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Can we discuss how big of a mistake Aaron Hicks contract is?
11 months ago  ::  May 13, 2022 - 8:58PM #21
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May 11, 2022 -- 7:52PM, BATS wrote:

May 8, 2022 -- 3:12PM, Carp wrote:

Why is there ALWAYS an albatross on EVERY Yankees team?

Albatross? Huh? LOL....are serious?

I don't think you know how to use that word, "Albatross".'s not an albatross

I have said this about a million times here, and people still don't get it? When Hicks signed that contract some years ago, even then it was okay. It was tradeable. Today, not only is STILL tradeable, but the yankees can clearly DFA him. 

Personally, I don't mind if the Yankees trade. He's too sensitive (perhaps effiminate) a person for the Yankees to keep him. After all, he needs to take days off for racially sensitive events. I mean C'mon....BE A MAN!!!!

Second, IMO, it's Hicks' stupid leg kick that throws off his timing. He's trying to hit, as per how the analytics say that he should hit. However, in the process of doing so, it seems to me that his timing off. Looking at videos of years with the Twins, it doesn't seem he has a big leg kick. He needs to work with Dillon Lawson.

LOL...apparently Paul O'Neill noticed that stupid leg kick too (as per 5/12/22 Yankee Broadcast).....OR.....he read this post from me and perhaps said, "Hey, this Bats-guy is showing off his intellectual brilliance again!"

Ya know, in my time contributing to this board, which has spanned over 16 years, I have noticed so many of my quotes being used by actual Yankee people. LOL.  I remember, years ago, when "The Boss" past away, the popular (fake) narrative at the time was that the "kids" were going to sell the team. I said, "No....that's not what rich people do. BTW,.....if the Yankees sell the team, what would Hal do for the rest of his life?"   Sometime later, Hal appeared (I think) on the Michael Kay Show and said the same exact thing. Moreover....I even said something like "The Steinbrenner should even invest in another sport like soccer (futbol) like the Red Sox john henry did."  LOL.....that's exactly what they did!!! 

I've said so many things. One of the things I have done, is speak the truth. Yes, it may come off harsh, but that's my attempt to dispell ridiculous and foolish commentary, especially when it comes to Brian Cashman, who has done an excellent job as the Yankee GM. Especially recently prior to the 2022, when people were knocking him about no championships since 2009. What did I say? What.... did... I say abnout THAT? I said.....2017 was stolen from us. That was OUR YEAR, after Cashman did the right thing and purged Yankee players in 2016. Especially....and I'll say this one last time....everybody's "boyfriend" Andrew Miller. 

The bottom line is this:

Never never never, take seriously those Yankee blogs like Fanside or Bleacher Report. The articles post are written by people, who are in their 20's or 30's. They have never lived the failures of the 1980's and early 1990's. 


Never ever, ever, ever, ever,.....take Michael Kay seriously. His lack of modern day baseball knowledge makes him a terrible baseball analyst,...when he tries to be one, outside his play-by-play duties. 

If there is anyone, who's insights are worth reading, it's...


(I think Paul O'Neill thinks so. LOL....kidding)

11 months ago  ::  May 14, 2022 - 2:18AM #22
El Guapo
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Barrister Bats - From what I've heard, you should spend the next 16 years at a forum that ought to be perfect for you...""...the forum to meet others who are also in love with themselves. You're welcome!

By the way, George "passed away" and didn't "past away".

As for 2017, where is the trophy?  

Carry on.

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