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This Week in Yankees History January 24th-30th
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This Week in Yankees History January 24th-January 30th Part One

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January 24th

1885- Former Yankees 2B Earl Gardner (1908-1912) was born. (1885-1943)

On September 1,1908, 2B Earl Gardner was drafted by the Yankees from Hartford (Connecticut State League) in the 1908 MLB Rule 5 Player Draft. Earl played 5 seasons for the Yankees, while hitting .263 with 1 HR and 108 RBIs in 273 games. His best Yankees season was in 1911, when Earl played in 102 games for the team, while hitting .263 with No HRs and 39 RBIs. During the 1912 AL season, he was sent down to the AA Toledo Mud Hens (AA). He never played in the MLB again. He finished his pro baseball career playing in the high Minor Leagues (1912-1917).

1939- Eddie Collins, Willie Keeler and George Sisler are elected to the Hall of Fame by the BWAA. George Sisler set an MLB season-record with 257 hits in 1920. He batted .420 in 1922 on his way to a .340 MLB career average. Eddie Collins batted an even .333 for his MLB player career and stole 744 bases as a member of 4 World Series teams. The Yankees OF Willie Keeler, who "hit 'em where they ain't." He batted an MLB career .341 with 2,932 MLB career hits. With the 1903-1909 Yankees, Keeler had appeared in 873 games, while hitting .294 with 10 HRs and 206 RBIs.

1952- Former Yankees Reserve INF and MLB Scout Angel Aragon (1914,1916,1917) passed away. (1890-1952)

Angel Aragon was the Father of  Giants Catcher and Minor League Manager Jack Aragon. Angel was one of the earliest MLB players to be born in Cuba. He was born in Havana, Cuba. One source opines that he may have been the 1st Hispanic player on the Yankees. He played as a Reserve INF/OF for the 1914,1916-1917 Yankees appearing in only 32 games, while hitting just .118. In 1915, he played with the Long Branch Cubans. Angel was playing for the AA Toledo Iron Men (AA) during the 1917-1918 baseball seasons. In later life, he was an MLB Scout for the Yankees. 

1953- Former Yankees Reliever Tim Stoddard (1986-1988) was born.

On July 9,1986, Veteran MLB Reliever Tim Stoddard came to the Yankees for Starter Ed Whitson in a mid-season trade made with the Padres. He posted a 10-6 record with 4.39 ERA and 11 saves in 109 games, while working out of the 1986-1988 Yankees Bullpen as a middle-Reliever for the team.

1955- Former Yankees C/1B Monte Beville (1903-1904) passed away. (1875-1955)

Catcher/1B Monte Beville played for the 1903-1904 Yankees, while appearing in 91 games, hitting just .200. On July 25,1904, Monte was sold by the Yankees to the Tigers, who needed a Reserve Catcher. He would hit .207 in 54 games with the Tigers, finishing his MLB playing career.

1958- Former Yankees Pitcher and MLB Bullpen Coach Neil Allen (1985,1987-1988) was born.

In 1976, Neil Allen was originally signed by the Mets, who after 3 seasons with the team traded him to the Cardinals for 1B Keith Hernandez. On July 16,1985, Neil was purchased by the Yankees from the Cardinals. On February 13,1986, Neil was traded by the Yankees along with Minor League OF Glen Braxton, C Scott Bradley and Cash to the White Sox for Minor League Players: C Chris Alvarez, P Eric Schmidt, OF Matt Winters and MLB C Ron Hassey. Neil Allen went 6-4 with a 3.62 ERA and 1 save in 66 games in 2 tours with the Yankees. He pitched for the Mets, Cardinals, Yankees (twice) and the White Sox, finished up his MLB Pitching career with the 1989 Indians. Since retiring as an active player in 1989, Allen has spent over a decade as a Minor League Pitching/Bullpen Coach. He worked in the Blue Jays system from 1996-1999 and in the Yankees chain from 2000 to 2006. Also, Allen was the 2005 Yankees' MLB Bullpen Coach. After working with Minor League affiliates of the Tampa Bay from 2007-2014. Allen returned to the MLB in 2015 as Pitching Coach of the Twins.

1960- Former Yankees Pitcher Russell “Russ” Ford (1910-1913) passed away. (1883-1960)

Before the start of the 1909 AL season, Russ Ford was drafted by the Yankees from the Class A Atlanta Crackers (Southern Association). Russ posted a 74-56 record with a 2.54 ERA and 2 saves in 143 games for the Yankees. He had 100 complete games as a Yankees hurler. Ford’s best Yankees season was in 1910, when he posted a 26-6 record with a 1.65 ERA in 36 games. In 1911, he had a 22-11 record with a 2.27 ERA in 37 games for the Yankees. On January 20,1914, Russ Ford jumped from the Yankees to the Buffalo Buffeds (Federal League) over a salary cut dispute. With Buffalo, Ford went 26-15 with a 2.74 ERA and  6 saves in 56 games. When the Federal League banned the “emery ball” in 1915, Ford lost his most effective pitch and hurt his pitching arm. He went 5-9 for Buffalo, being released by the team in August of 1915. Russ Ford had dominated the AL for a few seasons thanks to his devastating “emery ball”. The emery ball was a nominally illegal pitch that involved doctoring the baseball by scuffing it with emery paper. Ford disguised his illegal modification by claiming to throw a spitball, though he came clean about his technique after retiring as an active player in 1936. Other MLB Pitchers apparently figured out that he was getting away with scuffing; they copied both his approach and the dodge of claiming that their pitches were spitballs. He is the brother of former MLB P Gene Ford. Russ Ford is a member of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.

1969- Former Yankees Pitcher Tom Zachary (1928-1930) passed away. (1896-1969)

On August 23,1928, veteran P Tom Zachary was selected off waivers by the Yankees from the Senators. While pitching for the 1927 Senators, Tom gave up 3 of Babe Ruth's 60 HRs during the 1927 AL season, including his 60th HR on September 30,1927. With the Senators, he had appeared in 2 World Series (1924-1925), while posting a 2-0 mark. Zachary holds the MLB record for most wins in an MLB season without a loss. With the 1929 Yankees, Tom went 12-0 with a 2.48 ERA and 2 saves in 26 games. He appeared in the 1928 World Series for the Yankees, posting a 1-0 mark with a complete game. His overall Yankees Pitching record was 16-4 with a 3.21 ERA and 3 saves in 36 games. On May 12,1930, Tom was selected off waivers by the Braves from the Yankees. Tom had pitched in MLB for 19 seasons (1918-1936) before retiring at the age of 40 in 1936, appearing with the Dodgers and the Phillies that season.

1980- The Yankees signed INF/OF Jim Nettles as an MLB Free Agent. He is the brother of Yankees 3B Graig Nettles. He will not appear at the MLB level with the Yankees. He will play the 1980 baseball season with the AAA Columbus Clippers (IL).

1982- Former Yankees Pitcher Ben Shields (1924-1925) passed away. (1903-1982)

Ben Shields appeared in 6 games for the 1924-1925 Yankees, while posting a 3-0 record with a 6.58 ERA. On February 6, 1926, Ben was placed on the voluntary retired list by the Yankees due to his medical problems. Once his health improved, he would return to the MLB with the 1930 Red Sox.

1991- The Yankees signed veteran MLB Free Agent OF/DH Pat Sheridan. The former Royals player will hit .204 with 4 HRs in 62 games for the 1991 Yankees. He failed to make the team during the 1992 MLB Spring Training Camp, he was released by the team.

1991- Former Yankees Minor League INF Tony Renda was born.

During the 2015 AL season, INF Tony Renda was acquired by the Yankees from the Nationals. He spent the rest of the 2015 season with AA Trenton Thunder (EL), while hitting .270. He never appears with the Yankees at the MLB level. In winter of 2015, Tony was traded by the Yankees to the Reds in the Aroidis Chapman deal.

2000- Top Yankees Minor League INF Prospect D'Angelo Jimenez suffers a broken neck, when a car he is driving in the Dominican Republic collides with a bus. Jimenez is not paralyzed, but he will miss the entire 2000 AL season. He was figured to be the Yankees new Reserve Infielder, taking over the role that Luis Sojo, now with the Pirates, filled during the 1999 AL season.

2006- It is announced that more than 1,000 items of Joe DiMaggio memorabilia, including his 1947 AL MVP Award plaque and a signed photo of Marilyn Monroe, will be auctioned in May

2006- Former Yankees Minor League INF/OF Carlos Martinez passed away. (1965-2006)

On November 17,1983, INF/OF Carlos Martinez was signed by the Yankees as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. He never played for the Yankees at the MLB level. On July 30,1986, Carlos was traded by the Yankees along with a Player to be Named Later and C/DH/1B Ron Hassey to the White Sox for OF/1B/DH Ron Kittle, Catcher Joel Skinner and INF Wayne Tolleson. The Yankees would send Minor League Catcher Bill Lindsey on December 24,1986 to the White Sox to complete the trade. On May 25,1993, Carlos Martinez hit the famous HR off the head of Rangers OF Jose Canseco.  In 2006, he died at the age of 41 from AIDS-related causes.

January 25th

1876- Former Yankees Pitcher Fred “Lucky” Glade (1908) was born. (1876-1934)

On November 5,1907, Veteran P Fred Glade was traded by the St. Louis Browns along with OF Charlie Hemphill and 2B Harry Niles to the Yankees for 2B Hobe Ferris, CF Danny Hoffman and INF Jimmy Williams. With the Browns, Fred had posted a 52-63 record with a 2.52 ERA and 2 saves in 126 games. After coming over from the Browns, veteran P Fred Glade went 0-4 with 4.22 ERA in 5 games for the Yankees before retiring from the MLB with a sore pitching arm.

1889- Former Yankees Catcher Les Nunamaker (1914-1917) was born. (1889-1938)

On May 13,1914, Catcher Les Nunamaker was purchased by the Yankees from the Red Sox for $5,000 Cash. He would be the Yankees back-up Catcher to Starting Catcher Jeff Sweeney. He appeared in 369 games for the Yankees, while hitting .262 with 2 HRS and 107 RBIs. On January 22,1918, Les was traded by the Yankees along with P Nick Cullop, INF Joe Gedeon, INF Fritz Maisel, P Urban Shocker and $15,000 Cash to the Browns for veteran MLB Starter Eddie Plank and 2B Del Pratt. 

1908- Former Yankees Pitcher Roy Sherid (1929-1931) was born. (1908-1982)

On September 12,1931, the Yankees sent Pitchers Lou McEvoy and Roy Sherid to the AA St. Paul Saints (AA) to complete an earlier deal made on June 27, 1931. On June 27, 1931, the Yankees sent Players to be Named Later and Cash and Players to be Named Later to the AA St. Paul Saints (AA) for P Johnny Murphy and INF Jack Saltzgaver. Pitcher Roy Sheridwas returned to original team on December 8,1931. Roy went 23-24 with a 4.87 ERA and 6 saves in 87 games for the Yankees. His best Yankee Pitching season was a 12-13 record with a 5.23 ERA in 37 games for the 1930 AL season. Roy was a Starter and Reliever for the team. He had pitched for the AA Montreal Royals (IL) in 1928 and 1931. He was in 3 games for the 1932 AA Newark Bears (IL), who won 109 games.

1918- Former Yankees Pitcher Steve Roser (1944-1946) was born. (1918-2002)

Before the start of the 1940 AL season, the Yankees signed P Steve Roser, as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. He spent through 1943 season in the Minors, plugging along with a good season coming in 1941 with the Class A Binghamton Triplets(EL), when the 2nd-year pitcher went 13-12 with a 2.51 ERA, while pitching 197 innings. He also fared well in 1943 with the AA Newark Bears (IL), when he went 12-10 with a 3.61 ERA, while pitching 162 innings. Steve's good work paid off, Steve made his MLB Pitching debut with the Yankees on May 5,1944; he pitched well and stayed with the team for the entire 1944 AL season. He built a 4-3 record with a 3.86 ERA, while appearing in 16 games and pitching 84 innings. In 1945, Roser was back with the Yankees, he appeared in 11 games, pitched 27 innings, but he had no decisions. After a bad start with the 1946 Yankees (1-1 with a 16.20 ERA in 4 appearances), he was sold to the Braves on May 3, 1941. Steve appeared in 14 games for the Braves, while posting a 1-1 record with a 3.60 ERA. This effort finished off Steve Roser’s MLB Pitching career with a 6-5 record with a 4.04 ERA in 45 appearances. His Yankees Pitching career totals were a 5-4 record with a 4.17 ERA and 1 save in 31 games.

1943- The Yankees sell future Hall of Fame Pitcher Lefty Gomez to the Braves. He had been plagued by arm injuries. During Lefty Gomez’s Yankee Pitching career (1930-1942), he won 189 games, while appearing in 367 games with a WP .649 and a 3.34 ERA. He had 26 shutouts with 173 complete games. He was the Starting pitcher for the 1st  2 AL All-Star teams. Lefty had a 6-0 record in 6 World Series for the Yankees. Gomez will never pitch in a game for Boston, who decided to release the veteran left-hander in May of 1943. He will eventually sign with the Senators in May of 1943, only appearing in 1 game, losing it before retiring from MLB.

1945- Former MLB Baseball Executive Larry MacPhail, Businessmen Dan Topping Sr. and Del Webb purchased the New York Yankees for $2.8 million from the heirs of former Team Owner Jacob Ruppert. The heirs group included the following people; Yankees President/GM  Edward Barrow received $300,000, 3 Ruppert heirs received $2.5 million, while George Ruppert retained 3.12% interest in the team until he died in November 1948. The new Team Owners announce that Edward Barrow will remain in place as General Manager, but a month later they will install Larry MacPhail as the Yankees new Team President with Farm System Director George Weiss being moved to the GM role, but MacPhail will run the show. The 77-yearold Barrow will become the Yankees Chairman of the Board and would retire in 1946. Edward Barrow had been the Yankees President and General Manager from 1939-1945, running the team for the Jacob Ruppert Estate. In 1920, he had joined the Yankees front office, after being with the Red Sox Front Office. Ed was the Red Sox Manager, when they won the 1918 World Championship. Also, he was the Red Sox Manager, who had switched Babe Ruth from a Pitcher to an Outfielder, to take advantage of his hitting ability. 

1947- The Yankees signed veteran 1B George McQuinn as an MLB Free Agent. He was a former Yankees Minor League player, who was traded because of the presence of 1B Lou Gehrig. He was traded to the St. Louis Browns in 1938. He would be the Browns starting 1B from 1938 to 1945. He would lead the AL 1B in fielding in 1939-1941 and 1944. He was an AL All-Star in 1944. He hit .435 for the Browns in the 1944 World Series against the Cardinals. George was traded by the Browns to the Philadelphia A’s for 1B Richard Siebert. He only hit .225 in 136 games for the 1946 A’s. At the end of the 1946 AL season, A’s Team Owner/Manager Connie Mack had released him, saying he was too old to be a regular player. Then the Yankees signed him with the promise from Yankees Manager Bucky Harris that the Yankees 1947 starting 1B job was his to win in their MLB Spring Training camp. George came back in 1947, hitting a .304 BA with 13 HRs and 80 RBIs in 144 games for the team. He would play his final MLB season in 1948, hitting .248 in 94 games retiring at the end of the season.

1956- Former Yankees Reliever Dale Mohorcic (1988-1989) was born.

On August 30,1988, MLB Reliever Dale Mohorcic was traded by the Rangers to the Yankees for veteran Reliever Cecilio Guante. Working out of the Yankees bullpen, Dale went 4-3 with a 4.37 ERA and 3 saves in 45 games. On November 8,1989, Dale was released by the Yankees. He would be signed by the Expos for the 1990 NL season.

1966- Yankees veteran AL All-Star Shortstop Tony Kubek announces his MLB player retirement due to a serious back problem. During a 9-year MLB playing career, Tony Kubek was named to 3 AL All-Star teams. He played on 7 Yankee pennant winners and 3 World Championship clubs. Overall, as a Yankees player, Tony appeared in 1,092 games, while hitting .266 with 57 HRs and 373 RBIs. In 6 World Series for the team, Kubek appeared in 37 games; while hitting .240 with 2 HRs and 10 HRs. He was the AL Rookie of Year in 1957, while hitting .297 with 3 HRs and 39 RBIs in 127 games. Tony will become a successful MLB Baseball Broadcaster, covering the Yankees and Blue Jays, as well doing Network Baseball Coverage.

1999- The Mets games for the coming 1999 NL season will broadcast by WPIX-TV, Channel 11, after being aired on WOR-TV, Channel 9, since the club’s inception in 1962. The Yankees games, which had been aired for nearly 50 years on WPIX-TV, will now be seen on Channel 5, a FOX-TV affiliate.

1999- MLB Free Agent OF/DH Tim Raines is signed by the A’s to a $600,000 contract. Raines had hit .290 with 5 HRs and 30 RBIs in 109 games for the 1998 World Champion Yankees. In 3 seasons with the Yankees, Tim had hit .299 with 18 HRs and 188 RBIs in 242 games.

2015- Former Yankees and MLB Pitcher Bill Monbouquette (1967-1968) passed away.  (1936-2015)

Bill Monbouquette was an MLB Pitcher for 11 seasons. Most of his MLB Pitching career was spent with the Red Sox, as he won 20 games for them in 1963. In 1961, he struck out 17 batters in a game, a Red Sox record that stood until Roger Clemens struck out 20 batters in a game in 1986, setting a new MLB Pitching record. On August 1,1962,  he pitched a 1-0, No-Hitter against the White Sox. His 96 wins for Boston are the 7th most in team’s Pitching history. Prior to breaking in with the Red Sox, he was on the AAA Minneapolis Millers (American Association); where Hitting Coach Jimmie Foxx befriended him. When Monbouquette made it to the Red Sox in 1958, it was the time of the veteran players like Ted Williams, Pete Runnels, Jim Piersall and Jackie Jensen played for Boston. The Red Sox were not contenders, while Monbouquette was in Boston, waiting until 1967 to go to the World Series. But by that time Bill was gone. He never pitched in the MLB Postseason. After the 1965 AL season, he was traded by the Red Sox to the Tigers. Bill was not a successful in 1966, going 7-8 with a 4.73 ERA in 30 games for the Tigers. After 2 appearances with no record with the 1967 Tigers, the team released him. He caught on with the 1967 Yankees; he pitched well for the team, posting a 6-5 record with a 2.36 ERA in 33 games. In 1968, Monbouquette struggled in 17 games with the Yankees, going 5-7. He was traded to the Giants for hurler NL veteran Lindy McDaniel. With the Giants, he had a 0-1 record with a 3.65 ERA in 7 games. It was the end of his fine MLB Pitching career. Bill finished his MLB Pitching career with a 114-112 record with 3.68 ERA in 343 games. After being a Minor League Coach in the Mets organization for 5 years, Bill became their MLB Pitching Coach for their 1982-1983 teams. Monbouquette returned to the Yankees Farm system, as a Minor League Pitching Coach with the 1986-1987 AA Albany-Colonie Yankees (EL). Then he moved to the Blue Jays organization, coaching with the 1989 Myrtle Beach Blue Jays, 1990-1994 Dunedin Blue Jays and the 1996 AAA Syracuse Chiefs (IL). He later was a Coach for the 2005-2006 Oneonta Tigers. In 2000, he was inducted into the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame. On July 27, 2006, he came out of retirement to join the Single A Lowell Spinners Coaching staff for 1 night and officially retired within the Red Sox organization. In 2015, Bill passed away in Boston at age 78, from complications from Leukemia.

January 26th

1927- Former MLB Player and Yankees MLB Scout Bob Nieman (1977-1984) was born. (1927-1985) 

Bob Nieman played 12 MLB seasons (1951-1962) as an Outfielder for the Browns, Tigers, White Sox, Orioles, Cardinals, Indians and the Giants. The Reds had originally signed him as an MLB Amateur Free Agent in 1948, but he never played for them at the MLB level. After retiring as an active player in 1962, he became an MLB Scout with the Indians, A’s and finally with the Yankees organization from 1977-1984.

1950- Former Yankees Minor League P Mike Pazik was born.

Mike Pazik was a 1st-round pick in the 1971 MLB Amateur Player Draft (secondary phase). He was in the Yankees Minor League system from 1971 through part of 1974 season. He went 13-8 for the 1973 AAA Syracuse Chiefs (IL). In 1974, he split the Minor League season between the AAA Syracuse Chiefs (Yankees, IL) and AAA Tacoma (Twins, PCL); he went 13-8 again. Mike never appeared with the Yankees at the MLB level. On May 4,1974, he was traded by the Yankees along with Cash to the Twins for veteran P Richard Woodson.

1950- Former Yankees Reserve Catcher (1924), Minor League Manager and MLB player Chick Autry passed away.  (1903-1950)

Chick Autry was Reserve Catcher in MLB. He appeared in 2 games for the 1924 Yankees with no hits. Also, he played in the MLB for the Indians and White Sox. After retiring from MLB as an active player, he managed in the Minor Leagues for the Pirates and the Yankees Organizations. His last Minor League Manager job was with the Yankees organization. He was the Manager for the Class A Beaumont Exporters (Texas League) for the 1948-1949 seasons.

1952- Because of poor attendance, the Canadian-American League suspends operations for this season. The Yankees lose their Amsterdam Rugmakers team (1938-1942,1946-1951). This is 1 of 7 Minor Leagues that will not operate this season, dropping the total from 50 to 43. The Korean War military obligation is the primary reason stated for suspended leagues operation.

1955- Former Yankees Reserve INF Brian Doyle (1978-1980) was born.

On February 17,1977, INF Brian Doyle was traded by the Rangers along with INF Greg Pryor and Cash to the Yankees for veteran MLB INF Sandy Alomar Sr. Brian had a very busy 1978 season, being sent from the Yankees to AAA Tacoma Yankees (PCL) 5 times. In 1978 MLB Post Season, Brian filled in at 2B for the injured Willie Randolph. In the 1978 ALCS, Brian hit .286 in 3 games. In the 1978 World Series against the Dodgers, Brian hit .438 drove in 4 runs in 6 games for the team. With the return of a healthy Willie Randolph at 2B, Brian spent the next 2 seasons shuttling between the Yankees and the AAA Columbus Clippers (IL). On December 8,1980, Brian was drafted by the A’s from the Yankees in the 1980 MLB Rule 5 Player Draft.  Also, Brian had 2 Brothers that played pro baseball, Denny with Red Sox and his twin Brother Blake, who played in the Orioles organization. They had operated a baseball school in Florida.

1958- Former Yankees Reserve OF Mike Patterson (1981-1982) was born.

On May 20,1981, OF Mike Patterson was traded by the A’s along with Minor League P Chuck Dougherty and 1B Dave Revering to the Yankees for veteran 1B/DH Jim Spencer and P Tom Underwood. Mike appeared in 15 games for the Yankees, while hitting .200.

1962- Yankees AL All-Star Outfielder’s Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle sign acting contracts with Columbia Pictures to appear in “Safe at Home!” a movie that is to be shot during the 1962 New York Yankees MLB Spring Training Camp at their new spring home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The movie will star Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle as themselves and feature cameo appearances by Yankee Players Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra and Yankees Manager Ralph Houk.

 1962- Former Yankees Reserve Catcher (1925) and MLB Manager Steve O’Neill passed away. (1881-1962)

On December 15,1924, Catcher Steve O’Neill was selected off waivers for $4,000 by the Yankees from the Red Sox. Steve appeared in 35 games for the 1925 Yankees, while hitting .286 with 1 HR and 13 RBIs. After the 1925 AL season had ended, the Yankees sent Steve to AA Reading (IL.) O’Neil would later manage in the MLB with the Indians, Tigers, Red Sox and the Phillies. In 1947, he was named as part of the inaugural class of the International League Hall of Fame. In addition, he was an MLB Coach and Scout before retiring from the game.

1968- Former Yankees Reserve Catcher Eddie Phillips (1932) passed away. (1901-1968)

Eddie Phillips played 6 seasons in the MLB for 6 different teams (Braves, Pirates, Tigers, Senators, Yankees and the Indians), all of them as a Catcher. On January 29,1932, Eddie Collins traded by the Pirates along with P Bob Osborn to AA Kansas City Blues (American Association) for Pitcher Bill Swift. The 1932 Yankees used him as Reserve Catcher for 9 games. Eddie hit .290 with 2 HRs with 4 RBIs for the Bronx Bombers. Also, he appeared in 35 games with the 1932 AA Newark Bears (IL), who won 109 games that season. Later, he managed the 1939 Wilkes-Barre Barons (Indians), 1940-1941 Richmond Colts (Giants) and Greenville in 1942. 

1987- Former Yankees Pitcher Hector Noesi (2011) was born.

Hector Noesi signed with the Yankees, a month before he turned 18. He made his pro debut with the DSL Yankees, going 5-3 with a 1.60 ERA. Hector fanned 11 batters in 7 innings for the 2006 GCL Yankees with 1 run allowed, but he missed much of the season with a right shoulder strain injury. The right-hander did not pitch much in 2007 either. He missed the 1st 50 days for violating the Minor League Steroid and Drug program. He was 1-1 with a 4.50 ERA for the Charleston RiverDogs (SAL), then ended his season on June 23rd due to another shoulder strain. On a rehab assignment, he began 2008 with the GCL Yankees; he was 2-1 with a 3.65 ERA in 9 games before being promoted to the Class A Staten Island Yankees (NYPENNL), where he had a 1-1 record, 3.00 ERA and 31 K’s in 24 innings. The Dominican hurler kicked off 2009 baseball season on a spectacular note with Charleston, not allowing a run for 27 1/3 innings during which he whiffed 35 batters and walked just 3. Noesi was 3-4 with a 2.38 ERA for Charleston before being promoted to the Class A Tampa Yankees (FSL), where he had a 3-0 record with a 3.92 ERA. Overall, he struck out 118 batters in 117 innings and allowed a .220 average with 15 walks. He tied Zach McAllister for the lowest average allowed by a Yankees Minor League Pitcher. In the 2009 Postseason, he allowed 4 runs in 7 innings and picked up a win as Tampa Yankees won the FSL pennant. Hector missed time for a 4th straight season due to injury, sidelined for several weeks in late summer with Tendonitis. Noesi opened 2010 season with Tampa, going 5-2 with a 2.72 ERA with 53 strikeouts to 6 walks in 43 innings. He was promoted to the AA Trenton Thunder (EL); he began 4-1 with a 2.20 ERA. He made the 2010 MLB Futures Game team. In 2011, Hector appeared 5 games for the Yankees, while posting a 2-2 record. On January 13, 2012, he was traded along with C/DH Jesus Montero to the Mariners for Starter Michael Pineda and Minor League P Jose Campos. The Mariners sent him to the Rangers in 2014, who later released him. He later pitched for the 2015 White Sox, before being granted MLB Free Agency. He was pitching for Kia (Korean Baseball Organization), finishing the 2016 KBO season with a 14-5 record and a 3.51 ERA. In 2017, he went 20-5 with a 3.48 ERA in 30 games for Kia. In January of 2019, he signed a Minor League contract with the Marlins with a chance to go to their 2019 MLB Spring Training Camp. He would make the team. He is currently now an MLB Free Agent.

 1989- The Yankees signed MLB Free Agent P Chuck Cary (1989-1991). He would go 11-22 with a 4.19 ERA in 60 games for the Yankees before being released by the team in October of 1993.

1989- Former Yankees Pitcher Branden Pinder (2015-2016) was born.

On June 7, 2011, P Branden Pinder was selected by the Yankees in the 16th round of the 2011 MLB Amateur Player Draft. He appeared in 26 games for the 2015-2016 Yankees, while posting a 0-2 record with a 3.45 ERA. In November of 2016, he was out-righted to AAA Scranton (IL). On July 27, 2017, he was released by the Yankees. He would be signed by the Angels as an MLB Free Agent, who would release him at the end of the 2017 AL season. He pitched in the Independent Atlantic League with the 2018 Long Island Ducks, before ending his pro baseball career. 

1995- Former Yankees Reserve OF Richard “Tut” Tettelbach (1955) passed away. (1929-1995) 

Richard Tettelbach, who played college baseball at Yale University with George H.W. Bush. Tettelbach attended Yale University from 1948-1950. He played in the AL during 1955-1957 seasons. Also, he had a 6-year Minor League career, while hitting .302.  Before the start of the 1951 AL season, Richard Tettelbach was signed as by the Yankees as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. He was a star player with Norfolk Tars in 1952, a team that went 96-36; Tettelbach led the Piedmont League with 30 stolen bases, while hitting .317 good for 3rd in the league. In 1955, he played for the Yankees top AAA team, the Denver Bears (American Association). In September of 1955, Richard made his MLB Player debut with the Yankees appearing in 2 games with no hits. On February 8,1956, Richard was traded by the Yankees along with a Player to be Named Later, C Lou Berberet, INF Herb Plews and P Bob Wiesler to the Senators for INF Bobby Kline and P Mickey McDermott. The Yankees would later send Minor League OF Whitey Herzog on April 2,1956 to the Senators to complete the trade. Most of his MLB at-bats came with the 1956 Senators. He played LF, a position where Roy Sievers was the Senators regular from 1954-1959. 

1998- The Yankees signed veteran MLB Free Agent P Doug Linton. The Yankees would release Doug during their 1998 MLB Spring Training Camp.

1999- The Yankees make 2 roster moves: they released Reserve Catcher Alberto Castillo and signed MLB Free Agent hurler Jason Grimsley. For the 1999-2000 Yankees, Jason Grimsley will post a 10-4 record with a 4.41 ERA and 2 saves in 118 games. In 1999, he will go 7-2 with a 3.60 ERA with 1 save in 55 games for the team. He was granted MLB Free Agency by the team in the fall of 2000. He would be signed by the Royals for the 2001 AL season.

2000- The Yankees signed MLB Free Agent veteran OF Roberto Kelly. He will only appear in 10 games as Reserve Outfielder with the 2000 Yankees, while hitting only .120. He had originally started his MLB Playing career with the 1987 Yankees, before being traded to the Reds for OF Paul O’Neill on November 3,1992. He had been an AL All-Star Outfielder for the Yankees. He had refused to moved from CF to give Yankees Rookie OF Bernie Williams a chance to play, so the Yankees Front Office traded him to the Reds for OF Paul O’Neill.

2002- Former Yankees Minor League P and Manager (1958) Ray Yochim passed away. (1922-2002)

Ray Yochim was in his last season as a Minor League Pitcher, when he took over the Manager’s job with the Yankees AA New Orleans Pelicans team from Charlie Silvera (46-80). Ray went 11-14 to finish out the 1958 Southern Association season. As a Pitcher, he went 2-0 in 7 games for the Pelicans. He had been an MLB Pitcher for the Cardinals during the 1948-1949 NL seasons appearing in only 3 games with no pitching record. He spent the rest of his baseball career in the Minor Leagues. He ended his Minor League Pitching career with an 80-97 record in 282 games

2007- The Yankees signed veteran MLB Free Agent Reserve INF Miguel Cairo. He will appear in 54 games, while hitting .254 for the Yankees before being released by the team on August 15, 2007. He will be picked up by the Cardinals, finishing out the 2007 NL season with them.

- Desperate for pitching, the Yankees sign MLB Veteran Starter Bartolo Colon, who did not pitch in the MLBs last year, to a Minor League contract. He will be given a chance to make the team out of their MLB Spring Training Camp, after playing well in the Dominican League this winter. Yankees Bench Coach Tony Pena recommended him to the team’s front office. Colon will post an 8-10 record in 29 games for the 2011 Yankees. The team granted him MLB Free Agency; he will pitch for 2012 A’s.

2012- Former Yankees Minor League INF George Spears passed away. (1918-2012)

Infielder George Spears played for the Yankees 1951 Norfolk Tars (Piedmont League) and then for the 1952 AA Binghamton Triplets (EL) teams before leaving the Yankees organization. Later, he became a Minor League Manager for 2 seasons, before retiring from baseball in 1954.

January 27th

1888- Former Yankees Reserve OF Alan Wickland (1919) was born. (1888-1980)

On June 10,1919, veteran OF Alan Wickland was traded by the AA St. Paul Saints (AA) to the Yankees for Players to be Named Later. Alan Wickland hit only .152 in 26 games as a Reserve OF for the 1919 Yankees. Al had previously played in the MLB for the 1913 Reds,1914-1915 Chicago Feds/Whales and the Pittsburgh Rebels (Federal League Teams) and the 1918 Braves before finishing out his pro baseball career with the 1919 Yankees.

1896- Former Yankees Pitcher Milton Gaston (1924) was born. (1896-1996)

 Milt Gaston was a World War I war veteran, who had served in the Navy. For several years, Gaston had pitched in semipro baseball for the highly-regarded Paterson (NJ) Silk Sox.  On November 1,1923, he signed with the Yankees, who had won the AL Pennant 3-years running and their 1st World Championship in 1923. Yankees MLB Scout Paul Krichell called Gaston a “real speedster” who had been invited to MLB Spring Training Camp with the Yankees.  Having a Major Leaguer for an older Brother, Milt reportedly followed Alex’s advice (Alex was with the Giants at the time) and asked for and received a $5,000 signing bonus on top of his $5,000 contract with the Yankees. He was used as a Reliever by the team. Milt went 5-3 with 4.50 ERA in 29 games for the 1924 Yankees. On December 17,1924, Milt was traded by the Yankees along with Pitchers Bullet Joe Bush and Joe Giard to the  St. Louis Browns for veteran Starter Urban Shocker. His older Brother Alex Gaston was an MLB Catcher with the Red Sox and Giants (1920-1929).

1901- Former Yankees Pitcher Fred “Lefty” Heimach (1928-1929) was born. (1901-1973)

On August 6,1928, former MLB Pitcher Fred Heimach was traded by AA St. Paul Saints (AA) to the Yankees for $20,000 Cash and a Player to be Named Later. Fred went 13-9 with a 3.77 ERA with 4 saves in 48 games with the Yankees. On March 25,1930, he was purchased by the AA Toledo Mud Hens (AA) from the Yankees. On July 19,1930, he was traded by the Mud Hens to the Brooklyn Robins (aka Dodgers) for Minor League P Jim Richardson and Cash; where he would finish his MLB Pitching career in 1933. Heimach had previously pitched in the MLB for the A’s, Red Sox and the Yankees (1920-1933).He finished his MLB Pitching Career posting a 62-69 record with a 4.46 ERA with 9 saves in 296 games

1921- The Yankees obtained Shortstop John Mitchel from the AA Vernon (PCL) for Pitchers Ernie Shore, Bob McGraw and Catcher James “Tuck” Hannah. John hit .262 in 17 games for the Yankees before being traded to the Red Sox in the Joe Dugan deal in July of 1922.

1929- Former Yankees Minor League INF Bobby Kline was born. 

On February 8,1956, INF Bobby Kline was traded by the Senators along with P Mickey McDermott to the Yankees for a Player to be Named Later, Catcher Lou Berberet, INF Herb Plews, OF Richard Tettelbach and P Bob Wiesler. The Yankees would later send AAA Minor League OF Whitey Herzog on April 2,1956 to the Senators to complete the trade. Kline never appears with the Yankees at the MLB level. He was assigned by the Yankees to their AAA club, the Denver Bears (AA). He will play in the Yankees Minor League system until 1958.

1968- The Yankees drafted John Andrews in the 5th round of the 1968 MLB Amateur Player Draft, but they did not sign the player.

1978- Former Yankees All-Star Pitcher Monte Pearson (1938-1940) passed away. (1908-1978)

In 1935, Starter Monte Pearson was acquired along with P Steve “Smokey” Sundra by the Yankees in a trade that sent veteran Starter Johnny Allen to the Indians. He pitched for the 1936-1940 Yankees. His best Yankees season was in 1936, when he went 19-7 with 3.71 ERA with 10 complete games in 33 games. He made the 1936 AL All-Star team. In 1938, Monte Pearson threw the 1st no-hitter at Yankee Stadium against his former teammates the Indians. He appeared in the 1936-1939 World Series with the Yankees going 4-0 with a 1.01 ERA in 4 games. During the 1940 AL season, he had shoulder problems with his throwing arm, he only appeared in 16 games for the team, while posting a 7-5 record with a 3.69 ERA and 2 saves in 21 games. On December 30,1940, Monte traded by the Yankees to the Reds for Minor League INF/OF Don Lang and $20,000 Cash. Overall, as a Yankees Pitcher, he posted a 63-27 record with a 3.82 ERA in 121 games. His arm problems continued in 1941, as he posted a 1-3 record with a 5.18 ERA in just 7 games for the Reds, who would release him ending his 10-season MLB Pitching career. Monte finished with an overall MLB Pitching record of 100-61 with a 4.00 ERA and 10 saves in 224 games with the Indians, Yankees and the Reds. 

1978- Former Yankees MLB Reserve INF Angel Berroa (2009) was born.

On January 6, 2009, the Yankees signed MLB veteran INF Angel Berroa as an MLB Free Agent. Angel appeared in 21 games as a Reserve INF for the team, hitting just .136. On July 7, 2009, Angel was released by the Yankees. He would finish the 2009 MLB season with the Mets.

1983- Former Yankees Pitcher Mike Zagurski (2013) was born.

Reliever Mike Zagurski appeared in 1 game for the 2013 Yankees with no record, before being granted MLB Free Agency by the team.

1991- Former Yankees Veteran Reserve 1B and MLB Coach Dale Long (1960,1962-1963) passed away. (1926-1991) 

On December 5,1949, 1B Dale Long was drafted by the Yankees from the Tigers organization in the 1949 MLB Minor League Player Draft. Dale will not appear with the Yankees at the MLB level. On November 16,1950, Dale was drafted by the Pirates from the Yankees Organization in the 1950 MLB Rule 5 Player Draft. In 1956, Dale was a NL All-Star 1B with the Cubs, during that season Don set an MLB record of hitting 7 HRs in 7 straight games. During the 1958 NL season with the Pirates, he caught 2 games as a left-handed Catcher. In August of 1960, the Yankees obtained Long from the Giants. He hit .366 with 3 HRs and 10 RBIs in 26 games for the 1960 Yankees. He was lost in the 1960 AL Expansion Team Player Draft to the “new” Washington Senators. On July 11,1962, Dale was re-obtained from the Senators by the Yankees for Minor League OF Don Lock, who was playing for AAA Richmond (IL). He had hit .298 with 4 HRs and 17 RBIs in 41 games for the 1962 Yankees. The Yankees released Dale Long during the 1963 AL season; he was only hitting .200, while appearing in only 14 games. He became a Yankees MLB Coach. He appeared in 2 World Series with the Yankees (1960 and 1962); while hitting .250 in 5 games.

2003- Former Yankees Pitcher Robert “Bob” Kammeyer (1978-1979) passed away. (1950-2003)

The Yankees in the 21st round of the 1972 MLB Amateur Player Draft selected P Robert “Bob” Kammeyer. He was a graduate of Stanford University. Bob went 0-0 in 8 games for the Yankees during the 1978-1979 AL seasons. In 1978, he went 12-2 for the AAA Tacoma Yankees (PCL). The following season at AAA Columbus Clippers (IL), Bob posted a 16-8 record. In 1980, Bob was named International League Pitcher of the Year; while pitching with the AAA Columbus Clippers posting a 15-7 record with 2.91 ERA with 13 complete games. Despite posting a 63-35 mark at AAA level for the Yankees for 3 seasons, Bob didn’t get a real chance to break into the Yankees starting rotation, as the team preferred to use MLB veteran starters over the young pitchers in the Yankees Minor League organization. He retired from baseball. Kammeyer died of a Pulmonary Embolism on January 27, 2003. He was only 52 years-old.

2003- The Yankees signed veteran MLB Free Agent Reliever Juan Acevedo. He will go 0-3 with a 7.71 ERA and 6 saves in 25 games working out of the 2003 Yankees bullpen, before the team released him in August of 2003. He will finish the 2003 MLB season with the Blue Jays.

2002- The Yankees signed veteran MLB Free Agent INF Ron Coomer. He would appear in 55 games as a Reserve INF, while hitting .264 with 3 HRs and 17 RBIs for the 2002 Yankees, before leaving the team for MLB Free Agency. He would be signed by the Dodgers.

2004- The Yankees signed 2 veteran MLB Free Agents OF/DH Darren Bragg and OF Tyler Houston. They will not play for the Yankees at the MLB level during the 2004 season, instead spending the season with the AAA Columbus Clippers (IL).

2010- The Yankees signed veteran MLB Free Agent OF Randy Winn to a 1-year deal to be their LF this season. This move comes, as the 2009 Yankees OF Starter MLB Free Agent Johnny Damon is still unsigned. However, Yankees GM Brian Cashman states that the team has now reached its 2010 payroll limit and that Damon is simply too expensive and he wants a long-term contract. He will sign with the Tigers for the 2010 AL season. Randy Winn will appear in 29 games for the team, hitting just .213 before being released by the team. He will finish the 2010 MLB season playing for the Cardinals

January 28th

1884- Former Yankees Pitcher Tom “Salida Tom” Hughes (1906-1907,1909-1910) was born. (1894-1961) 

During the month of August of 1905, Pitcher Tom “Salida Tom” Hughes was drafted by the Yankees from the Topeka White Sox (Western Association) in the 1905 MLB Rule 5 Player Draft. Tom posted a 17-17 record with a 3.14 ERA and 3 saves in 54 games with the Yankees. He was the 2nd Yankees Pitcher named Tom Hughes, who’s nicknamed was “Long Tom.” He would return to the Minor Leagues in 1911, pitching for the AA Rochester Bronchos (EL) until 1913. Tom returned to the MLB in 1914, pitching for the Braves until 1918, posting a 39-22 record with a 2.22 ERA in 106 games. He didn’t appear in the 1914 World Series with the Braves. He finished with an overall MLB Pitching record of 56-39 with a 2.56 ERA and 9 saves in 160 games.

1893- Former Yankees Pitcher Guy “Rebel” Cooper (1913-1914) was born. (1893-1961)

On August 11,1913,  P Guy Cooper was purchased by the Yankees from Class C Petersburg Goobers (Virginia League) for $1,500. He appeared in only 1 game for the Yankees with no record. On May 27,1914, Guy Cooper was purchased by the Red Sox from the Yankees for Cash. 

1906- Former Yankees INF Lyn “Broadway” Lary (1929-1934) was born. (1906-1973)

 On August 12, 1928, INF Lyn “Broadway” Lary was purchased along with OF Jimmie Reese by the Yankees for $150,000 Cash from the AA Oakland Oaks (PCL). He had 3 good seasons with the team, as Yankees starting Shortstop before slipping during the 1932 AL season, hitting only .232 in 91 games, becoming a Reserve Infielder, as Frank Crosetti took over as the Yankees starting Shortstop. Overall, as a Yankees player, he hit .274 with 21 HRs and 237 RBIs in 496 games.  He didn’t appear in any World Series games, while playing for the Yankees. On May 15,1934, he would be sent to the Red Sox for INF Fred Mueller and $20,000 Cash. Mueller was sent to the Yankees AA farm club, the Newark Bears (IL). Lyn would become the Red Sox starting Shortstop. Lary would play in the MLB for the Yankees, Red Sox, Senators, Indians, Dodgers and the Browns (twice) from 1929-1940. He appeared in 1,302 games, while hitting .269 with 38 HRs and 526 RBIs.

1916- Former Yankees Pitcher Bob Muncrief (1951) was born. (1916-1996)

On November 16,1950, veteran Pitcher Bob Muncrief was drafted by the Yankees from the Cubs organization in the 1950 MLB Rule 5 Player Draft. Bob had spent the 1950 season with the Cubs AA team, LA Angels (PCL), while posting a 15-17 record with a 3.84 ERA in 43 games. He spent part of the 1951 season with the Yankees AA Kansas City Blues (AA), posting an 5-6 record with a 3.04 ERA in 41 games. He went 0-0 in 2 games with the 1951 Yankees. He was originally signed by the Cardinals in 1934, but he was traded to the St. Louis Browns in 1935. He was a member of the 1944 Browns and the 1948 Indians, appearing in 2 World Series as batter, but not as a Pitcher. He was a member of the 1944 AL All-Star team as a member of the Browns. Bob pitched for the 1952-1954 AAA San Francisco Seals (PCL). He appeared in 1 game with 1955 Giants AA team, the Dallas Eagles (TL) before retiring from the game. Bob pitched in MLB for 12 seasons finishing with an 80-82 record with a 3.80 ERA in 288 games with the Browns, Indians, Pirates and the Cubs before finishing out with the 1951 Yankees.

1934- Former MLB Player and Executive, Yankees Broadcaster Bill White (1971-1988) was born.

First baseman Bill White was a 7-time Gold Glove winner and a 5-time All-Star during a 13-season MLB playing career. He wanted to become a doctor until he was offered a contract by Giants Scout Tony Ravish following a tryout. He made his pro debut in the Carolina League in 1953 with the Danville Leafs and was the only African-American player on the club. With the 1954 Sioux City Soos (Western League), he hit .319 while pacing the circuit with 30 HRs. After spending 1955 with the Dallas Eagles (Texas League), he began the next season with the AAA Minneapolis Millers (AA) before being promoted to the MLB in May. 

On May 7th, 1956, White made his MLB player debut, starting at 1B against the Cardinals. He homered off of P Ben Flowers in his 1st MLB at-bat, and from that day on, he started at 1B for every remaining game of the season (replacing Gail Harris). Despite playing in just 138 big league games that year, he led NL 1B in putouts and assists, while also clubbing 22 HRs. White missed the 1957 NL season while serving in the Army, and when he returned in the middle of the 1958 campaign, the club had moved to San Francisco, Rookie Orlando Cepeda had replaced him as the team's starter at 1B. Prior to the next season, he was dealt to the Cardinals. With Stan Musial playing 1B for the Cards, White was moved to LF, when he joined them in 1959. He responded by hitting .302 in his 1st year in St. Louis and making his 1st MLB All-Star team. In 1960, Musial was moved to left, and White was installed at 1st base for a 6-year run, each season of which he won a NL Gold Glove Award. He was also an All-Star 4 more times for the Cardinals. Bill was 3rd in the 1964 NL MVP vote, which was won by his Cards teammate 3B Ken Boyer. On April 12,1960, in the inaugural game played at Candlestick Park, White, batting 3rd for the Cardinals in the top of the 1st inning, recorded the 1st base hit in that ballpark. He hit a single to right field off of Giants Starter Sam Jones. White and Jones had been traded for each other 1 year earlier. On July 12-15, 1961 he tied a MLB record set by Buck Jordan in 1934; when he collected 14 hits in a 4-game series against the Cubs; the record was broken by Charlie Blackmon of the 2019 Rockies. Following the 1965 NL season, White was traded to the Phillies. In his 1st year with the club in 1966, he hit 22 HRs, the 7th time in his career he hit at least 20, and drove in over 100 runs for the 4th time. Prior to the 1969 NL season, he was dealt back to the Cardinals, and he finished his playing career with one more season there. Bill finished his MLB playing career with a .286 BA, while hitting 202 HRs and 870 RBIs in 1,673 games. After his playing days ended, White was a New York Yankees Broadcaster from 1971 to 1988, teaming with Phil Rizzuto. In 1989, Bill White was named President of the National League, when Bart Giamatti vacated the position to move up to become Commissioner of Baseball, and he became the highest-ranking African-American ever in professional sports. During his 5-year tenure as NL President, he presided over the expansion of the NL in 1993.

1959- Former Yankees Pitcher Walter Beall (1924-1927) passed away. (1899-1959)

On June 24,1924P Walter Beall was purchased by the Yankees from the AA Rochester Tribe (IL) for $30,000 Cash. He would appear with the Yankees at the MLB level in September of 1924, posting a 2-0 record with 3.52 ERA in 4 games. Walter had posted a 25-8 record with a 2.76 ERA in 41 games for the 1924 AA Rochester Tribe (IL). He will post a 4-5 record with a 4.45 ERA and 1 save in 33 games for the 1924-1927 Yankees, before being traded to the Senators in 1929.

1964- Former Yankees Minor League Catcher and MLB Manager Fredi Gonzalez was born.

Catcher Fredi Gonzalez was selected by the Yankees in the 16th round of the 1982 MLB Amateur Player Draft, he spent 6 seasons in their organization. In 1988, he joined the University of Tennessee as an Assistant Baseball Coach. He gained his 1st managerial experience was with the Independent team, the 1990 Miami Miracle (FSL). Later, he went on to a long career as a Manager in the Marlins organization. Fred was a Marlins MLB Coach from 1999-2001. He managed in the Braves organization with the 2002 AAA Richmond Braves (IL). Fredi was the MLB 3B Coach of the 2003-2006 Braves. Gonzalez returned to the Marlins as the team's Manager for the 2007 season, replacing the fired Manager Joe Girardi. He led the Marlins to winning records in 2008-2009, he oversaw the development of young players such as Shortstop Hanley Ramírez, OF Chris Coghlan and P Josh Johnson. In May 2010, González got into a feud with star Shortstop Ramírez, after he failed to hustle on a defensive play. Ramírez said that he had no respect for González, as the Skipper had never played in the MLB; Hanley was removed from the lineup for 1 game due to the dispute. A month later, on June 23rd, he was fired with the team in 4th place with a record of 34-36. As soon as Gonzalez was fired by the Marlins, rumors started circulating that he was the top candidate to succeed Braves retiring Manager Bobby Cox, after the 2010 NL season, given that the veteran Skipper Cox had announced before the season that it would be his last year at the helm. Gonzalez replaced the retiring Bobby Cox as the Braves Manager for the 2011 NL season.

1967- The Yankees selected Pitcher Terry Ley in the 3rd round of the 1967 MLB Amateur Player Draft (Secondary Phase). Terry will appear in 6 games for the 1971 Yankees with no record. On December 2,1971, he was traded along with Minor League P Gary Jones to the Rangers for veteran MLB INF Bernie Allen.

1967- Former Yankees MLB Scout (1918-1924) and Minor League Team Owner Robert J. Connery passed away. (1880-1967)

Bob Connery was an MLB Scout for the Cardinals from 1913-1917 and the Yankees from 1918-1924. He reportedly discovered and signed Rogers Hornsby for the Cardinals. He teamed with Paul Krichell to sign Columbia University Baseball star 1B Lou Gehrig for the Yankees. He had briefly played in the Minor Leagues until his playing career was cut short by a car accident. Connery owned the AA St. Paul Saints team (American Association) from 1925-1934. Even during that time, he acted as a "Scouting Consultant" for the Yankees, scouting 2B Tony Lazzeri for example before the Yankees signed him. He was a close personal friend of Yankees Manager Miller Huggins, who was secretly a minority investor in the Saints team. Connery visited him at his hospital deathbed in New York City in September of 1929. He sold more players to the Yankees than anyone else during the period of his team ownership of the 1925-1934 AA Saints.

1976- The Yankees released veteran OF/DH Walt “No Neck” Williams. Yankees Team Owner George Steinbrenner would help Walt obtain a player contract with a team in Japan. After coming to the Yankees in a trade from the Indians on March 19,1974, Walt had hit .244 with 5 HRs and 119 RBIs in 125 games for the 1974-1975 Yankees.

1977- Former Yankees 1B Lyle Overbay (2013) was born.

In 2013, Lyle Overbay headed to MLB Spring Training Camp with the Red Sox hoping to be Mike Napoli's back-up at 1B; but he lost out to some younger players also vying to make the team; he was released as MLB spring training camp was winding down on March 26th. With the end of the line apparently in sight, he landed on his feet, immediately signing with the Yankees; being handed the starting 1B job with Mark Teixeira on the sidelines for the 1st month of the 2013 season at least. Overbay's opportunity to start at 1B for the Bronx Bombers extended until the end of May. Overbay did better than anyone expected, hitting .247 with 12 doubles, 8 HRs and 29 RBIs in 51 games. He had in fact played well enough that after Teixeira's return, Manager Joe Girardi gave him his 1st start at a position other than 1B on June 3rd, putting him in RF in a game against the Indians on May 3rd. For the 2013 Yankees, he appeared in 142 games, while hitting .240 with 14 HRs with 59 RBIs. On October 31,2013, Lyle was granted MLB Free Agency by the Yankees. On January 20, 2014, Lyle was signed as an MLB Free Agent with the Brewers.

1982- Former Yankees Pitcher (1945) and MLB Coach Paul Schreiber (1932-1945) passed away. (1902-1982)

Paul Schreiber holds the MLB record for longest break between MLB games. He appeared briefly for the 1923 Brooklyn Robins (aka Dodgers), but he did not pitch again in the MLB until 1945 AL season. That season, he was a Yankees MLB Coach, but a shortage of players due to World War II necessitated his player activation at age 42. Schreiber coached or threw batting practice for the 1932-1945 Yankees. He later went on to spend over a decade as a member of the Red Sox MLB Coaching staff. Schreiber scouted from 1959 until his retirement in 1964. Schreiber was originally in the MLB in 1922, pitching 1 inning at age 19 with no runs scored against him. His Minor League Pitching career ran from 1920-1931 with nearly 100 victories.

1987-The Yankees signed veteran MLB Free Agent P Bob Shirley (1983-1987). Bob had posted a 14-20 record with a 4.05 ERA and 5 saves in 165 games before being released by the team in August of 1987.

1994- The Yankees signed veteran MLB Free Agent P Bob Ojeda. He appeared in only 2 games with no record before being released by the Yankees in May of 1994.

2001- Former Yankees OF/DH/1B Curt “Clank” Blefary (1970-1971) passed away. (1943-2001)

In 1962, the Yankees signed OF Curt Blefary was signed as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. He was removed from the 40-man Yankees MLB Roster, when they acquired veteran MLB INF Harry Bright from the Reds during the 1963 AL season. He had been playing for their Class A Greensboro team. The Orioles immediately claimed Curt Blefary. In 1965, he was the AL Rookie of Year Award winner with the Orioles, hitting .260 with 22 HRs and 70 RBIs. On December 4,1969, Curt was traded by the Astros to the Yankees for AL All-Star 1B/OF Joe Pepitone. Curt only hit .210 with 10HRs and 39 RBIs in 120 games, as a Yankees player. On May 26,1971, he was traded by the Yankees to the A’s for P Rob Gardner. He would play for the Orioles, Astros, the A’s, Padres and the Yankees during his 8-year MLB Player career. Curt was nicknamed “Clank” by his Orioles teammates, due to his poor glove work. His last request, his ashes were scattered at home plate at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore.

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This Week in Yankees History January 24-30th Part Two

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January 29th

1885- Former Yankees INF George “Hack” Simmons (1912) was born. (1885-1942)

INF George “Hack” Simmons hit .239 with No HRs and 41 RBIs in 110 games for the 1912 Yankees. On November 23,1912, George was purchased by AA Rochester Hustlers (IL) from the Yankees. He would play in the Federal League with the 1914-1915 Baltimore Terrapins, appearing in 153 games with a .257 BA with 2 HRs and 52 RBIs in 153 games.

1928- Former Yankees Minor League Catcher Jim Robertson was born. (1928-2015)

Before the start of the 1949 MLB season, Catcher Jim Robertson was signed by the Yankees; as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. He played in the Yankees Minor League system until 1953. In 1949, he played for the Grand Forks Chiefs, while hitting .248 in 153 at-bats. He played for the Quincy Gems in 1950, hitting .295 in 404 at-bats. With the Muskegon Reds in 1951, he hit .288. Next, he played for the 1952 Binghamton Triplets (EL), where he hit .303. He split the 1953 Minor League season between the AA Kansas City Blues (AA) and AA Syracuse Chiefs (IL), hitting .278 with the Blues and .264 with the Chiefs. With AL MVP and All-Star Yogi Berra as the Yankees starting Catcher and the emergence of young Catcher Elston Howard in the Minors; Jim became one of the many Yankee farm system catchers, who would be traded away by the team during the 1950’s. On December 16, 1953, Jim Robertson was traded by the Yankees along with INF Don Bollweg, OF Jim Finigan, P Johnny Gray, 1B/OF Vic Power and OF Bill Renna to the Philadelphia A’s for Starter Harry Byrd, veteran 1B Eddie Robinson, OF Tom Hamilton, OF Carmen Mauro and Reserve INF Loren Babe. On April 15, 1954, he made his MLB Player debut. He spent his entire 1954 AL season with the A’s hitting .184 in 63 games (147 at-bats). In 1955, he played in 6 games for the A’s, who are now in Kansas City, hitting .250 in 8 at-bats. He spent most of the 1955 baseball season with the AAA Portland Beavers (PCL), while hitting .229 in 319 at-bats. Robertson played his final MLB game on May 10, 1955. Overall, he played in 69 MLB games, while hitting .187 in 155 at-bats. Although his MLB playing career was over, he still played in the Minor Leagues until 1956. On December 2,1955, Jim was purchased by the AAA Seattle Rainiers (PCL) having 36 at-bats with them, he hit .250. He was released by the Rainiers on June 1,1956. On June 15,1956, he was sent from an unknown source to the Tigers. He played in 45 games with their AA Minor League affiliate, the Charleston Senators (SA), hitting .246 in 122 at-bats. On December 6,1956, he was traded by the Tigers along with P Bobby Tiefenauer to the AAA Toronto Maple Leafs (IL) for OF Archie Wilson and Minor League Player Don Griffin. Jim never played for Toronto. 

1930- The Red Sox sell former AL HR King Ken Williams to their rivals the Yankees for the waiver price.  Ken will be released by the Yankees prior to the start of the 1930 AL season. OF Ken Williams finishes as a .319 lifetime hitter with 196 HRs and 916 RBIs, while playing  for 14 MLB seasons.  Yankees Manager Bob Shawkey was looking for a younger Yankees Outfield, he still had Ruth and Combs, with Bob Meusel being traded to the Reds.  He will never again play in the MLB. Ken will play for the 1930-1931 AA Portland Beavers (PCL) before retiring from the game.

1943- The Yankees traded 2B Jerry Priddy and Minor League P Milo Candini to the Senators for Pitcher Bill Zuber and Cash consideration. Bill Zuber was classified 4-F in the War Draft, will not have a winning season with the Yankees; while Milo Candini will go 11-7 for the 1943 Senators. Priddy was unable to hit consistently, while playing 2B for the Yankees, forcing them to move back veteran Joe “Flash” Gordon from 1B to 2B and using Johnny Sturm at 1B. Jerry Priddy and Phil Rizzutto were supposed to be the new Yankees double-play combination. Both players had been stars for their AA Kansas City Blues farm club (AA), before joining the team in 1941.

1948- MLB Commissioner Happy Chandler fines the Yankees, Cubs and the Phillies $500 each for signing High School players.

1951- Former Yankees Minor League INF Sergio Ferrer was born. 

On March 26,1977, INF Sergio Ferrer was traded by the Phillies to the Yankees for Reserve OF Kerry Dineen. He never appears with the Yankees at the MLB level. Ferrer was assigned to the AAA Syracuse Chiefs (IL), appearing in 67 games, while hitting .281. On December 9,1977, he was traded by the Yankees to the Mets for INF Roy Staiger. 

1955- John Williams Cox buys Yankee Stadium from the Dan Topping-Del Webb Team Owner partnership. He immediately sells the grounds to the Knights of Columbus. He will leave Yankee Stadium to Rice University in 1962.

1960- Former Yankees All-Star INF Steve Sax (1989-1991) was born.

Former Dodger NL All-Star 2B Steve Sax was signed as an MLB Free Agent replacing veteran AL All-Star Willie Randolph at 2B, who had signed with the Dodgers. He hit .315, .260 and .304 as a Yankees player, making the AL All-Star team in 1989-1990. Overall, as a Yankees player, Steve appeared in 471 games for the team, while hitting .294 with 19 HRs and 161 RBIs. On January 10,1992, Steve was traded by the Yankees to the White Sox for 3 Pitchers: Melido Perez, Bob Wickman and Domingo Jean.

1961- Former Yankees Reserve OF/1B/DH Mike Aldrete (1996) was born.

On June 12,1996, OF/1B/DH Mike Aldrete was traded by the Angels to the Yankees for Reliever Rich Monteleone. Mike appeared in 32 games for the 1996 Yankees, while hitting .250 with 3 HRs and 12 RBIs. He appeared in 2 games of the 1996 World Series against the Braves with no hits. On November 4,1996, Mike was granted MLB Free Agency by the Yankees. 

1964- Former Yankees Pitcher John Habyan (1990-1993) was born.

On July 20,1989, Reliever John Habyan was traded by the Orioles to the Yankees for Reserve OF Stanley Jefferson. John will spend the rest of the 1989 season with the AAA Columbus Clippers (IL). He went 11-9 with 3.16 ERA and 10 saves in 164 games for the Yankees, as the set-up man for Closer Steve Farr. On July 30,1993, John was traded as part of a 3-team trade by the Yankees to the Royals. The Cubs sent Reliever Paul Assenmacher to the Yankees. The Royals would send OF Karl Rhodes to the Cubs.

1966- The Yankees drafted INF Darrell Evans in the 2nd Round of the 1966 MLB Amateur Player Draft (secondary phase), but they did not sign the player. Clippers Notes: If the Yankees had signed Evans, there might be no Graig Nettles trade with the Tribe in 1972, Fritz Peterson wrote about this at his website.

1982- The Yankees named veteran AL All-Star 3B Graig Nettles as their Team Captain. Nettles, becomes the 1st Yankees Captain since the late Thurman Munson, who was killed in August of 1979 in jet crash in Canton, Ohio.

1992- The Yankees signed MLB Free Agent Pitcher Allan Anderson. He never appears in a game with the Yankees.

1993- The Yankees signed 1B Fernando Seguignol was an MLB Amateur Free Agent. He was assigned to the 1993 GCL Yankees and struggled, batting only .217 as an Outfielder. In 1994, the teenager improved to .289, though he struck out 61 times in 266 AB’s. He led the NY-PENN League with 9 triples that year. In 1995, he was traded by the Yankees to the Expos for veteran Reliever John Wetteland. In 2003, Fernando returned from Japan to play in the USA, signing with the Yankees organization. He was 5 for 7 in limited appearances with the Yankees. He was 5 for 13 with the Class A Tampa Yankees (FSL). He spent most of 2003 season, producing at a .341 clip with 28 HRs in 402 AB’s for the AAA Columbus Clippers (IL). He led the International League in HRs and BA, led all of full-season MIL baseball in slugging percentage. He was named the DH on the IL All-Star team and won the IL MVP Award. In 2004, he went back to play baseball in Japan.

2005- The Yankees signed veteran MLB Free Agent OF Doug Glanville. The Yankees will release him during their 2005 MLB Spring Training Camp.

2007- Former Yankees MLB Pitching Coach and MLB Pitcher Art Fowler passed away. (1922-2007)

Veteran MLB Reliever Art Fowler was Billy Martin’s longtime MLB Pitching Coach. As an MLB Pitcher from 1954-1964, Art went 54-51 with a 4.03 ERA and 32 saves in 362 games with the Reds, Dodgers and finishing up the 1961-1964 Angels. He pitched in Minor Leagues, until he was 43 years old with Billy Martin’s AAA Denver Bears (AA) in the Twins organization in the late 1960’s. Art became a member of the Twins MLB Coaching staff in 1969, when he first worked for Martin. He then had stints with the 1971-1973 Tigers and the 1973-1975 Rangers. He became the Yankees MLB Pitching Coach in 1977; he remained with the team through 1979. He followed Billy Martin to the  A’s Coaching for him during the 1980-1982 AL seasons. He returned to the Yankees as MLB Pitching Coach in 1983 and again in 1988. He joined the Yankees in 1977 as Billy Martin’s Pitching Coach, replacing Bob Lemon, who had taken the White Sox Manager’s job. As an MLB Pitching Coach, Art Fowler never believed in running for his MLB Pitchers, he is quoted as saying " If you pitched with your legs, Jesse Owens would have won 30 games."

2013- The Miami New Times reports that the names of at least 7 MLB players have turned up in an investigation of a recently closed clinic in Coral Gables, FL, Biogenesis Laboratories, which is suspected to have dealt in performance-enhancing drugs. Most prominent among those named is Yankees Superstar Alex Rodriguez. Three of those named - Bartolo Colon, Melky Cabrera and Yasmani Grandal - were suspended by the MLB for testing positive for banned substances during the past year, lending additional credence to the report.

January 30th

1923- The Yankees GM Edward Barrow raided his old team the Red Sox again, this time obtaining Starter Herb “The Knight of Kennett Square” Pennock exchange for INF Norm McMillan, P George Murray, OF Camp Skinner and $50,000 Cash. Herb Pennock would post a 142-90 record as a Yankees Starter (1923-1933), finishing with a career winning percentage of .643. Herb had 165 complete games in 346 games with 19 shutouts and 700 strikeouts. In 1924, he went 21-9 for the Yankees. Then in 1926, Herb posted a 23-11 mark. In the World Series for the Yankees, he went 5-0 with a 1.95 ERA in 9 games. He would later become a Baseball Executive working with the Phillies new team ownership as their team GM during the mid-1940’s. Herb would be elected to Baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1948.

1948- Former Yankees Hall Of Fame Starter and Phillies GM Herb Pennock (1923-1933) collapses and dies from a heart attack. (1894-1948)

Herb Pennock, who was 53, had been serving as the General Manager of the Phillies since 1944. He had helped the Phillies new team ownership that took over the team in 1944, rebuild the team and their Minor League team organization. He brought many former Yankees into the Phillies organization as Minor League Managers and Coaches, including 1950 Phillies Manager Eddie Sawyer and HOF OF Earl Coombs as an MLB Coach. He would be inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1948. The results of his work would lead to the 1950 “Whiz Kids team,” who won the 1950 NL Championship, but lost the 1950 World Series to the Yankees. As a Yankees hurler for 11 seasons (1923-1933), Herb posted a 162-90 record with a 3.54 ERA and 23 saves in 346 games. Overall, as an MLB Pitcher for 22 seasons (1912-1935), Bob went 241-162 with a 3.60 ERA and 37 saves in 617 games, pitching for the A’s, Red Sox (twice) and the Yankees. He will be elected to the Hall of Fame in 1948.

1954- Former Yankees Reserve OF Dave Stegman (1982) was born.

On April 30,1981, OF Dave Stegman was sent by the Padres to the Yankees to complete an earlier deal made on April 6,1981. The Padres sent a Player to be Named later to the Yankees for Minor League P Byron Ballard.  He appeared in 2 games for the 1982 Yankees with no hits, spending most of the 1982 season at AAA Columbus (IL). On November 22,1982, Dave was granted MLB Free Agency by the Yankees. 

1961- Former Yankees 2B Aaron Ward (1917-1926) passed away(1896-1961)

Aaron Ward was the 2B for the Yankees in the days before the arrival of future 2B Tony Lazzeri. Coming up to the Yankees in 1917 at age 20, he was one of the youngest players in the AL. He became a Yankees regular in 1920. He was in the World Series of 1921,1922 and 1923 (he hit .417 in the 1923 World Series, which the Yankees won). Ward was one of several players who held out at the start of 1922 AL season for better contracts. Ward succeeded in getting a big raise. When Tony Lazzeri came up, Aaron was traded to the 1927 White Sox for a season, thus missing the great 1927 Yankees World Championship experience. On January 13,1927, Aaron was traded by the Yankees to the White Sox for Reserve Catcher Johnny Grabowski and Reserve INF Ray Morehart. Ward’s final Yankees career status were a .268 BA with 45 HRs, 391 RBI’s in 908 games. He finished out his MLB Playing career with the 1928 Indians.

"Babe Ruth was great, but then we expect Babe Ruth to be great. Let us give credit where credit is due, and give most of the credit to Wardie and [manager Huggins]." – New York Yankees Owner Jacob Ruppert after the 1923 Yankees World Series Victory over the Giants talking to NYC Sports Writers.

1964- Former Yankees Reliever Hipolito Pena (1988) was born.

On March 30,1988, Pitcher Hipolito Pena was traded by the Pirates to the Yankees for Minor League OF/1B Orestes Destrade. He appeared in 16 games for the 1988 Yankees, while posting a 1-1 record with a 3.14 ERA. Pena had spent part of the 1988 season with the AAA Columbus Clippers (IL) posting a 7-6 record with 3.87 ERA and 3 saves in 50 games. He would spend the 1989-1991 baseball seasons pitching in the Yankees Minor League system before joining the Tigers organization in 1992. He never returned to the MLB.

1978- Former Indians Starter Addie Joss and MLB Baseball Executive and MLB Team Owner Larry MacPhail are voted into the Hall of Fame by the Special Veteran’s Committee. Addie Joss posted a 160-97 record with a 1.88 lifetime ERA with the 1902-1910 Indians. He had passed away in 1914 from an illness. Larry MacPhail was one of the 3 Businessmen, who bought the Yankees in 1945 from the Jacob Ruppert Estate. Larry had previous work for the Reds and Dodgers, before joining the Yankees. He would be the Yankees President and General Manager from 1945-1947. In the fall of 1947, he sold his share of the Yankees to team Co-Owners Del Webb and Dan Topping. MacPhail was very unpopular with the Yankee players, who were very happy to see him leave. Under his brief term as Yankees President/GM (1945-1947), MacPhail started signing Black Baseball players to play in the Yankees organization, but his work was later undone by his replacement GM George Weiss, in his quest to find the perfect 1st Black MLB Yankee player, who would be Catcher/OF Elston Howard, who appears with the team in 1955.




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