are as the FBI. The suggestion that I in some dark chamber would somehow cast aside all of these procedures and, and somehow be able to do this, safeguards is astounding. The proposition that is going on and might occur in the FBI deeply corrodes what the FBI is and is deeply destructive.

Strzok’s remarks were applauded in the room.

Really Max. By who? The Dems who are ignoring his texts and their implications.

 Great prepared comment on Strzoks part. The problem he doesn't seem to realize that nobody is questioning the rank and file. They are questioning the upper levels and how many of them were demoted or fired. That tells you of the bias and wrong doing. He also doesn't seem to realize that the investigation into the handling of the Russia investigation is still undergoing.

He's a good liar. Thats it. Interesting Page is waiting till tomorrow so she can listen and get her story straight. 

That's the 2nd time the Page getting her story straight comment was made here. When was the last time we saw simultaneous hearings? 

Cons want to say that they aren't questioning the rank and file. But he clearly pointed out the layers of safeguards that guard against improper behavior that include people above and below him.

He's there to answer questions under oath. What proof do you have right now that he's lying? If he's at a hearing I'm sure he realizes that the investigation into the handling of the Russia investigation is still not complete. 

She was supposed to testify Wed not today but she defied the subpoena. Why? 

 A lot of people above him were removed from their positions because of their misconduct. This has nothing to do with the rank and file.

 Oh Max please. He's a know liar . Ask his wife.He's no hero but listening to the Dems he is. It's a joke. 

I don't know why, that's a question for her lawyer. But it's very easy to hear someone's testimony even if someone had to testify the same day. It's always been that way, so I don't know why that's even an issue. Actually, I do know why, it's because Con politicians and the Con media always have an excuse when they don't like the testimony they hear because that testimony shows what a farce the Republicans have become. 

As he testified under oath, there are too many safeguards for him to be accused of wrong doing in regards to the investigation. Some of the rank and file are part of the investigation. I don't approve of his texts, but he can text what he wants just as long as his personal opinions don't get in the way of the oath he took when he became an FBI Agent. 

All the Cons want to do is look at texts. But they never show any wrong doing by the FBI Agent in regards to his role in the investigation. The IG's report backs him up, that while his texts were bias his work was not.  

A known liar? What's his wife got to do with it? Well, if you want to go down that road. Being a liar doesn't seem to stop the Republicans from trying to defend the biggest liar in Politics who is also a serial adulterer. 

5 years ago  ::  Jul 13, 2018 - 12:32PM #48
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Jul 12, 2018 -- 4:53PM, craner7 wrote:

It's been an orchestrated circus

Led by the Republicans. Like I said on this message board weeks ago, that the hearing isn't going to find anything new. 

5 years ago  ::  Jul 13, 2018 - 12:39PM #49
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Jul 12, 2018 -- 5:19PM, MajorYankFan wrote:

Jul 12, 2018 -- 4:02PM, Max wrote:

Jul 12, 2018 -- 3:44PM, MajorYankFan wrote:

Peter Strzok just gave a hard-to-rebut defense of the objectivity of the Russia investigation’s origins

“In the summer of 2016,” Strzok wrote, “I was one of a handful of people who knew the details of Russian election interference and its possible connections with members of the Trump campaign. This information had the potential to derail, and quite possibly, defeat Mr. Trump. But the thought of exposing that information never crossed my mind.”

This is a nearly impossible point to rebut.

All we get from con artists is blah, blah, blah this conspiracy, then

blah, blah, blah that conspiracy.  Only conspiracies, but when it

comes to substance.............

EXACTLY! And it's a proven FACT that he didn't release what he knew that could have derailed Trump's campaign. Too bad Comey didn't do that when it came to Hillary.   

With the con artists, words seem to have greater weight than behavior.

Stzok was bad mouthing a lot of politicians, not just Crooked Donnie.

"The FBI is Trumpland," one current agent reportedly said, adding that Clinton was seen as the "antichrist personified" to many personnel.

Funny how to con artists that everybody is a liar but the biggest liar of

them all: LYING DONNIE.

Trump’s business sought deal on a Trump Tower in Moscow while he ran for president

Trump had the open for business sign out for Russians regarding getting

dirt of Clinton, at the same time promising relief on Russian sanctions.

But the con artists are just in denial about Crooked Donnie.

The Republicans are trying to fool the easily distracted by trying to take the focus off of what Trump and his campaign said and did.

Johnny Cochran would be proud of them, because he too tried to make it about some honest detectives walking through OJ's home rather than focus on the evidence of what OJ did. Again what Johnny Cochran did to the LAPD the Republicans are trying to do to the FBI. Don't let anyone try to tell you differently.  

5 years ago  ::  Jul 13, 2018 - 12:43PM #50
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Jul 12, 2018 -- 7:10PM, yank0428 wrote:

Jul 12, 2018 -- 3:59PM, Max wrote:

Jul 12, 2018 -- 3:43PM, craner7 wrote:

Max yea he was applauded by democrats....they even want to give him the Purple Heart.....no joke.

Yet the Cons couldn't refute what he said that made him get the applause. 

Yea they could. He was preaching to the choir.

Yea, when did the cons to that? The Cons kept ignoring the proven FACT that the Agent didn't release what he knew could have derailed Trump's campaign. That fact the Republicans wouldn't touch with a 10 foot poll. 

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