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10 months ago  ::  Aug 26, 2021 - 11:34PM #111
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Aug 26, 2021 -- 11:08PM, bumper wrote:

Aug 26, 2021 -- 9:55PM, newinn wrote:

No one said we all have to agree with how we deal with him as individuals. If I want to respond to him I will If I don't I won't. If he pi$$es me off enough and dominates the board with his nonsense and I need a break, I'll take one. Again I don't expect any of you to deal with him the same way. Do your own thing.

tried to be "tolerant" with him. gave him more rope than most, but he's crossed the line too many times. the gloves are off. will call his BS for exactly what it is ...

his problem is his understanding of the game has huge holes so he comes up with these off-the-wall theories to explain what he doesn't understand. then when you disagree, he throws out his condesending, back handed compliments like, "i gave you more credit", "you're smarter than that", "you know better than that", etc.

the guy is a lightning rod. there are some out there posters, he's the only one that's constantly into it with a number of posters on a daily basis. in my time here, never seen anyone like him. it's not the most productive use for this forum. fwiw, he's been banned before and hasn't learned his lesson.


Yep...not the least bit surprising JPep couldn't reinvent himself. Hilarious he continues to deny it when it's glaringly obvious. Same old rambling War & Peace rants, contradicting himself several times in a single post, falling in & out of love with players overnight and...a real sore point with me...trashing and personally insulting players..."lawn dwarf", "marshmallow" etc. etc. Got old real quick.

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