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Random Minor League Notes: 2021 Edition
10 months ago  ::  Jan 19, 2021 - 2:47PM #41
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10 months ago  ::  Jan 20, 2021 - 9:29AM #42
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Yankees: Latest ‘Baseball America’ Jasson Dominguez report is special

by: Adam Weinrib Fansided: Yanks Go Yard58m

New York Yankees super prospect Jasson Dominguez just got extremely high praise from Baseball America, showing he's among the game's best.

Jasson Dominguez hasn’t even debuted in the Yankees’ minor-league system yet, and he’s already one of the game’s most special hitters.

Even though he has yet to debut in pinstripes, or come anywhere close to doing so, Yankees fans should probably get excited about Jasson Dominguez at this point.

What’s that? They have been? They’ve been absolutely freaking out for years? Got it.

Dominguez moved up five spots this week (from No. 38 to No. 33) on Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospect rankings, despite the cancellation of the minor-league season “stunting” his development.

He was the highest of three Yankees honorees, ranking ahead of Clarke Schmidt and Deivi Garcia, but it’s BA’s assessment of his tools that really got our attention.

According to the preeminent scouting publication, Dominguez and No. 2 overall pick Bobby Witt Jr. rank as the most impressive natural hitters in all of minor-league baseball. They’re the only two names with a natural hit tool of 60 or above in every aspect, from contact to power and beyond.

Simply put, the teenage Dominguez does it all in a manner very few people are capable of.

As for the pitchers? Garcia’s 2020 Major League performance — without anything to compare his surge to at the minor-league level, of course — led to him flip-flopping Schmidt, who outranked him in last year’s Top 100.

Both men seem likely to be cornerstones of the next, great Yankees rotation, though — or the next great trade package, at least, if anything ever materializes.

For nearly a decade now, the Yankees have done an exceptional job of balancing their desire to win now with their continued development at the minor-league level.

The international free agent acquisition of Dominguez may be their brightest accomplishment yet, and it has only begun to pay dividends.

Of course, accolades are only worthwhile if they translate to on-field performance. We’ll just keep waiting patiently for Dominguez’s career to get started stateside.

10 months ago  ::  Jan 21, 2021 - 10:12AM #43
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Yankees News: Jasson Dominguez report card will get you excited for the future #NYY READ HERE: t.co/O7H2tHncSA

They call him the “Martian,” based on his freakish physical talent and size at just 17 years old. With an exit velocity reaching 108 mph, New York Yankees‘ Jasson Dominguez is one of the more polarizing prospects in all of baseball.

In fact, Dominguez is considered so highly, he ended at number 33 in Baseball America top 100 prospect list. Despite not even playing a minor-league game yet, Dominguez contains all of the tools necessary to be the next Mike Trout. He has all five tools, hitting, hitting for power, running, fielding, and throwing. His jump from number 38 to 33 is based simply on potential, despite not having seen him play a live-action game yet.

The outfielder ranks in between two other Yankee prospects, including Deivi Garcia, who is at number five, and Clarke Schmidt at number 64.

When the Yankees originally inked him to an international deal, they knew what type of prospect he could become. However, the optimism has ballooned so high that his expectations are astronomical. Based on scouting reports, though, he has every ability to reach them.

Donny Rowland, the Yankees top international scout, had glowing reviews about Jasson Dominguez when they initially signed him:

“The hardest thing to do in sports is hit and the second hardest thing to do is figure out who’s going to hit,” Rowland said. “We have 50-plus official submitted reports on him very high hit grades and power grades. Swing is very good both sides. The explosion, and his exit velocity touching 108 (mph). His launch angle is in the happy zone. We saw him work out on July 1. The final footage. … He threw and had a well-above average arm. The most impressive aspect is that the accuracy is just as good as arm-strength.”

At just 17 years old, the expectation is that Dominguez will likely spend a few years in the Yankees’ minor-league system but could find his way to the top team within the next few seasons. He’s a Martian, after all, with incredible power for his age. He simply has to get used to facing off against pitchers with high velocity, and due to the minor-league season being canceled in 2020, his development has stagnated.

Reps, reps, and more reps are what Dominguez needs, and if he shows a significant growth in his first year, he could rise through the ranks similar to Garcia, who made the jump to the MLB in after just one year in the minors.

10 months ago  ::  Jan 21, 2021 - 4:14PM #44
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Yankee pitching prospect Tanner Myatt talks with Pinstripe Alley

by: Dan Kelly SB Nation: Pinstripe Alley

Tanner Myatt has the potential to emerge as one of the Yankees’ top pitching prospects in 2021

In the 11th round of the 2018 draft the Yankees selected Tanner Myatt, a right-handed pitcher with one of the best arms in the system. Standing tall at 6-foot-7, the strong armed pitcher has held hitters to a .173 batting average against in his first two professional seasons. Tanner recently took the time to talk with Pinstripe Alley about his background and what he has been working to improve during 2020.

Baseball played a big role in Myatt’s life growing up as the youngest of three brothers in Spring Lake, NC.

“I come from a baseball family, we didn’t really play any other sports. We kind of eat, sleep and play baseball,” Myatt said. “The middle brother, he and I grew up and played on the same teams together in high school.”

As a Yankees prospect he has one of the strongest arms in the system, routinely throwing in the upper 90s on the radar gun. It comes as a surprise, then, that Tanner did not think playing professionally was a real option until later in high school.

“I didn’t think much about professional baseball, I thought only aliens played that. I’d never met anyone who played professional baseball,” Myatt recalled. “I played with my friends growing up and they were like ‘you should start to take this serious, you’ve got something special.’”

As his performances improved, Myatt was discovered by college scouts and a future in baseball started to seem like a reality.

“My junior year of high school, my velocity was getting a little bit higher, and higher everyday,” Myatt said. “Before too long I had a couple of colleges coming to watch me.”

Myatt picked Florence-Darlington Tech, a Junior College within driving distance from his hometown to continue his career.

“JUCO by itself, I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Myatt said. “It taught me a lot about maturity and how to be a young man... it was kind of humbling at the same time. Those guys at JUCO, they are all grinders. They all want to make it to a Division-1 school or get drafted.”

That level of competition left an impression on Myatt.

“There are a ton of kids, just like I, who didn’t see themselves at a Division-1 school,” Myatt said. “They didn’t think they had the talent or just grades in general. A lot of kids go to Junior Colleges. I’ve seen just as good a player at a JUCO as at a Division 1 school.”

Heading into the 2018 MLB draft Myatt had a commitment to the College of Charleston (S.C.) in his back pocket, but was ready for the challenge of turning pro.

“I had my mind already set. Its not that I didn’t like school, because I did, I was just ready to take the opportunity. You never know, you could have a career ending injury if I go to college” Myatt said. “The Yankees scout, Billy Godwin at the time, I had talked to him but kind of like the other scouts, I didn’t know who it was going to be. I’m glad it was the Yankees.”

When he arrived with the Charleston RiverDogs in 2019, he realized he was surrounded by a talented group of arms that would push each other to reach the next level.

“There was a lot of flames. Honestly, all those guys are good,” Myatt said. “It made you step up to be a better pitcher, because if you wanted the ball once a week you had to perform. Luis Gil, Luis Medina, Vizcaino they are good, Matt Sauer too.”

Myatt’s 2019 season ended a little early as he battled shoulder inflammation in mid-August. He was ready to go for the 2020 season before the COVID pandemic shut down spring training and resulted in the cancelation of the minor league season.

“I was excited, it was going to be a big year for me,” Myatt said. “It was unfortunate, but everybody is in the same waters right now. Just capitalize on the time we have.”

The Yankees pitching coaches have given Myatt some specific things to improve during his time away from the Yankees facilities.

“Just to harness in on the control,” Myatt said. “Nobody has to tell me to throw hard. Repetitive mechanics is number one, because if you can repeat it you can figure out what’s going on. I’ve been on my lower half. Trying to not land so much across my body. I’m fighting myself to get back over to glove side.”

Myatt has access to a state of the art facility to work out at in North Carolina and is seeing results from his efforts.

“BYoung Physical Therapy facility, they have the 3D pitching analysis and all the Qualisys motion capture machines,” Myatt said. “From the bullpens I’ve thrown so far, I think I’m heading in the right direction. I can’t say for sure right now, but I think its better than where I was.”

Despite losing a full season to the pandemic, Myatt still has his expectations on the ultimate goal for any prospect.

“Master your craft, try to get better and make it to the big leagues,” Myatt said. “I not going to put a date on myself and say be in the big leagues by the end of the year because everybody wants that, but to get better everyday and be the best pitcher I can be.”

Tanner Myatt has a very high ceiling if he harnesses his command and control moving forward. Depending on the progress he shows this coming spring, he could start the 2021 season with either Low-A Tampa or High-A Hudson Valley. Myatt has the type of arm talent that could move fast through the system if it all comes together this coming season.

10 months ago  ::  Jan 23, 2021 - 9:14AM #45
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9 months ago  ::  Jan 28, 2021 - 8:26AM #46
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Yankee have 3 players on latest list of top 100 MLB prospects - nj.com

The top players in the New York Yankees' farm system are pitchers Deivi Garcia and Clarke Schmidt and outfielder Jasson Dominguez.

9 months ago  ::  Jan 30, 2021 - 9:22AM #47
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Two New York Yankees prospects among MLB Pipeline’s Top 100

by: Leen Amin Elite Sports NY

The Yankees farm system is represented, but their prospect pipeline clearly isn’t deep.

On Friday, MLB Pipeline released its top 100 prospects for 2021. The New York Yankees have two players that made the list, both of whom are promising and have high ceilings.

However, the fact that the Yankees have just two guys on here is further proof of something that the baseball world has already known: the Yankees’ farm system isn’t in great shape.

Even so, let’s take a look at New York’s best prospects.

32. Jasson Dominguez, OF

Jasson Dominguez is 17 years old and hasn’t played a second of professional baseball, but he’s already considered to be one of the best prospects in the game. He’s the most raved-about international prospect of the past several years.

The switch-hitting outfielder throws with his right hand and brings a lot to the table. Standing at 5’10” Dominguez is on the shorter side, but weighs 190 lbs. and is built like a tank.

He was signed by the Yankees in July 2019 for a franchise-record $5.1 million. Dominguez is expected hit for both power and average because of his strength, smooth swing, and plate discipline.

Dominguez could actually end up becoming a five-tool player. He’s very fast so he’s good on the basepaths and can cover a lot of ground in the outfield, especially in center field. He also has great arm strength.

Dominguez’s ETA is 2024, but if he meets expectations, he should be MLB-ready sooner.

88. Clarke Schmidt, RHP

The Yankees needed some pitching help during the 2020 season, and that meant that Clarke Schmidt would make his MLB debut. Schmidt has had an eventful few years since beginning his professional baseball career.

Tommy John surgery served as an obstacle in Schmidt’s path, and he ended up making his debut in 2020 after having pitched just 114 total innings in the minors. This was obvious.

Schmidt posted a 7.11 ERA in three games and looked like he wasn’t ready yet.

His two-seam and four-seam fastballs are really good, but his breaking ball curve is his best pitch. His changeup is also solid and is sometimes a plus pitch for him.

However, Schmidt needs to work on his command, and this was a problem for him in the majors. In any event, Schmidt isn’t far off, at all.

The Yankees’ window to win is open now and they’re constantly one of the best teams in the league, so it does make sense that their farm system isn’t the strongest. However, the farm system being so weak does cause problems with regard to prospective trades and the team’s future.

1. Making trades is difficult if a team doesn’t have appealing prospects. The Yankees likely already have and will continue to miss out on opportunities to conduct business with other organizations if they have nothing to offer. Plain and simple.

2. Yes, the Yankees have been serious contenders and likely will be for the next few years, but some players will age and some will need to be paid sooner rather than later.

Keeping this team together for several years, as is, obviously isn’t possible, so the Yankees will need at least some good prospects if they hope to have a decent future.

9 months ago  ::  Feb 01, 2021 - 1:48PM #48
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SNY @SNYtv Deivi Garcia, Jasson Dominguez, and Clarke Schimdt have made The Athletic's Top 100 prospects lists, with Luis Medina sitting just outside t.co/VqGsBaWzBZ

Yankees prospect Luis Medina makes The Athletic's 'just-missed list' top 100 list for 2021

If Medina had better control, he would be 'a top 50 prospect at worst'

Several Yankees -- Deivi Garcia, Jasson Dominguez and Clarke Schmidt -- made Keith Law of The Athletic's top 100 MLB prospects list for 2021. But there's another prospect whom Law wanted to point out despite not making the rankings. 

Law released a few more players to watch this season on his "just-missed list," and RHP Luis Medina was among those who received honorable mention. 

Medina is a hard-throwing right-hander who began his career with the Yanks back in 2016 in rookie ball. The 21-year-old most recently started two games with Double-A Trenton, pitching well over 10.2 innings in 2019. 

But the major flaw in his game, one that kept him off the list, is that his control isn't all there. He can top out at 99 mph with his heater, but not throwing strikes consistently has hurt him.

"In 2018, he walked 46 batters and threw 12 wild pitches in 36 innings for short-season Pulaski," Law wrote. "In 2019, he improved but still walked 70 guys with 27 wild pitches in 103.2 innings, hitting nine batters for good measure, although he looked like he might have turned a corner late in the season, walking only six guys in his last four starts, covering 22.2 innings, with only two wild pitches."

Optimism is there for the 2021 season, though, because Medina was named Pitcher of the Year in the Puerto Rican Winter League and showed better control. 

"Four starts here, four starts there, none of this is a big sample, but it’s better than he’s pitched anywhere else in pro ball, and if he can build on this and put together a full season, or even most of one, with this level of control, he’s a top 50 prospect at worst," Law said.

Medina is currently ranked the Yankees' No. 11 prospect per MLB pipeline.

9 months ago  ::  Feb 01, 2021 - 2:04PM #49
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Yankees linked to three players in early mock drafts

There are changes coming to the MLB Draft process in 2021 and the early mock drafts have the Yankees linked to three intriguing prospects.

The MLB First-Year Player Draft will look different in 2021 as Major League Baseball seeks to improve the visibility and efficiency of the draft process. New dates and events leading up to the big day will potentially elevate the MLB Draft’s visibility as news-worthy programming. Mixed in with the recent news about the event, several mock drafts have started coming out and they can help us get a feel for the type of players that scouts and evaluators see the Yankees taking.

Traditionally occurring in early June, the MLB Draft is now set for July 11-13 in conjunction with the MLB All-Star break. One of the details that still needs to be finalized is the number of rounds. For many years, the draft has run 40 rounds, but that was shrunken down to just 5 rounds in 2020. Based on the agreement that MLB and the MLBPA have in place, the 2021 draft will be at least 20 rounds, though many people around the sport believe it will be restricted to the minimum 20. The Yankees will have the 20th overall pick in the draft this year, the highest they have selected since they took Clarke Schmidt 16th overall in 2017.

The later draft date will also facilitate new scouting opportunities for teams, as a pre-draft league and evaluation combine will take place in leadup to mid-July. Former Yankees minor league affiliate Trenton will be part of the league that will give prospects the chance to compete directly against each other heading into the draft.

Another change that was made official in the last week is that MLB will host an inaugural pre-draft combine. Teams will identify top high school and college baseball prospects for participation in the event that will be held at the USA Baseball National Training Complex in Cary, NC. This will be another opportunity for teams to evaluate talent in a common environment ahead of the draft.

With a 2020 college season that was cut short very early on and minimal summer ball taking place over the last year, there is an expectation that draft boards are going to dramatically change in the coming months. Division 1 college baseball is set to kick off around February 19th, while some junior colleges are kicking into action in the coming days. There is an expectation that teams will be focusing heavily on many of the big schools, as those are the deepest collections of talent, and scouts will want to see as many draft prospects as possible with the thought of large-scale schedule delays possible due to COVID. With an understanding that things will change, there are some mock drafts coming out that can give us an early look at players who could be available to the Yankees.

Baseball America’s Mock Draft 1.0 has the Yankees taking University of Georgia right handed pitcher Jonathan Cannon. The six foot, six inch right hander is a draft-eligible sophomore and has a ton of upside, but has limited experience heading into the season after the abbreviated 2020. He worked only five times out of the Georgia bullpen before the season was shut down, and he is expected to take on a bigger role after the Bulldogs lost their top two starters from last season in the draft.

Cannon’s delivery is described as “silky smooth” with a fastball in the mid-90’s. In the recent past, the Yankees have the baseball powerhouse Southeastern Conference, grabbing pitchers Schmidt, Jordan Montgomery, Trevor Stephan, and TJ Sikkema early in the draft. With many of the Yankees’ best pitching prospects heading towards the top levels of the minors, they could aggressively target pitching in this upcoming draft.

Prospects Live has two mock drafts out already. In their Mock Draft 1.0, they have the Yankees taking high school catcher Ian Moller. That would make four catchers selected in the first two rounds over the last four Yankees drafts. Moller would have leverage, as he is a Louisiana State commit and could easily head to college to play for one of the best programs in the country.

Moller impressed scouts this summer with his hitting on the showcase circuit, but it is his defense that separates him from the pack. Behind the plate, he shows good athletic ability, allowing him to block balls and get off a quick release that showcases an above-average throwing arm. The Yankees currently have 4 young catching prospects among their top-30 prospects, so it is hard to see how another catcher fits the Yankees system unless he is significantly more talented than the other players available.

In the Prospects Live Mock Draft 2.0, the group has the Yankees taking corner outfielder Ethan Wilson from the University of South Alabama. He was the Sun Belt Conference player of the year as a freshman in 2019, slashing .345/.453/.686 with 17 homers in 265 plate appearances. Wilson was not the same impact bat through 18 games in 2020 but scouts think the bat is legitimate.

There is not a consensus on Wilson’s defensive ability. There are scouting reports that say he has deceptive speed and can play centerfield. Other reports have him pegged as a corner outfielder with only average speed. Prospects Live compares his left-handed bat to Austin Wells, who the Yankees selected in the first round of the 2020 draft. The Yankees have invested heavily in left-handed bats over the last few drafts selecting Wells, Trevor Hauver, Josh Smith, and Jake Sanford inside of the first three rounds since 2018.

There’s little doubt that the first-year amateur draft will be different in 2021, and the early mock drafts are merely a rough estimate of some players who the Yankees might consider in the mid-July draft. With new evaluation events leading up to the draft, there is going to be a lot of movement on the draft prospect ranking boards. Time will tell how it all shakes out for the Yankees.

9 months ago  ::  Feb 01, 2021 - 8:58PM #50
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