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What to do with Florial
8 months ago  ::  Jun 28, 2022 - 1:45PM #51
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Jun 27, 2022 -- 6:05PM, Carp wrote:

Jun 18, 2022 -- 1:51PM, Max wrote:

Jun 17, 2022 -- 10:53PM, al wrote:

He’s a lefty hitting .303 in AAA and has an .851 OPS. Plus he stole 3 bases today bringing his total to 21. Still only 24 and never really was given a legit shot. I sure don’t want to upset the Big Apple cart but damn, he sounds like he could be a pretty good ML ball player if giver a chance. The Astros have been an elite hitting club (when they’re not cheating) for years and they still brought up Alvarez and Tucker and they got even better.

Seems like the Yankees have 2 choices. Play him instead of Hicks or Gallo. Or keep him at Triple A and hope he improves his trade value. In my opinion, they should try to trade Hicks and all or some of his 10 million dollar a year contract. It's not like Hicks is hitting the cover off the ball and he only appears to be a .230-.240 hitter. 

I agree, but that trade is a tough one to pull off, I think... But hey, maybe he excels somewhre else, like, The Angels.  I think he might be a good fit there.  Anyway, we have Andujar and Florial waiting to come up.  We may be losing the window for Andujar to come up and become a full-time, big league player.... but I think he deserves his shot.  

Probably one or both (Andujar, Florial)of them are going to get traded if the Yankees won't make them every day players in their line up. Maybe the A's or Reds might want one or both of them included in a trade package for one of their pitchers? That is, unless those teams want players that are making MLB minimum salary. Florial can't be making much, not sure about Andujar.

8 months ago  ::  Jun 28, 2022 - 1:50PM #52
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Jun 28, 2022 -- 1:44PM, Max wrote:

Jun 27, 2022 -- 5:37PM, Giancarlo wrote:

Jun 27, 2022 -- 3:49PM, Max wrote:

Jun 27, 2022 -- 3:00PM, Giancarlo wrote:

Jun 27, 2022 -- 1:31PM, Max wrote:

Jun 27, 2022 -- 11:25AM, 1955nyyfan wrote:

Jun 26, 2022 -- 5:39AM, newinn wrote:

Jun 25, 2022 -- 8:13PM, 1955nyyfan wrote:

Jun 25, 2022 -- 7:34PM, newinn wrote:

I'd like to see them replace Gallo with another lefty bat but I prefer one that can actually hit.

New, curious why your so down on Florial? The kid's only 24 and he lost a year+ of development to a significant injury. We know the kid can run and catch, this year he seems to be putting up some nice offensive numbers at AAA. He's only had 34 abs at the MLB level and I would be willing to bet he hasn't played 3 consecutive games. I don't know if he'll be any good but I still would like to see him get a legitimite shot. 

Hey 55! I'm not that down on Florial aside from the fact he is 24 and hasn't done anything in his brief time with the Yanks. With their record, they should be in full blown "go for it mode" and to me, it doesn't make much sense plugging in what amounts to an unproven track record at this point of the season. He K's too much for my liking

 that we have continued to check in on Castillo and Montas. I would love to pick up either one. 

Good pitchers. I was all for the Yankees trading for Castillo last season. But since then he's been on the IR with a sore shoulder and his strikeouts to innings pitched are down. Wouldn't expect the Yankees to trade for him without looking at his MRIs. Both pitchers should be available for the right offers. Montas is only signed for another season, and Castillo earliest arbitration eligible in 2023.

So much for the "competitive balance tax" which doesn't do much without a salary floor.

I also noticed the "Ace" of the Rockies, a guy you would have emptied the farm system to trade for, is sporting a 5.58 ERA.   Wow what a mistake that would have been.   Pitchers with career 112 ERA+ stats usually aren't "Aces".

What are you complaining about? You said Cole's game ERA of 5.63 was an "excellent start". Just goes to show your lack of knowledge.

I never said the Yankees should empty their farm for him. But if you thought trading for Marquez is a mistake then why did YOU mentioned the Yankees trading for him in the first place? Talking out of both sides of your rear end again?

Notice I was offering guys like Voit and King, and was told my you that they weren't even close to enough.   Again and again you keep showing you have the absolute Min amount of baseball acumen.

That's because it wasn't enough for a pitching starved team's best pitcher, for the reason already mentioned. Which shows you're either stubborn or stupid. My guess would be probably both.

Ahh, so if a team that's not competing anyway is "pitching starved", then a 112 career ERA+ pitcher is an "Ace" and has to fetch a pitcher in return (which BTW they would have in the form of King, who is now better than Marquez).   Mmmmmkay. 

More "special" baseball logic.   Rebuilding teams tend to take packages that have the most talent they are offered and aren't too concerned with the positions the players they get back play.   You do realize if you acquire a CF for example, you can later trade said CF for a pitcher if you need one?

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