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4 months ago  ::  May 26, 2023 - 11:27AM #4821
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Bryan Hoch: Giancarlo Stanton won’t be ready to begin a rehab assignment this weekend. Aaron Boone said hopefully early next week.

4 months ago  ::  May 27, 2023 - 9:15AM #4822
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Yankees star utility man breaks silence on offensive struggles

DJ LeMahieu has historically been one of the most reliable and consistent hitters for the Yankees. Despite a significant toe injury, LeMahieu managed to play in 125 games last season, recording a .261 batting average and a .357 on-base percentage (OBP), albeit with a noticeable decline following the injury.

Many fans fondly recall his inaugural season with the Yankees in 2019 when he boasted a .327 batting average and a .375 OBP, contributing 26 home runs and 102 RBIs. Nonetheless, he is currently grappling with an unfamiliar challenge: a persistently high strikeout rate that he would ideally like to diminish.

“I take pride in not striking out,” said LeMahieu, via The Athletic. “I’ve struck out more than I’d like to so far this year. But (I’ll) just keep going and I know I’ll get out of this little rut.”

The Yankees are hoping DJ LeMahieu continues to improve:

The Yankees’ versatile infielder is striking out at a rate of 26.9% and walking at a rate of 8.2%, which aligns with his career average. However, his career strikeout rate stands at 14.9%, meaning he is currently experiencing a rate that’s 12% higher than his usual figure, considerably affecting his offensive productivity.

It appears as if LeMahieu is overthinking in the batter’s box instead of relying on his instincts. Historically, LeMahieu has demonstrated exceptional judgment, which has contributed to his double-digit walk rates in the past two seasons. Achieving a 32% on-base rate certainly does not meet his own high standards.

“Missing some pitches I should hit and then trying to do too much just to put the ball in play,” LeMahieu said, “and that’s not my game.”

Fortunately, LeMahieu is currently not battling any injuries, which have previously afflicted him and limited his performance.

Despite his offensive game not being up to his usual standards, he has demonstrated excellent defensive prowess at third base. He boasts a .989 fielding percentage at the hot corner and has saved two runs defensively over the course of 276.1 innings.

“I feel good,” LeMahieu said. “The last week and a half has been kind of a grind. Just trying to put together a little bit better (at-bats). A little disappointed, but just keep it going, and I think overall our team has been playing good baseball and I’m real excited about that.”

The Yankees, currently grappling with a three-game losing streak and having scored only two runs in their last two matches, could certainly benefit from an offensive surge. LeMahieu did manage to secure a hit during Friday’s game. Despite his contact being inconsistent, he avoided striking out, which is a positive sign.

4 months ago  ::  May 27, 2023 - 9:19AM #4823
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Yankees’ Randy Vasquez shows promise with a good start in MLB debut

Facing the formidable Padres lineup in his MLB debut, Randy Vasquez and the Yankees were well aware of the challenge that awaited them on Friday. Despite putting up an impressive performance, Randy Vasquez’s near-flawless outing was marred in the fifth inning when Juan Soto connected with a cutter for a big hit.

Called up from Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to temporarily replace Domingo Germán during his suspension, Randy Vasquez, a 24-year-old pitcher, showcased his skills effectively in his debut against a formidable Padres lineup. However, despite his solid performance, he received minimal backing from the Yankees’ offense, resulting in a 5-1 loss. On the other hand, Juan Soto’s second-deck blast served as the catalyst for the Padres’ early scoring, ultimately leading them to a commanding 5-1 victory in the opening game of the series.

However, despite the subsequent home run by Soto, Randy Vasquez received a warm reception from the crowd as he departed the game a few batters later. It was evident that the Yankees’ newest starter had performed admirably, showcasing his pitching prowess prior to Soto’s impressive long ball.

Randy Vasquez’s good start

The Yankees starter expressed his emotions and gratitude after his major league debut at Yankee Stadium. Through an interpreter, Randy Vasquez reflected on the experience, stating that as he warmed up and prepared to take the mound, he took a moment to appreciate the grandeur of Yankee Stadium. At that moment, he felt a rush of thoughts and emotions. Randy Vasquez also expressed his gratitude to God for the opportunity and acknowledged the tremendous support and assistance he received from his family, who played a significant role in helping him reach this milestone.

In his first major league appearance, Randy Vasquez displayed composure on the mound, despite having only nine starts in Triple-A under his belt. Over the course of 4.2 innings and 84 pitches, he allowed four hits, two earned runs, three walks, and recorded six strikeouts. Additionally, Vasquez unintentionally hit a batter during his outing.

According to bench coach Carlos Mendoza, who assumed managerial duties in place of the suspended Aaron Boone, Randy Vasquez showcased an impressive performance on the mound. Mendoza commended him for his strong outing, considering the circumstances of making his major league debut at Yankee Stadium on a Friday night, facing a formidable lineup. Mendoza noted that Randy Vasquez’s body language and presence on the mound were positive indicators of his composure and confidence.

Mendoza acknowledged that Randy Vasquez likely grew up as a fan, watching players like Fernando Tatis Jr. and Juan Soto excel in the game. Mendoza emphasized that it was impressive to see the latest Yankees starter, who idolized those players, now competing against them at the major league level. In Mendoza’s opinion, Randy Vasquez handled the situation admirably and demonstrated composure throughout the game.

In front of a lively crowd of 46,724, including his grandfather, uncles, and cousins, Randy Vasquez showcased his skills on the mound as summer approached and a holiday weekend kicked off. He effectively limited the opposing team to four hits during his 4 2/3 innings of work. He displayed good control by issuing three walks while striking out six batters, all while throwing a total of 84 pitches.

Randy Vasquez, hailing from the Dominican Republic just like Tatis Jr. and Soto, initially faced a challenging start in his debut as he issued two walks in the first inning. However, he managed to navigate through the trouble and quickly found his rhythm in the subsequent innings. It was a special occasion for Randy Vasquez as he pitched in his first Major League game, which also happened to be the first MLB game he ever attended. Adding to the significance of the moment, he had the support of his cousins, uncles, and his grandfather, who was celebrating his birthday on that Friday.

An emotional moment

Randy Vasquez expressed his emotions about the experience, describing it as an incredibly gratifying feeling to take the field for warm-up and preparation. He took a moment to soak in the atmosphere and appreciated the grandeur of Yankee Stadium, acknowledging its majestic presence. During that reflective moment, numerous thoughts raced through his mind, and he expressed his gratitude to God for granting him this opportunity. Randy Vasquez also acknowledged the immense support and assistance he received from his family throughout his journey, emphasizing their instrumental role in helping him reach this significant milestone.

As anticipated, following the game, the Yankees opted to return Randy Vasquez to Triple-A. Despite performing well overall, he made one notable error during the game. However, the Padres capitalized on their momentum and continued to showcase their power, this time targeting the second deck. Following Soto’s earlier home run to right field, Tatis Jr. contributed to the offensive onslaught by launching a two-run missile to the left side in the sixth inning, this time off Ron Marinaccio.

Despite a relatively solid performance by Randy Vasquez, he did make a significant error, which the Padres took advantage of. The Padres continued their assault on the second deck after Soto’s home run to right field. This time, it was Fernando Tatis Jr. who showcased his power, delivering a two-run blast off Ron Marinaccio in the sixth inning, targeting the left side.

Aaron Judge praised Randy Vasquez

Aaron Judge took the opportunity to reassure Randy Vasquez that the defeat was not solely his responsibility as a young pitcher following the Yankees’ loss. According to Yankees captain Aaron Judge, he had a conversation with the newest Yankees pitcher after the game, expressing that the responsibility for the loss falls on the offense rather than the young pitcher.

Judge acknowledged the challenge of facing a formidable lineup like the Padres and emphasized the importance of providing run support. He also mentioned his excitement about the upcoming young prospects who would contribute to the team in the coming years.

Following the conclusion of the game, Randy Vasquez was optioned to Triple-A. Notably, he becomes the 12th Yankees pitcher to make his starting debut in the last 16 seasons, starting from 2008. Prior to Vásquez, Jhony Brito made his debut as a starting pitcher earlier in the current season, with previous instances including Luis Gil in 2021 and Deivi García in 2020.

According to acting manager Carlos Mendoza, the Yankees have been keeping a close eye on Randy Vasquez since last year when he was playing in Double-A. They had the opportunity to observe him during Spring Training as well. Mendoza acknowledged that it is a challenging task for a rookie pitcher to make his first appearance in a Major League game, especially against a formidable lineup. However, he expressed his satisfaction with how Randy Vasquez handled the situation, considering the circumstances.

The Yankees are currently in the midst of a streak of three consecutive losses. Their next opportunity to break this streak will come on Saturday when Luis Severino takes the mound for his second start of the season.

4 months ago  ::  May 27, 2023 - 9:23AM #4824
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Yankees option Randy Vásquez back to Triple-A | Randy Miller: Giancarlo Stanton is not immediately headed out for a rehab assignment, but Aaron Boone is hopeful the big slugger will do so early next week. If he does, Miller speculates, Yankee fans might want to circle the first week of June, after the club returns from its upcoming West Coast swing. Stanton could return to the Yankees then, or shortly thereafter.

FanGraphs | Esteban Rivera: Me, playing checkers when describing Harrison Bader’s defense: “He’s really good. Seems to get to everything. Really good for my mental health.” Our own Esteban Rivera, playing chess when describing Darth Bader roaming the center field galaxy at Yankee Stadium: this article for FanGraphs. Analysis, video, everything. Take a second to really look at that Outfield OAA leaderboard. All hail Harrison Bader.

Yahoo | Andy Martino: I freely admit I was one of those who for years thought Boone was too passive, especially after the 400th time I saw that ankle-high pitch called a strike on Judge. But he’s certainly put those thoughts to rest. And it looks like his steadfast support of his players has earned him the gratitude of the clubhouse, though the men in blue probably don’t like Boone much these days. You hate to see it.

The Athletic | Jayson Stark: Stark takes a look around baseball to see who’s in, and who’s on the way in, to the Hall of Fame. A couple of Yankees make his third tier, for those who have a viable route in. I’ll give you two guesses who they are, and those better be Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole. For the former, Stark wonders: “what if he has three or four more 50-homer seasons in him? Will Hall voters even care if he stalls out at, say, 465 home runs? I’ll guess no on that!”

As for Cole: “through his age-32 season, only one other pitcher in history had as many strikeouts (2,000), as good a winning percentage (.655), as good a WHIP (1.10) and a strikeout rate even remotely in the range of what Cole has now (10.5 per nine innings)? That pitcher: Pedro Martinez.”

4 months ago  ::  May 28, 2023 - 9:20AM #4825
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Yankees: Good news and bad news in 3-2 walk-off win over Padres

The Yankees clinched a walk-off victory against the Padres on Saturday afternoon 3-2, reinforcing an exceptional performance by Luis Severino. While the bats weren’t extraordinary, they fulfilled their task sufficiently, and everyone remained resilient until the very end.

We were in dire need of such an outing, and witnessing the team strive for a hard-earned victory was heartening. DJ LeMahieu had an excellent day on the field, and we hope this game will mark a turning point in his season. Our focus now shifts to Gerrit Cole for tomorrow afternoon’s series finale.

The Yankees’ pitching was truly commendable:

Severino was extraordinary, reminding us of his prime form. If he can maintain his health, his capabilities are undeniable. His availability throughout the season is crucial for the team, and if he maintains today’s level of performance, it will indeed be a significant boost for the squad.

Sevy pitched 6.2 innings and might have achieved 7.0 if it weren’t for a few defensive errors. He conceded two runs, one earned, struck out five batters and issued three walks. Watching him deal so effectively was uplifting, and this momentum will undoubtedly aid him moving forward.

Following Sevy, Michael King stepped in and delivered a shutout inning, striking out two in the process. King’s ERA now stands at 1.88, making him one of the best—if not the best—relievers in the bullpen.

Following his lead, Wandy contributed his own 1.1 shutout innings, generating soft contact consistently. Although he’s not the most showy, he continues to deliver when it matters. Clay Holmes then stepped in for the 10th, kept the Padres from scoring, enabling the bats to seal our victory.

The bats stepped up at the crucial moments:

DJ enjoyed his best offensive day of the season, opening the scoring with an RBI double and later tying the game with a solo home run.

If it wasn’t for DJ, the team might have struggled offensively, but he rose to the occasion. His impressive slugging performance was supplemented by a walk. Judge, Gleyber, and Rizzo each contributed a base hit, and Bader and Oswaldo also made it onto the stat sheet with a few hits.

Despite it not being the most dazzling of performances, the bats remained persistent. In the bottom of the 10th, IKF had a golden opportunity to clinch the victory, and he did not disappoint. His single drove in the winning run, a moment which will surely stand as one of his proudest in pinstripes.

IKF has improved this month. His longevity remains uncertain, but he consistently fulfills his responsibilities. Now, let’s focus on winning this series and prepare for our trip to Seattle.

4 months ago  ::  May 28, 2023 - 9:22AM #4826
Posts: 27,536 | Bob Klapisch: The Yankees have been running a rotation of Gerrit Cole and a rotating cast of disappointment for most of the season so far. Outside of a few Domingo Germán starts where he held his own, Nos. 2-5 in the starting rotation haven’t delivered quality starts for the team, and there was hope that things would change rapidly once some of the big injured names returned.

Luis Severino has made two starts since coming off of the IL now, and those hopes have in the short term been fulfilled. Severino has maneuvered his way through a lackluster Reds offense and a far-more potent Padres lineup, and looked quite efficient in the latter outing as well. Given how turbulent this opening stretch has been on the pitching staff, there was a significant concern that if Severino (and Carlos Rodon, who we’re still waiting to see) didn’t hit the ground running it was going to be a long season in a bad sense. While his history doesn’t allow us to speculate too far into the future, it is comforting to know that Severino still appears just as formidable as he’s been at his peak whenever he can play.

NY Post | Jon Heyman: Aaron Judge got paid handsomely in the offseason, and after a slow start and IL stint of his own the new Yankee captain has come roaring back to life and is now firmly in the discussion to defend his AL MVP title. His surge is making his megadeal look just as enticing as it was for several teams to bid the figures that they did on his services, but around the league the same can’t be said for other names that signed on the dotted line this winter.

A pair of those names are in town currently, with Xander Bogaerts and Manny Machado giving mediocre and downright poor performances respectively so far, and others like Carlos Correa and Trea Turner have given their teams reason to worry as well. Judge’s strengths may not age entirely well into the later years of his deal, but he’s sure capitalizing on them while he’s got them in his prime, and that’s the whole point of these kinds of deals. | Max Goodman: Matt Carpenter enjoyed a fun stay in New York last summer, emerging as a core piece of the lineup unexpectedly after his career in St. Louis fizzled out and he attempted to remake himself. An injury cut that fun run short, though he attempted to comeback for the postseason — a choice that in retrospect was harmful for Carpenter, as he was still injured and it delayed his healing into the offseason. It was evident at the time as he struggled to make much with his at-bats in October, but the team was desperate enough for any offense that they rolled those dice, and unfortunately they didn’t land the way that everyone involved wanted.

NY Daily News | Gary Phillips: Randy Vásquez made his MLB debut on Friday, but he was quickly demoted after the spot start in order to get a fresh arm up to help the big league team. That corresponding pitcher ended up being Matt Krook, who is set to make his MLB debut after eight years in the minors. Aaron Boone had high praise for Krook, who has been dealing in Triple-A, even admitting that the team thought about activating him for the playoffs last season. He may have missed out on that opportunity, but Krook’s here now — and he’s likely to get several shots at making an impression this year.

Yankeesource: One thing Oswald Peraza does well is adjust on off-speed and he puts the barrel on it. We saw some of that when he was up in the majors in a small sample. Needs a window.  Oswald Peraza continues to mash AAA pitching. Another homer (6) today. Florial has a 1.055 OPS on the year (1 for 3, 2B, BB).

4 months ago  ::  May 29, 2023 - 9:19AM #4827
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Probable pitchers as Yankees head west to face J-Rod’s Mariners

After starting their homestand 1-3 — which included three straight losses — the Yankees got back on track. They ended up taking two of three from the San Diego Padres before starting a West Coast road trip. The first stop? In Seattle against Julio Rodriguez and the Mariners.

Here’s what the probable pitcher matchups look like at the moment.

Yankees-Mariners probable pitching matchups

Monday at 9:40 p.m. ET: Domingo German vs. Bryce Miller

Domingo German returns from his 10-game foreign substance usage suspension to kick off this series for the Bombers. The right-hander was rolling against the Toronto Blue Jays on May 16th before getting tossed, too. He struck out two hitters while being perfect in three innings. German is 3-0 with a career 3.60 ERA against the Mariners in three starts (15 innings).

Meanwhile, Bryce Miller has quietly been excellent for Seattle. Through five starts (31.1 innings), he’s 3-1 with a 1.15 ERA, 0.51 WHIP, and 28 strikeouts. He’s tossed five straight quality starts to begin his season, with his last appearance being six scoreless frames in a win over the Oakland Athletics.

Tuesday at 9:40 p.m. ET: Nestor Cortes vs. Logan Gilbert

Nestor Cortes pitched into the seventh inning for the second straight start on May 24th. This specific appearance against the Orioles wasn’t as good as the first, though. He allowed four runs on five hits (two homers), two walks, and five strikeouts in six innings. He last faced Seattle in 2022, allowing three runs in six innings while striking out 10 Mariners hitters.

Logan Gilbert has won each of his last two starts and has given up more than two earned runs just once in his last five turns through the rotation. The one time he didn’t, he still just missed a quality start against the Tigers, allowing three runs in 5.2 innings. The Yankees lit up Gilbert in two matchups last year, scoring 13 runs on 17 hits (four homers) in just 9.1 innings with him on the mound.

Wednesday at 9:40 p.m. ET: Clarke Schmidt vs. Luis Castillo

Clarke Schmidt was a hard-luck loser on May 25th against Baltimore, allowing just one run on five hits, two walks, and four strikeouts in five innings. He’s allowed just three earned runs over his last 10 frames pitched, as well.

Luis Castillo is feeling good thanks to dominating the A’s and Pirates. After allowing seven runs (five earned) in five innings to the Red Sox on May 16th, he held Pittsburgh and Oakland scoreless over a combined 12 innings. This has included just five hits allowed, four walks, and 18 strikeouts. Castillo faced the Yankees three times in 2022. The right-hander posted a 1.66 ERA with 23 strikeouts across 21.2 innings.

4 months ago  ::  May 29, 2023 - 9:21AM #4828
Posts: 27,536

CBS Sports | R.J. Anderson: The Yankees had an injury scare yesterday, as first baseman Anthony Rizzo was removed from the game with a neck injury after tagging out Fernando Tatís Jr. on a strike-em-out-throw-em-out double play to end the sixth inning. Later in the contest, the organization announced that Rizzo had left the game for “precautionary reasons” and would undergo testing. Fortunately, everything appears to have come back clear, and the Yankees’ No. 3 hitter is expected to be in the lineup when the team shows up in Seattle today.

ESPN | Associated Press: Speaking of today’s game, Domingo Germán will get the ball for the Yankees, making his first start after serving a 10-game suspension for having a foreign substance on the mound. The right-hander, who maintains that the only sticky substance on his hands was rosin, understands that he will be under the microscope and asserted that he will likely use less rosin going forward in an attempt to prevent further disciplinary action (a second offense carries a 50-game suspension, just under two months). Manager Aaron Boone said the team is being more vigilant about it, but also noted that “there is no defined line” when it comes to what is considered “too sticky.”

New York Post | Dan Martin: Wrapping up today’s news links is a hodgepodge of notes about the goings-on in the Bronx. Although Aaron Boone penciled in shortstop Anthony Volpe into the No. 9 spot this weekend for the first time since early April, he’s currently not concerned about the rookie’s slumps; his mental fortitude, he notes, is why the team was comfortable handing the starting job to him out of spring training. On the mound, Carlos Rodón expects to throw two bullpen sessions this week, and has not had any discomfort since the two cortisone shots. Because of this, there is now a “rough schedule” for when he can make his Yankee debut, although the team has not made that public. Last, and certainly not least, Giancarlo Stanton is still a few days away from a potential rehab assignment, and has not ruled out returning to the lineup in time for the team’s trip to Los Angeles this week.

4 months ago  ::  May 30, 2023 - 10:14AM #4829
Posts: 27,536

New York Times | Tyler Kepner: Luis Severino has returned, and Carlos Rodón is on his way. That was enough to have the Times dig into the Yankees rotation moving forward. As the article notes, “no lineup would relish facing Gerrit Cole, Nestor Cortes, a full-strength Carlos Rodón and Severino in a short series.” The piece also notes the return of Domingo Germán to the rotation (which happened last night). On the surface, third place in the AL East is nothing to write home about. But there are reasons to think the ceiling is much higher than that.

Sports Illustrated | Joseph Salvador: This story just will not go away, although this headline perhaps obscures more than it reveals. Toronto right-hander Chris Bassitt threw out his opinion that Aaron Judge was lying when he talked about glancing into the Yankee dugout right before hitting a monster home run that set off accusations of cheating and pitch tipping.

For what it’s worth, Bassitt admits that the Jays were tipping pitches, that relaying tips was not illegal, and that it wasn’t realistic to expect Judge come out and admit it. Hopefully this means we’ve heard the last of it. I’m sure some new nonsense will crop up when the Yanks and Jays meet again. | Max Goodman: Anyone who follows the Yankee farm system is aware of Estevan Florial’s systematic destruction of Triple-A pitching recently. Despite his performance, a call-up to the Bronx is highly unlikely. Andrés will be examining Florial’s case later today, but for now, check out Goodman’s look at some of the reasons we probably won’t see the once highly-touted prospect in pinstripes this season, barring some unforeseen events.

In case you missed it, Harrison Bader left last night’s game in Seattle with right hamstring tightness. He’ll go for an MRI today to see if he needs an IL stint, though the team’s initial read was optimistic.

Finally, some really good news. Giancarlo Stanton is coming back. Big G begins his rehab today at Double-A Somerset, joining Josh Donaldson and Tommy Kahnle. When Stanton went on the IL with a balky hamstring, he was swinging a hot stick, with a 132 wRC+ in the early going. The Yankee lineup could be getting a lot longer very soon. You can’t get back soon enough, Giancarlo.

Yankeesource: Bader is an impact player on defense but for a FA deal you are signing up for (insert subpar minor leaguer or major leaguer) to log a lot of innings in center every year because of Bader’s inability to stay on the field. Tricky situation for the Yankees.

4 months ago  ::  May 30, 2023 - 10:17AM #4830
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About Last Night: Yankees 10, Mariners 4

About Last Night: Domingo German got the start last night fresh off of a suspension, and everyone was watching to see if something sticky was going on. After a quick seven pitch first inning it started off looking good. In the second inning, Harrison Bader (single) and Jake Bauers (double) got the Yankees on the board. In the third, Aaron Judge smacked a 2- run bomb for a 3-1 lead. Not long after, the flood gates opened and the offense poured it on for the 2nd straight night. Considering the line-up had Willie Calhoun batting 3rd against a pitcher with a 1.15 ERA, the results were far better than I would have guessed.

Quick Stats:

  • WP - German (3-3)

  • Every Yankees starter had a hit except for Oswaldo Cabrera (0-for-5)

  • 2B - W Calhoun 2, J Bauers 2, A Judge, I Kiner-Falefa

  • HR - A Judge 2, J Bauers

  • RBI - I Kiner-Falefa 2, J Bauers 2, K Higashioka, A Judge 3

The Big Story: The story of the night once again was the offense! The 18 total hits and 9 extra base hits propelled the Yankees to a series opening win despite not having Anthony Rizzo in there and losing Harrison Bader during the game too. With 3 home runs, 6 doubles, and 7 of 9 hitters having multi-hit games, this one was fun to watch.

Player of the Game: Could it be anyone other than #99 Aaron Judge? With 2 bombs, a double, and a late walk, Aaron Judge stole the show last night.. On defense, he also stole a home run away from Teoscar Hernandez. Aaron Judge leaped like an NBA player going up for an alley-oop, to rob him. This was the 4th time in Aaron Judge's career that he has hit and stole a home run in the same game. MVP status!

Notable Performances: I liked the two doubles Willie Calhoun chipped in with from the #3 spot in the line-up tonight, after thinking this was another Boonehead line-up mistake.

An honorable mention to Albert Abreu for 2 hitless innings to give the bullpen some much-needed rest.

With this win, the Yankees can use their high-leverage pitchers the next two games with the off day Thursday prior to heading into Los Angeles to play a series at Dodger Stadium.

Better to Forget: The injury bug! With Anthony Rizzo already out of the game, Harrison Bader left the game in the 3rd with an injury. Like Rizzo, the injury isn't considered bad enough for rhe IL, but it seems everytime the Yankees take a few steps forward, they have to take a couple backwards. My Take: Perhaps night games aren't all that bad after all as the Yankees offense showed up tonight with hits coming in bunches. Every starter had a hit with the exception of Oswaldo Cabrera, who's struggles continue with another 0 for 5 day and a couple strike outs. Both Estevan Florial and Oswald Peraza are raking at Triple A, so don't be surprised if either or both get another shot this year at the big league level very soon.

Next Up: The Yankees and Mariners will meet up again today at 9:40 PM with Nasty Nestor (4-2 5.30 ERA) taking on Logan Gilbert (3-2 3.60 ERA).

I am hoping the offense can make an appearance this game too, AND for Nasty to be pulled before he starts to tire out and tank the game. I believe this will be the last time I use the term Nasty for Nestor unless he can show some signs that he's still in there. New nicknames to be considered will be Nice Effort Nestor or Nail Biter Nestor. Hoping to stay away from Nothing Nestor and Nowhere Near Nestor... Go Yankees!!!

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