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Not usually pessimistic but
2 months ago  ::  Feb 04, 2023 - 11:52AM #71
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Feb 2, 2023 -- 6:31PM, bumper wrote:

Feb 2, 2023 -- 3:24PM, Max wrote:

I expect Donaldson and Hicks to improve their OPS, especially Donaldson. But I would still like the Yankees to trade both of them, because DJ could be the every day 3Bman and trading those 2 players would give the Yankees some salary room even if the Yankees had to pay half their contracts.

The Yankees starting pitching improved, but I would like to see them upgrade a bit in their bullpen. The Yankees lineup in my opinion still needs a lefty hitting LFer not named Hicks, if the Yankees are planning on using Cabrera as a super utility player.

The Yankees lineup isn't the same as last season's. Unlike last season the Yankees will have Bader, Cabrera, Peraza for the better part of season. I expect Peraza is going to be the Yankees starting shortstop either at the start of the season or sometime in May. Those 3 players in my opinion are upgrades in CF, SS, and in Cabrera's case either in LF or in a super utility role

agree. sure i would love a LH LFer but it didn't happen. right now think the biggest weakness is the bullpen. in general have to see how things shakes out and if there are weaknesses cashman will try to upgrade.

if i remember going into last season, there was a lot of pessimism. was seeing predictions of 84, 86, 88 wins. they won 99. not making any predictions until after spring training but as currently configured think they're "slightly" better than last season. and given the strengthening of the SP, think we can be better in the PS. 

It's not a guarantee, but on paper the Yankees chances in the post-season with Cole, Rodon, Severino, are as good as any contending team.

There were left-hand hitting free agents that could have played LF (Conforto, Benny, Nimmo) but for whatever reasons the Yankees didn't sign any of them. I didn't read anything about Conforto being linked to the Yankees, but I did read articles that said the Yankees were interested in signing Benny or Nimmo.

For now, maybe they are keeping LF open for Reynolds should Pittsburgh lower their price? Yeah, It would have been nice if the Yankees upgraded in LF.  It would also be nice if I had a coal oven pizza from Arturo's or Lombardi's right in front of me, but right now I don't have that either. Smile

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