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2 more years
8 months ago  ::  Feb 07, 2023 - 5:37PM #21
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Feb 7, 2023 -- 6:12AM, newinn wrote:

Feb 6, 2023 -- 11:12PM, davis2 wrote:

Jan 14, 2023 -- 6:29AM, newinn wrote:

of non stop political investigations. We have gone through 6 years investigating that arsehole that formaly occupied the WH yet he still unbelievably walks free. Now we will be faced with another two years of investigating the current President. What the hell has happened to our country?

Bidet walking free will be the travesty. If Democrats think they can pull crap,and not expect the same in return, they are insane. The current Prez has plenty to be worried about.

great way for our politicians  on both sides to run a country. What are you doing here? I thought you hate all of us.

Just your political stance, but thats mutual.

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