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This Week in Yankees History November 12th-18th
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This Week in Yankees History November 12th-18th Part One


November 12th

1891- Former Yankees Pitcher Carl “Submarine” Mays (1919-1923) was born. (1891-1971)

During the 1919 AL season, Starter Carl Mays and the Red Sox had a dispute, which resulted in him wanting to be traded from the team. On July 29,1919, he was traded by the Boston to the Yankees for P Bob McGraw, Shortstop Allen Russell and $40,000 Cash. For the  1919 Yankees. Mays would finish the season with a 9-3 record with a 1.65 ERA in 13 games.  During the 1920 AL season, Carl Mays was the Yankee Pitcher, who had hit Tribe batter Ray Chapman with a pitch, which later resulted in his death during the 1920 AL season game at the Polo Grounds. Carl’s best Yankee seasons were in 1920-1921, when he went 26-11 with a 3.06 ERA and 3 saves in 45 games in 1920. Then in 1921, Mays had a 27-9 record with 3.05 ERA and 7 saves in 49 games. Overall, as a Yankees Starter for the team from 1919-1923, he had posted an 80-39 career record with a 3.25 ERA with 11 saves in 164 games. He never did get along with Yankees Manager Miller Huggins; there several serious incidents between the 2 men; which included a fistfight on the sidewalks of New York City. He had appeared in 2 World Series for the Yankees, while posting a 1-3 mark with an  ERA  in games against the 1921-1922 Giants. After his disappointing 1921 World Series pitching performance in Game 4 against the Giants, he would fall out of favor with Manager Huggins, who would reduce his role as a Yankees Starter. In 1922, he had dropped to a 13-14 mark with a 3.60 ERA in  34 games. In 1923, he had a 5-2 record with a 6.20 ERA in 23 games as a reliever. His 1924 winter trade to the Reds was considered to be one of the worst in early Yankees franchise history.  On December 11,1923, after being sold by the Yankees to the Reds for $85,000 Cash; Mays would post a 20-9 record with a 3.15 ERA in 27 games for the 1924 Reds. In pitching for 4 seasons for the 1924-1928 Reds, Carl would post a 49-34 record with a 3.26 ERA and 4 saves in 116 games. Carl would finish his 1915-1929 MLB Pitching career with a 207-126 record with a 2.92 ERA and 31 saves in 490 games, while pitching for the Red Sox, Yankees and the Reds and finishing up with the 1929 Giants. Later, Carl would become an MLB Scout for the Indians. He later would write a book about his long MLB Pitching career, including the 1920 Ray Chapman incident.

1926- Former Yankees Pitcher Don Johnson (1947,1950) was born. (1926-2015)

Before the start of 1944 AL Season, the Yankees had signed P Don Johnson as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. For the Yankees, Don had posted a 5-3 record with a 5.23 ERA in 23 games. On June 15,1950, Don was traded by the Yankees along with OF Jim Delsing, P Duane Pillette, veteran INF George “Snuffy” Stirnweiss and $50,000 Cash to the St. Louis Browns for 2 Pitchers: Relievers Tom Ferrick, Joe Ostrowski and 3B Leo Thomas.

1956- Having won the AL Triple Crown (.353 BA, 52 HRs, 130 RBIs), Yankees CF Mickey Mantle is named the 1956 AL MVP in a unanimous vote.

1958- Yankees Starter Bob Turley, who had 21 wins with 19 complete games during the 1958 AL season is named the 1958 Cy Young Award winner. With only 1 Cy Young Award given for the 2 Major Leagues, Yankees Bob Turley gathers 5 votes to 4 for last year's winner, the Braves veteran All-Star Starter Warren Spahn. 

1961- Former Yankees Minor League INF Greg Gagne was born.

On June 5,1979, INF Greg Gagne was drafted by the Yankees in the 5th round of the 1979 MLB Amateur Player Draft. He had played in the Yankees Minor League system from 1979 to April 10, 1982. Gagne would never play for the Yankees at the MLB Level. On April 10,1982, Greg was traded by the Yankees along with P Paul Boris and MLB Reliever Ron Davis to the Twins for Shortstop Roy Smalley. Yankees Team Owner George Steinbrenner wanted Smalley because the Orioles had Cal Ripken, who was a HR hitting Shortstop. By the trading away of Reliever Ron Davis breaks up the Yankees Bullpen duo of Rich Gossage and Ron Davis, who were the best 1-2 closer-holder combo in AL. Clippers note: The Yankees would have been better off not making this trade and letting Gagne developed in the Minor Leagues.

1965- The Yankees had obtained former NL Golden Glove winner INF Ruben Amaro Sr. from the Phillies for INF Phil Linz. Amaro would never hit more than .233 in a Yankees uniform. Although his infamous collision with Yankees star OF Tom Tresh, while chasing a pop fly may have accounted for his failure to live up to the Yankees expectations. The incident  would leave Tom Tresh with 2 bad knees, robbing him of a promising MLB playing career. Ruben would struggle with the bat, making this trade look even worst. Clippers NoteThe Yankees should have held on to Phil Linz, making him a OF, while moving Tom Tresh back to Shortstop. In November of 1968, Ruben would be sold to the California Angels for Cash.

1972- Former Yankees Reserve INF Homer Bush (1997-1998, 2004) was born.

On April 22,1997, INF Homer Bush was traded by the Padres along with Players to be Named Later and Minor League Player Gordon Amerson to the Yankees for Rafael Medina, OF Ruben Rivera and $3. On June 9,1997, the Padres would send P Hideki Irabu on May 29,1997 and Minor League Player Vernon Maxwell to the Yankees to complete the trade. During the 1997-1998 AL seasons, he had appeared in 55 games for the Yankees, while hitting .372. On February 18,1999, Homer was traded by the Yankees along with Pitchers Graeme Lloyd and David Wells to the Blue Jays for AL All-Star Starter Roger Clemens. In 2004, he would play in 9 games for the Yankees before retiring from MLB. He really never fully recovered from his previous leg and hip injuries. In 2014, he was a Minor League Coach. In 2022, he would managed the Mahoning Valley Scrappers (MLB Draft League). In 2023, Homer was appointed Manager of the Staten Island FerryHawks (Atlantic league). 

1978- Former Yankees Minor League Manager Ralph “Buzz” Boyle (1941-1942) had passed away. (19-1978)

Buzz Boyle had hit .316 on the great 1939 AA team, the Kansas City Blues (AA), which won 107 games, and which featured Vince DiMaggio, Jerry Priddy, Phil Rizzuto, Sandy Vance, Tommy Holmes and others. He had managed 2 Yankees farm teams: the 1941 Akron Yankees and the 1942 Norfolk Tars (PL). He had played in the MLB with the Braves and Dodgers from 1929-1934.

1978- Former Yankees Pitcher George Shears (1912) had passed away. (1890-1978)

Hurler George Shears had appeared in only 4 games with no record for the 1912 Yankees. 

1992- Arbitrator George Nicolau overturns the suspension of Yankees veteran Reliever Steve Howe for being too severe. The Yankees will resign veteran Reliever Steve Howe.

1993- Yankees Hall of Fame AL All-Star Catcher, MLB Coach and Manager Bill Dickey (1928-1946) had passed away. (1907-1993)

Before the start of 1928 AL SeasonCatcher Bill Dickey was purchased by the Yankees from Jackson (CS) for $12,500 Cash. Dickey was the 1st the great Yankee catchers. Bill was a tough as nails player. He had a lifetime BA of .313 for the team. He would hit .300 or better 10 times during his 13 seasons as an MLB player. His best Yankees season was in 1936, when he hit .362 with 22 HRs and 107 RBIs. Bill would top the 100 RBI’s mark for 4 seasons (1936-1939). He was AL All-Star Catcher in 1933-1943 and 1946. During WWII (1944-1946), he  had served in the Navy. He would lead the AL in fielding as a Catcher in 1931,1935,1937,1939 and 1941 seasons. Bill would appear in 8 World Series with the team, while playing in 38 games, he would hit .255 with 5 HRs and 24 RBIs. During the 1946 AL season, Bill would manage the Yankees to a 57-48 record, after long time Yankee Manager Joe McCarthy had resigned for health issues. In 1947, he would manage a team in the Braves organization. He would return to the Bronx, to serve as an MLB Coach for Yankees Managers Bucky Harris (1947-1948) and Casey Stengel (1949-1957 and 1960). In 1954, Bill was elected to the Hall of Fame. All-Star Catcher Yogi Berra credits Bill with teaching him the fundamentals of catching. He would also would teach Elston Howard and Johnny Blanchard, how to become catchers during the 1950’s as well. Later, he would come to the Yankees MLB Spring Training Camp as a Special Advisor and work with the team’s organizational catchers. During the 1960’s, he would work with young Yankee Catchers Jake Gibbs, Truman Munson and Johnny Ellis.

1996- Blue Jays Starter Pat Hentgen edges Yankees Starter Andy Pettitte for the 1996 Cy Young Award in the closest AL voting since the 1972 voting; when Gaylord Perry topped Wilbur Wood by 6 points. Hentgen with a 20-10 record, the MLB leader in complete games, outpoints Yankees Starter Andy Pettitte (21-8) by the narrow margin of 110-104. Yankees Closer Mariano Rivera finishes 3rd in the ballot, he receives 1 1st-place vote.

2007- The Yankees would re-sign AL All-Star Catcher Jorge Posada to a $52.4 million contract for 4 years. This new player contract makes Jorge Posada the highest-paid Catcher in MLB history, edging out Mike Piazza’s $13 million average from 1999-2005 with the Mets.

2014- The Yankees would trade Catcher Francisco Cervelli to the Pirates for Reliever Justin Wilson. Cervelli had played for the Yankees from 2008-2014, while appearing in 250 games, hitting .278 with 10 HRs and 92 RBIs. Justin Wilson will post a 5-0 record with a 3.10 ERA in 74 games for the 2015 Yankees. On December 9, 2015, Justin was traded by the Yankees to the Tigers for 2 Minor League Pitchers: Luis Cessa and Chad Green.

2017- The teams required to pay the luxury tax are announced, with the Dodgers leading the way, as their total salary outlay this year amounted to $244 million. They are joined by the Yankees for the 15th straight year, as their salary mass was the 2nd-highest in the MLB and the only other to top $200 million. The Red Sox, the Cubs, Tigers and the Giants are also assessed the tax, the latter 2 teams in spite of finishing last in their respective divisions.

2018- Angels Shohei Ohtani, the 1st 2-way player in the MLB since Babe Ruth, wins the 2018 AL Rookie of the Year Award, beating out 2 Yankee Rookie teammates 3B Miguel Andujar and 2B Gleyber Torres.

November 13th

1882- Former Yankees INF Ezra “Salt Rock” Midkiff (1912-1913) was born. (1882-1957)

In 1902, INF Ezra Midkiff had appeared in 2 games for the Reds. For the 1912-1913 Yankees, he had would hit .207 with No HRs and 23 RBIs in 104 games. In 1912, he was the Yankees regular 3B. On August 8,1913, he was traded by the team along with OF Bert Daniels along with $12,000 Cash to the AA Baltimore Orioles (IL) for INF Fritz Maisel. Midkiff was nicknamed "Salt Rock" because he was born in a town of that name. He and Dick Midkiff are the 2 MLB Players with the last name Midkiff. Later, Ezra would manage in the Minor Leagues for 5 seasons. 

1884- Former Yankees OF Tom Daley (1914-1915) was born. (1884-1934)

On June 13,1914, veteran OF Tom Daley was traded by the Philadelphia Athletics to the Yankees for OF/INF Jimmy Walsh. For the 1914-1915 Yankees, Pete would hit .250 with No HRs and 10 RBIs in 79 games.

1912- Former Yankees Minor League INF Alex Kampouris was born. (1912-1993)

On December 27, 1939, the Giants had sent INF Alex Kampouris and Catcher Tom Padden to the Yankees to complete an earlier deal made on September 1,1939. On that day, the Giants would send Players to be Named Later and Cash to the Yankees for Minor League INF Mickey Witek. He never would appear with the Yankees at the MLB level. The team would send him to their AA Club, the Newark Bears (IL), where he would play in 147 games, while hitting .273 with 36 HRs. On September 10,1940, Alex was purchased by the Dodgers from the Yankees

1925- Former Yankees OF Jim Delsing (1949-1951) was born. (1925-2006)

On December 14,1948, OF Jim Delsing was traded by the White Sox to the Yankees for OF Steve Souchock. He had appeared in 21 games with the Yankees as a Reserve Outfielder, while hitting .367 with 1 HR and 5 RBIs. On June 15,1950, Jim was traded by the Yankees along with Pitchers Don Johnson, Duane Pillette, INF George “Snuffy” Stirnweiss and $50,000 Cash to the St. Louis Browns for 2 Pitchers: Relievers Tom Ferrick, Joe Ostrowski and 3B Leo Thomas.

1931- Yankees Team Owner Jacob Ruppert buys the AA Newark Bears (IL) franchise, as the team starts to build a Minor League farm system. The Newark Bears will be very successful  AA club, they will send many players to the Yankees. The 1938-1939 Newark Bears were considered to the best Yankee farm teams in the team’s Minor League system history and in Minor League Baseball team’s history as well. In 1950, the Yankees would sell the team to the Cubs, who then would move to the franchise to Springfield, MA.

1934- The Yankees would sell veteran P Dan MacFayden (1932-1934) to the Reds on a conditional basis, the purchase price of this transaction to be finalized if the Reds decide to keep him ( which they did not). In May of 1935, the Braves would purchase him from the Yankees. Overall, for the 1932-1934 Yankees Dan had posted a 14-10 record with a 4.68 ERA in 64 games. On June 5, 1932, the Yankees had acquired Dan from the Red Sox in a trade for  2 veteran Pitchers: Ivy Andrews and Hank Johnson. 

1941- Former Yankees All-Star Pitcher (1964-1974) and Long-Time MLB Pitching Coach Mel Stottlemyre Sr. was born. (1941-2019)

Before the start of the 1961 AL season, the Yankees had signed Pitcher Mel Stottlemyre, as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. Mel was called up from AAA Richmond Virginians (IL) during the 1964 AL season. He would post a 9-3 record as a starter to help the Yankees win the 1964 AL pennant.  Mel went 1-1 in 3 games in the 1964 World Series against the Cardinals, facing St. Louis Ace Bob Gibson in each start. Mel was a 20-game winner 3-times during his Yankees pitching career. He would finish with a 164-139 mark with 40 shutouts and a career ERA of 2.97 in 360 games. He had a string of 287 consecutive starts before his pitch arm injury. Mel was a member of the AL All-Star teams in 1965-1966 and 1968-1970.  Mel was hurt during the 1974 AL season, appearing in only 16 games. while posting a 6-7 record with a 3.58 ERA. On March 29,1975, he was unable to recover from his arm injury from 1974 AL season, Mel was released by the Yankees. Former Yankees Manager Ralph Houk, now with the Tigers, gave him a tryout, but which proved to be unsuccessful; so, he retired as active MLB player. Mel had 2 sons, Mel Jr. and Todd, who both would pitch in the MLB. He was an MLB Pitching Coach for several teams; including the Yankees, before retiring from baseball.

1951- Lefty O'Doul's All-Stars, including MLB stars Joe DiMaggio, Ferris Fain and Billy Martin lose 3-1 to a Pacific League All-Star team. This is only the 2nd time since 1922 that an American pro team has lost to Japan team; the 1st time to pro players.

1963- Former Yankees Catcher, MLB Manager and Baseball Executive Herold “Muddy” Ruel (1917-1920) had passed away. (1896-1963)

On August 21,1917, Catcher Muddy Ruel was purchased by the Yankees from the St. Louis Browns. He had appeared in 170 games for the Yankees, while hitting .251 with 1 HR and 46 RBIs. On December 15,1920, he was traded by the Yankees along with INF Del Pratt, P Hank Thormahlen and OF Sammy Vick to the Red Sox for Pitchers Harry Harper and Waite Hoyt, INF Mike McNally and Catcher Wally Schang. From 1915 to 1934, he was active MLB player,  playing for the Browns, Yankees, Red Sox, Senators, Tigers and the White Sox. He played in 2 World Series with the 1924-1925 Senators. In 1947, Muddy was the MLB Manager of the St. Louis Browns. In 1951, he was the Farm Director of the Indians. He would hold the same position with the 1952-1954 Tigers. Later, Ruel was the General Manager of the 1954-1956 Tigers.

1968- The Yankees would sell veteran MLB INF John Kennedy to the new AL Expansion Team, the Seattle Pilots for Cash. After being obtained from the Dodgers on April 3,1967, for Reserve OF/1B John Miller, Minor League P Jack Cullen and temporary transfer of INF/OF Roy White to Dodgers AAA team in PCL. For the Yankees, John had only hit .196 in 78 games. The Yankees had hope that Roy White could learn to become a better 2B from the Dodgers organization, but it didn’t work out. Roy was later switched to the Outfield. Kennedy would later play for the Brewers and Red Sox before finishing up his MLB playing career in 1974. Later, he would become an MLB Scout for the Yankees.

1978- The Yankees had signed MLB Free Agent Starter Luis Tiant to a 2-year $875,000 contract. Tiant, formerly of the Red Sox, becomes the 1st MLB Free Agent to sign with a new club following the 1978 MLB Re-Entry Draft. For the 1979-1980 Yankees, Luis Tiant would post a  21-17 record with a 4.31 ERA in 55 games. In 19 MLB seasons, he would finish with an MLB pitching record of 229-172 along with a 3.30 ERA in 484 games.

1987- The Yankees had traded OF Don Pasqua, C Mark Salas and Minor League P Steve Rosenberg to the White Sox for 2 Pitchers: Richard Dobson and Scott Nielsen. In 1988, Dobson would post a 12-9 record along with a 5.00 ERA for the team. In 1989, he would post a 2-5 record with a 5.87 ERA before released by the team in June; he would be resigned by the White Sox. In 3 seasons with the Yankees, OF Dan Pasqua had hit .251 with 42 HRs and 112 RBIs. At the end of the 1987 AL season, he had asked the Yankees front office for trade. For 1987 Yankees, Salas had hit .200 in 50 games. Steve Rosenberg had posted an 8-5 record in the Yankees Minor League system, while pitching for AA Albany Yankees (EL) and the AAA Columbus Clippers (IL). Nielsen, who had previously pitched for the Yankees, he would post a 3-4 record for AAA Hawaii Islanders (PCL) and with the White Sox, he was 3-5.

1990- Former Yankees Minor League P Arodys Vizcaino was born.

In 2007, the Yankees had signed P Arodys Vizcaino as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. He never pitch for the Yankees at the MLB level. On December 22, 2009, he was traded by the Yankees along with MLB OF Melky Cabrera, P Michael Dunn and Cash to the Braves for 2 pitchers: Reliever Boone Logan and veteran MLB Starter Javier Vazquez.

1990- Former Yankees Reliever Luke Bard (2022) was born.

The brother of MLB player Daniel Bard and the son of Minor Leaguer Paul Bard, Pitcher Luke Bard was selected by the 16th round of the 2009 MLB Amateur Player Draft. He did not sign, opting to attend Georgia Tech instead. He was then chosen by the Twins in the supplemental 1st round of the 2012 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  He was soon signed by the team and made his pro debut that summer with the GCL Twins. On December 14, 2017, he was drafted by the Angels in the 2017 MLB Rule 5 Player Draft.  He would make his MLB pitching debut with the Angels on March 31, 2018, by pitching 1 scoreless inning in relief. He would make 40 appearances for the Halos in the 2 seasons, pitching to a 4.90 ERA in between being returned to the Twins and pitching in Triple A during the 2018 season. On August 5, 2022, Reliever Luke Bard was selected off waivers by the Yankees from the Rays. For Tampa in 2022, he had posted a 1-1 record with a 1.95 ERA in 8 games. With the 2022 Yankees, he would appear in 1 game with no record before being DFA several times and resigned by the team during the 2022 season. On October 24, 2022, he was granted MLB Free Agency by the Yankees.

1997- Former Yankees Minor League C Moe Thacker had passed away. (1934-1997)

Catcher Moe Thacker was another of the many players who began their playing careers in the Yankees Minor League organization, who reached the MLB with a different team.  In 1952, the Yankees had signed Moe Thacker as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. The young catcher would make it as high as the with the AAA Denver Bears (AA) in 1956. The 1957 AA New Orleans Pelicans (SA) was his next team, where he hit .240, while catching 136 games. All that got him was being traded by the Yankees to the Cubs before the start of the 1958 MLB season. Moe would play as a Reserve Catcher for the Cubs and Cardinals (1958,1960-1963), while appearing in 158 games, hitting just .177.

1998- The ball thrown by Red Sox Pitcher Howard Ehmke and hit by Yankees Slugger Babe Ruth for 1st HR in Yankee Stadium history is sold at an auction for $126,500 (110,000 bid + 15% commission). Mark Scala had found the 1923 historic Home Run ball in the attic of his Grandmother's home several years ago.

2008- The Yankees look to upgrade their offense by trading for White Sox OF1B/DH Nick Swisher. Also, they would pick-up Minor League P Kaneoka Texeira in their deal with Chicago, while giving up Minor League Pitching Prospect Jeff Marquez, MLB INF Wilson Betemit and P Jhonny Nunez.

2009- Former Yankees Reliever Ron Klimkowski (1969-1970,1972) had passed away. (1945-2009)

On August 3,1967, Reliever Ron Klimkowski came to the Yankees in the Elston Howard trade with the Red Sox. He had appeared in 48 games for the Yankees by going 6-8 with 1 save before being traded for A’s veteran OF/DH Felipe Alou. On May 22,1972, Ron was released by the Oakland A’s. On May 22,1972, he was signed as an MLB Free Agent by the Yankees. He would post a 0-3 record with 1 save in 16 games in his last active MLB season.

2015- Yankees Catcher Brian McCann won his 6th MLB Silver Bat award. He had won 5 while playing for the Braves in the NL, before joining the Yankees in 2015.

2017- Yankees Rookie OF Aaron Judge, who had led the AL in HRs with 52, is the unanimous winner of the 2017 AL Rookie of the Year Award, meanwhile Dodgers 1B Cody Bellinger is a unanimous winner in the NL Rookie of the Year Award.

November 14th

1876- Former Yankees Pitcher Harry Howell (1903) was born. (1876-1956)

For the 1903 Yankees, veteran MLB hurler Harry Howell had posted a 9-6 record with a 3.53 ERA in 25 games. On March 6,1904, Harry was traded by the Yankees along with $8,000 Cash payment to the St. Louis Browns for veteran P Jack Powell.

1885- Former Yankees OF/1B Jack Lelivelt (1912-1913) was born. (1885-1941)

On August 23,1912, OF/1B Jack Lelivelt was traded by AA Rochester (IL) to the Highlanders for a Player to be Named Later and OF Guy Zinn. On August 28,1912, the Highlanders would send Minor League OF Klondike Smithto AA Rochester (IL) to complete the trade. For the  1912-1913 Yankees, Jack would hit .339 with 2 HRs and 27 RBIs with in 54 games. On May 25,1913, Jack was traded by the Yankees along with INF Bill Stumpf to the Cleveland Naps (aka Indians) for Shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh. Later, he would manage in the Minor Leagues from 1920 to 1940. 

1938- Former Yankees Catcher Les Nunamaker (1914-1917) had passed away. (1898-1938)

On May 13,1914, Catcher Les Nunamaker was purchased by the Yankees from the Red Sox. On August 3,1914, as a member of the Yankees, Nunamaker threw out 3 Tiger baserunners trying to steal 2nd base in the same inning. He is the only catcher since the turn of the 20th century to accomplish the feat. Les would appear in 369 games for the Yankees, while hitting .262 with 2 HRs and 107 RBIs. On January 22,1918, he was traded by the Yankees along with 2 Pitchers: Urban Shocker and Nick Cullop, INF Joe Gedeon, 2B Fritz Maisel and $15,000 Cash to the St. Louis Browns for veteran Starter Eddie Plank and 2B Del Pratt. 

1940- Former Yankees Pitcher George Clark (1913) had passed away. (1891-1940)

Pitcher George Clark had appeared in 11 games for the 1913 Yankees, finishing the season with an 0-1 record with a 9.00 ERA.

1969- Former Yankees Minor League INF Curt Roberts had passed away. (1929-1969)

On April 4,1957, the A’s had sent Players to be Named Later and INF Curt Roberts to the Yankees to complete an earlier deal that was made on February 19,1957.  On February 19, 1957, KC would send Players to be Named Later, Infielders Wayne Belardi, Jack McMahan and Pitchers Art Ditmar and Bobby Shantz to the Yankees for a Player to be Named Later, MLB OF Irv Noren, 1B Milt Graff, INF Billy Hunter, 3 veteran Pitchers: Mickey McDermott, Tom Morgan and Rip Coleman. He had originally come up to MLB as a 2B to the Pirates, being their 1st Black player. Curt would never appear with the Yankees at the MLB level. He would play for their top AAA team: the AAA Denver Bears (AA). Curt would continue to play in the high Minor Leagues until his player retirement in 1963.

1973- Former Yankees Reserve OF Ruben Rivera (1995-1996) was born.

In 1990, OF Ruben Rivera was signed by the Yankees as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. He was the cousin of Yankees Closer Mario Rivera. Ruben had appeared in 54 games for the Yankees, hitting .281 with 2 HRs and 17 RBIs. He had injured his shoulder in 1996. On April 22,1997, Ruben was traded by the Yankees along with Minor League P Rafael Medina and $3 to the Padres for Players to be Named Later, 2B Homer Bush and Minor League OF Gordon Amerson. The Padres would send P Hideki Irabu to the Yankees on May 29,1997. On June 9,1997, Minor League Player Vernon Maxwell was sent to the Bronx to complete the trade. During the 2002 MLB Spring Training camp, Ruben was trying to make a comeback with the Yankees a reserve OF; when he was involved in an incident taking Derek Jeter’s glove from the Yankees clubhouse in Tampa. The club would give him his unconditional player release. In 2002, he would play for the Rangers, then in 2003 with his MLB final team, the Giants. From 2004 to 2015, he would play pro baseball in Mexico.

1978- Former Yankees OF/1B/DH Xavier Nady (2008-2009) was born.

On July 26, 2008, OF/1B Xavier Nady was traded by the Pirates along with Reliever Damaso Marte to the Yankees for Minor League players: P Daniel McCutchen, OF Prospect Jose Tabata, MLB hurlers: Jeff Karstens and Ross Ohlendorf. After just playing 7 games of the 2009 AL season, Nady went down with a season ending injury. He was hitting .286 at the time. His overall Yankees season batting record was .270, while hitting 12 HRs with 42 RBIs in 66 games. After the 2009 AL season was finished, he left the team for MLB Free Agency.

1979- The Yankees had obtained 3B/DH Eric Soderholm from the Rangers for a Player to be Named Later and Cash. On December 13,1979, the Yankees would send 2 Minor League Players: OF Amos Lewis  and P&nbs****y Burdette to the Rangers to complete the trade. As a Reserve 3B/DH for the 1980 Yankees, Eric would hit .287 with 11 HRs and 35 RBIs in 95 games for the team. Eric was the back-up for Yankees All-Star 3B Craig Nettles. He was playing with bad knees as a result of accident in off-season job a construction worker. He would miss the 1981 AL season due to an illness. In October of 1981, Eric was released by the team ending his MLB playing career. He had played for the Twins, White Sox and the Rangers before being traded to the Yankees in 1979. He had appeared in 894 MLB games, while hitting .264 with 102 HRs and 383 RBIs.

1991- Former Yankees Reliever Joely Rodriguez (2021) was born.

On July 29, 2021, the Yankees had acquired OF Joey Gallo and Reliever Joely Rodriquez from the Rangers for 4 Minor League prospects. In 2021 with the Rangers, veteran MLB Reliever Rodríguez, 29, had posted a 1-3  record with a 5.93 ERA and 1 save in 31 relief appearances. The lefty pitcher had missed the 1st 13 games of the 2021 AL season, while being on the IL with a left ankle sprain (March 29th–April 16th). In 4 MLB seasons with the 2016-2017 Phillies and the 2020-2021 Rangers, he had posted an overall 2-5 record with a 5.05 ERA in 81 relief appearances. Also, he would spend 2 seasons with the 2018-2019 Chunichi Dragons (JPL), having a 3-7 record with a 1.85 ERA in over 90 relief appearances in that time span in Japan. On March 31, 2009, he was originally signed by the Pirates as a Non-Drafted Free Agent. On December 10, 2014, he was acquired by the Phillies from the Pirates in exchange for P Antonio ****o. In 2017, Rodríguez was acquired by the Rangers from the Phillies in exchange for a Player to be Named Later or Cash Considerations. For the 2021 AL season, that was split between with the Rangers and Yankees, he had posted a 2-3 record with a 4.66 ERA and 1 save in 52 games. As a 2021 Yankees reliever, he went 1-0 with a 2.84 ERA in 21 games. On November 7, 2021, the Yankees had turned down his 3-milliondollar club option, instead he would receive a $500,000 dollar buyout from the team. On November 9, 2021, he was then resigned by the Yankees for a new 2-Million Dollar player contract for 1-year. On April 3, 2022, Joely was traded by the Yankees to the Mets for veteran MLB Reliever Miguel Castro. Both players will be in their new team’s 2022 bullpens. For the 2022 Mets, he would post a 2-4 record with 4.47 ERA in 55 games.

1991- Former Yankees Minor League Catcher Wynston Sawyer (2020) was born.

Catcher/1B Wynston Sawyer was drafted by the Orioles in the 8th round of the 2010 MLB June Amateur Player Draft from Scripps Ranch HS (San Diego, CA). In 10 minor league seasons, he has appeared in 641 games, while hitting .248 with 41 HRs and 288 RBIs. He never appeared at the MLB level with the Orioles. In the winter of 2019, he was signed by the Yankees, as a Minor League Free Agent. Sawyer would receive an invite to the Yankees 2020 MLB Spring Training Camp. In 2020, he was at the Yankees Alternate Training site in Scranton. When he was called up to the Bronx, but he did not appear in any games for the 2020 Yankees. On October 27, 2020, he was outrighted by the team to AAA Scranton (IL). 

1996-  Blue Jays Starter Pat Hentgen is named the 1996 AL Cy Young Award winner. Hentgen had posted a 20-10 record with a 3.22 ERA along with 177 strikeouts, while Yankees Starter Andy Pettitte, who had a 21-8 record with a 3.87 ERA with 162 strikeouts finishes 2nd place in the AL Cy Young Award voting. 

2000- Former Yankees Minor League 1B Len Gabrielson Sr. had passed away. (1915-2000)

In 1934, 1B Len Gabrielson was signed by the Yankees as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. From 1934 to 1939, he would play in the Yankees Minor League system. He was blocked at the Bronx by the presence of slugger 1B Lou Gehrig and later Babe Dahlgren. He never would appear with the Yankees at the MLB level. On April 8,1939, Len was traded by the Yankees to the Phillies for P Pete Sivess and Cash. During the 1939 NL season, he would play in just 5 games for the Phillies, while hitting .222 with No HRs and 1 RBI, before returning to the Minor Leagues. His son, Len Gabrielson Jr. would later play in the MLB during the 1960’s.

2004- Former Yankees Reserve Catcher Jesse Gonder (1960-1961) had passed away. (1936-2004). 

In 1955, the Reds had originally signed Jesse Gonder as an Outfielder; later, he would be converted into a Catcher. He would never appear with the Reds at the MLB level. On April 1,1960, Jesse was traded by the Reds along with players to be named later to the Yankees for players to be named later. He was assigned to the Yankees AAA club, the Richmond  Virginians (IL). On July 20,1960, the Reds would send veteran Reliever Luis Arroyo, who was at AAA Jersey City. On October 20,1960, P Ted Wieand would be sent to the Yankees to complete the trade. On October 20,1960, the Yankees would send P Zach Monroe and Cash to the Reds to complete the trade. On September 30,1960, Jesse would make his MLB Player Debut with the Yankees, he would hit a pinch-hit HR at Yankee Stadium off of Red Sox Starter Bill Monbouquette for his 1st MLB hit. Jesse would briefly play for the 1960-1961 Yankees, while appearing in only 22 games, hitting .309 with 1 HR and 6 RBIs. He was a member of the Yankees for the 1st weeks of the 1961 AL season as a Pinch-Hitter, before being sent back to AAA Richmond (IL) for the rest of the 1961 season. He did not make any World Series appearances with the 1960-1961 Yankees. He was the starting catcher for their 1960-1961 AAA club, the Richmond Virginians team (IL). On the 1960-1961 Yankees MLB 25-man roster, he blocked by the presence of veteran Catchers Yogi Berra, Elston Howard and Johnny Blanchard. On December 14,1961, Jesse was traded back to the Reds by the Yankees for veteran MLB Reliever Marshall Bridges. For the 1962-1963 Reds, Jesse was a Reserve Catcher. Also, Gonder would play for the 1963-1965 Mets, 1965 Braves and the 1966-1967 Pirates before finishing his MLB playing career with a lifetime BA of .251 with 26 HRs and 94 RBIs in 395 games. In 1963, as a member of the Mets, he was named to the Topps Rookie All-Star Team. After retiring as an MLB player in 1967, Jesse would write a book about the racism that he faced while being a pro black baseball player in the 1950-1960’s.

2005- Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez, whose 48 HRs set an AL record for that position, breaking a 68-year-old Yankees team mark for right-handed hitters, earned his 2nd AL MVP Award in the closest vote since 2001. Rodriguez had edged out Red Sox DH/1B David Ortiz, 331-307 in voting by the BBWAA. He had received 16 of 28 1st place votes, meanwhile Ortiz had earned 11 votes, with 2004 AL MVP Vladimir Guerrero of the Angels collecting the other to finish 3rd with 196 points. The margin of victory is the smallest since Mariner's Ichiro Suzuki edged out the A's Jason Giambi by a vote of 289-281, 4 years ago.

2006- Former Yankees Minor League Player and MLB INF Pete Suder had passed away. (1916-2006) 

Before the start of the 1935 AL season, the Yankees had signed INF Pete Suder as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. The 19-yearold got his 1st taste of pro baseball with the Class D Washington Generals (PSA). Where he had played 3B and fielded at a .947 clip in 98 games, while hitting for a .294 BA. In 1936, Pete would hit .309 with 18 HRs for the Yankees Class C Akron Yankees (MAL), while playing shortstop position at a .951 percentage. In 1937, Pete would then play 3B for the Class B Norfolk Tars (PL) field at a .962 pace; he hit an even .300 with 22 HRs, while making the League’s All-Star team. The 1938 Binghamton Triplets (EL) would have Pete Suder on their team roster. He would help them win the 1938 EL pennant by hitting .278 along with 10 HRs. Pete would make the EL All-Star team at 3B by fielding at a .945 clip in 135 games. For the 1940 season, he would be with Triplets again, playing at the 3B, as he would field .945 in 138 games; while batting .301 with 16 HRs. Pete would help the 2nd place Triplets win the EL playoffs, while making the EL All-Star team. Also, Suder was named the 1940 Eastern League MVP. On October 1,1940, the Yankees would lose him to the Philadelphia Athletics in the MLB Rule 5 Player Draft. In 1941, he would play 3B for the A’s, while appearing in 139 games, hitting .245 with 4 HRs and 52 RBIs.  He would miss the 1944-1945 seasons due to service time in the Army. Pete would remain with the A’s until he played his last MLB game on June 1,1955. Overall, he had played in 1,421 MLB games, while hitting .249 with 49 HRs with 541 RBIs.

2020- Former Yankees Reliever Lindy McDaniel had passed away from COVID-19 Virus at the age of 84. (1935-2020)

Pitcher Lindy McDaniel had been originally signed by the Cardinals in the 1950’s. In 1960, he was named to the NL All-Star team. McDaniel led the NL in saves in 1959-1960 and 1963. His best MLB season was in 1959, as a Cardinals Starter, when he posted a 15-9 record with a 3.41 ERA in 30 games. On July 12,1968, veteran NL hurler Lindy McDaniel was traded by the Giants to the Yankees for veteran AL Starter Bill Monbouquette. He had been infective for the 1968 Giants, having an ERA over 7.00. With the 1968-1973 Yankees, Lindy will post a 38-29 record with a 2.89 ERA along with 58 saves in 265 games. He would replace Reliever Dooley Womack as Manager Houk’s top right-hand Reliever. Lindy McDaniel, Jack Aker and Steve Hamilton gave the team a good bullpen trio for several seasons. As a rare Yankees Starter, Lindy had pitched 1 complete game for the team. McDaniel was the last Yankees Pitcher to hit a HR. On September 28, 1972, he had hit a HR at Tiger Stadium in Detroit. On December 7,1973, Lindy was traded by the Yankees to the Royals for OF Lou Piniella and P Ken Wright. He would post a 6-5 record along with 2 saves with the Royals, before retiring from the game in 1975. His Brother Von McDaniel, also had pitched in the MLB during the 1950’s with the Cardinals, when they were teammates. Lindy McDaniel had pitched in the MLB for 21 seasons (1955-1975), finishing with a 141-119 record with a 3.45 ERA and 174 saves in 987 games. He had pitched for the Cardinals, Cubs and the Giants in NL, meanwhile in the AL, he had hurled for the Yankees and the Royals. Lindy had never appeared in the MLB Postseason during his long MLB pitching career.

November 15th

1916- Former Yankees Pitcher Joe “Professor” Ostrowski (1950-1952) was born. (1916-2003)

On June 15,1950, Pitcher Joe Ostrowski was traded by the St. Louis Browns along with fellow hurlers Tom Ferrick, Sid Schacht and 3B Leo Thomas to the Yankees for OF Jim Delsing, Pitchers Don Johnson, Duane Pillette, veteran INF George “Snuffy” Stirnweiss and $50,000 Cash. He would finish the 1950 AL season with a 1-1 record with a 5.15 ERA and 3 saves; while appearing in 21 games for the Yankees. In 1951, Joe, who would post a 6-4 record with a 3.49 ERA, plus 5 saves; he had appeared in 1 game in the 1951 World Series that season. He had pitched 2 innings with no decision against the Giants. Joe did not appear in the 1950 or 1952 World Series games for the Yankees. Ostrowski had a 2-2 record with a 5.62 ERA and 2 saves in 20 games for the 1952 Yankees. Overall, Joe had a 9-7 record with a 4.37 ERA and 11 saves in 75 games for the 1950-1952 Yankees. Joe would end his 5-year MLB Pitching career with a 23-25 record along with a 4.54 ERA and 16 saves in 150 games. He was called “Professor” because he wore glasses and had taught high school in the off-season in Pennsylvania. In 1941, he was originally signed by the Red Sox. He never would appear with them at the MLB Level.

1951-The BWAA had named Yankees INF Gil McDougald as 1951 AL Rookie of the Year. Gil would hit .306 for the Yankees in 1951, the leading the club with his .306 BA along with 14 HRs and 63 RBIs in 131 games. He had 23 team leading doubles. The White Sox had object to Gil McDougald's ROY award, offering the statistical accomplishments of their great Rookie OF Minnie Miñoso, who had hit .281 with 10 HRs and 76 RBIs in 146 games, leading the AL in triples with 14 and 31 stolen bases.

1955- Former Yankees Minor League P Randy Niemann was born. 

On June 3,1975, P Randy Niemann was selected by the Yankees in the 2nd round of the 1975 MLB Amateur Player Draft (June Secondary). He never pitched for the Yankees at the MLB level. On June 15,1977, Randy was traded by the Yankees along with a Player to be Named Later and INF Mike Fischlin to the Astros for veteran C/1B Cliff Johnson. The Yankees would later send 1B/OF Dave Bergman on November 23, 1977 to the Astros to complete the deal. After his MLB playing career was over, Randy became a Minor League Pitching Coach for the Mets. He was the MLB Bullpen Coach for the 2009-2010 Mets, then in 2011, Randy was named the organization's Pitching Rehab Coordinator, working closely with Mets Ace Johan Santana. Randy would finish the 2012 season as the Red Sox MLB Pitching Coach for the Manager Bobby Valentine. In 2013, he would join the Cardinals Minor League system. Niemann was the Pitching Coach for the 2013-2014 Springfield (MO) Cardinals and the 2015 Class A Palm Beach Cardinals (FSL).

1959- Former Yankees Reserve OF Frederick “Klondike” Smith (1912) had passed away. (1887-1959).

In July of 1912, OF Frederick “Klondike” Smith was purchased by the Yankees from Brockton (NEL). He would only appear in 7 games for the 1912 Yankees, while hitting only.185, before being traded to AA Rochester (IL). Despite his western nickname of “Klondike”, he was actually born in London, England; he would continue to play in the high Minor Leagues until 1916.

1961- For the 2nd consecutive AL season, Yankees RF Roger Maris is named the AL MVP Player. The new single-season MLB HR record holder with 61 HRs, edges out his fellow Yankees teammate CF Mickey Mantle by 4 votes, 202-198. The Orioles All-Star 1B Jim Gentile would finish in 3rd place with 157 votes

1995- Former Yankees Manager Buck Showalter is signed by the new NL Expansion team, the Arizona Diamondbacks, who will not begin play until the 1998 NL season. They had sign him to a 7-year contract as their 1st MLB team manager. Showalter had guided the Yankees to an ALWC berth in 1995, but he left the team because of disagreements with Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner, after the team lost its 1st 2005 AL playoff series to the Mariners. He would be replaced by former NL Manager Joe Torre.

2001- Yankees Starter Roger Clemens, who posted a 20-3 record with a 3.51 ERA and 213 strikeouts; wins the 2001 AL Cy Young Award for an unprecedented 6th time. Previously, Roger Clemens captured the Cy Young  Award with the Red Sox in 1986,1987,1991 and then with the Blue Jays in 1997-1998. He becomes the 1st Yankees Pitcher to win the award since 1978, when Ron Guidry had won the honor.

2005- All-Star LF Hideki Matsui and the Yankees agreed on a new 4-year player contract worth $52 million to the Japanese Outfielder. Both sides had faced a November 15th deadline after which Matsui would go on waivers and be prevented from rejoining the Yankees until May 15, 2006.

2016- Former Yankees Minor League OF Bob Addis had passed away. (1925-2016)

Outfielder Bob Addis was signed by the Yankees from Barberton HS, when he graduated in 1943. He would play for the Class D Wellsville Yankees (PONYL) that season. After being drafted in March 1944, he would join the Marines before being sent to Guam for artillery training. He would serve in China with the Allied Occupation Forces. In 1946, Bob was discharged from the Marines. He would return to pro baseball, spending that season with Class D Wellsville and the Class A Binghamton Triplets (EL.) In 1947, Addis was with the Class A Augusta Tigers (SAL) and the Class B Norfolk Tars (PL). On November 17,1947, Bob was drafted by the Dodgers from theYankees organization in the 1947 Minor League Player Draft. For the 1948 season, he would play for the AA St. Paul Saints (AA). In 1949, Bob was with the AA Saints and the AA Montreal Royals (IL). In the winter of 1948, the Dodgers had traded him to the Boston Braves. In 1950, he played with the AAA Milwaukee Brewers (AA) before being called up and making his MLB Player debut with Braves on September 1,1950. In 1951, he was traded by the Braves to the Cubs. In 1953, he was traded by the Cubs to the Pirates. He would remain in the MLB until the 1953 NL season, when he was sent by the Pirates to the AAA Toronto Maple Leafs (IL). He had played in 208 MLB games for the Braves, Cubs and the Pirates, while hitting .281 with 2 HRs and 47 RBIs. 

2019- Former Yankees Pitcher Jim “Mummy” Coates (1956,1959-1962) had passed away. (1932-2019)

After dropping out of school at age 16, the Yankees signed right-hander Jim Coates as an MLB Amateur Free Agent before the start of the1952 AL season. The 6' 4" pitcher was assigned to the Olean Yankees (PONYL) in his 1st pro season. Jim would respond with a 13-15 record with a 3.19 ERA. The slender pitcher was in the Minor Leagues for the next 5 seasons, sharpening his game for his 1956 MLB Pitching debut. His best season came in 1955, when he went 14-8 with a 2.95 ERA in a split season with the Binghamton Triplets (EL) and the Birmingham Barons (SAL). This performance had earned Jim his 1st stop at Yankee Stadium was in 1956; where he had appeared in 2 games, pitching 2 innings, after spending the season with the AAA Richmond Virginians (IL). He was in Richmond for the next 2 seasons, where he was 22- 23 over the 3-season run. In 1958, he had broken his right pitching arm, he had appeared in only 8 games that season before making the MLB for good in 1959. From 1959 to 1962, Jim worked as a Spot Starter and Reliever for the Bronx Bombers, going 37-15 record with a 3.84 ERA and 15 saves in 167 games. He had a 13-3 mark with a 4.28 ERA with 1 save in 35 game. In 1960, a year in which he was selected to the AL Team in the 1st of 2 MLB All-Star games. Jim Coates was especially tough at Yankee Stadium, of pitchers with at least 20 wins, Jim had the highest winning percentage (.794) at the "House That Ruth Built"  by going 27-7 during his Yankees pitching career. He is also the last Yankee Pitcher to win both games of a doubleheader. In the 7th game of 1960 World Series against the Pirates, in the 8th inning Jim failed to cover at 1B, which allow the Pirates to extend the inning scoring more runs. Several of the veteran Yankees players blamed him for losing of the World Series Game 7 to the Pirates, not young Reliever Ralph Terry, who gave up Maz’s World Series winning HR in the 9th. During the 1961 Yankees MLB Spring Training Camp, he was confronted by Clete Boyer and other Yankee players about his 7th game World Series performance. 

The lanky Virginian would enjoy his finest moment in Game 4 of the 1961 World Series, when the Yankeeswould beat the Reds by the score of 7-0. Coates had relieved Starter Whitey Ford in the 6th inning because of a foot injury. He would respond with 4 shutout innings by allowing only 1-Reds hit, getting credit for a save. During the 3 World Series (1960-1961 and 1962) that Coates was with the Yankees, he came up with a 0-1 record along with a 4.15 ERA and 1 save, while appearing in 6 games. On April 21,1963, the Yankees would trade Jim Coates to the Senators for Pitcher Steve Hamilton. He would finish his Yankees Pitching career with a 37-15 record  along with a 3.84 ERA and 15 saves in 167 games, as a Yankees Starter/Reliever. The right-hander would also make MLB stops with the 1963 Senators, 1963 Reds and the 1965-1967 Angels during his MLB pitching career. He had the reputation of knocking down batters. He threw with a side-arm delivery and turned his head away from the batter at the last second. It was downright nasty. Jim said: "If you have to knock a batter down, you knock him down." Coates would finish his 9-season MLB run with an overall record of 43-22 along with an even 4.00 ERA in 247 games. After being cut loose from the Angels, Jim would dropped down to the PCL; he would finish up his 15-year Minor League run with the AAA Hawaii Islanders (PCL) at the age of 37 in 1970. His record in the Minor Leagues shows a 142-113 mark along with a 2.81 ERA. Overall, he had spent 19 active seasons in pro baseball (1952-1970). Coates was an unforgettable character. Jim Bouton in his book Ball Four wrote of his skeletal former teammate. "Coates could pose as the illustration for an undertaker's sign. He has the personality to match..." Jim was also known as the only Yankees pitcher who could sleep with his eyes open and pitch with them closed. Jim's nickname, to his Yankee teammates was "The Mummy.”

2019- Former Yankees All-Star OF Irv Noren (1952-1956) had passed away. (1924-2019)

Outfielder Irv Noren was originally signed by the Dodgers, who later  would trade him to the Senators. On May 3,1952, Irv was traded by the Nats along with OF Tom Upton to the Yankees for OF Jackie Jensen, P Frank “Spec” Shea, INF Jerry Snyder and OF Archie Wilson. Irv could play all 3 Outfield positions, which made him perfect match for Yankees Manager Casey Stengel’s platoon system. Outfielder Irv Noren had 3 good out of 4 seasons, while playing for the 1952-1956 Yankees; including hitting .319 in 1954, despite being troubled with 2-bad knees. He had appeared in 3 World Series with the Bombers with the 1952 World Series being his best, hitting .300 against the Dodgers. Irv was on the 1954 AL All-Star team. While playing for the Yankees, Irv had appeared in 488 games, while hitting .272 with 31 HRs and 198 RBIs. After hitting just .216 for 1956 team due to injuries, on February 12,1957,  Irv was traded by the Yankees along with a Player to be Named Later, Minor League 1B Milt Graff, MLB INF Billy Hunter, MLB Pitchers Mickey McDermott, Rip Coleman and Tom Morgan to the Kansas City Athletics for Players to be Named Later, Pitchers Art Ditmar, Bobby Shantz, Infielders Jack McMahan and  Wayne Belardi. Yankees would send Minor League P Jack Urban on April 5,1957 to KC to complete their part of the trade. Then Athletics would send Reserve INF Curt Roberts on April 4, 1957 to complete the trade. Also, Kansas City would send Rookie INF Clete Boyer on June 4,1957 to the Yankees to complete the trade. Irv had played in the MLB for the Senators, Yankees, A’s, Cardinals, Cubs before finishing up with the 1960 Dodgers. He would finish his MLB playing career with a lifetime .275 BA along with 65 HRs and 453 RBIs. Later, he was a Minor League Manager for the Dodgers. He would manage their AAA team, the 1962-1963 Hawaii Islanders (PCL). It being the Hawaiian Islands, Noren had a $50 fine for any player who showed up too sunburned to play. He said 1 player came to Hawaii and got off the plane carrying a snorkel and flippers. In 1964, Noren was an MLB Scout for the Senators. Then he was out of baseball from 1965 to 1969. In 1970, he would manage the Niagara Falls Pirates, then he would return to MLB Coaching. Also, he would serve as an MLB 3B Coach for the 1972-1974 Oakland A’s. In 1975, he was a member of the Cubs MLB Coaching staff. He was also a horse owner, who had participated in races at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and elsewhere in Southern California.

2022- The Yankees have announced today, that they have re-signed INF Anthony Rizzo to a 2-year MLB contract extending through the 2024 season with a club option for the 2025 season. Rizzo, 33, hit .224 with 77 Runs, 21 doubles, 1 triple, 32 HRs, 75 RBIs, 58 BB, 23 HP and 6 SB in 130 games with the Yankees in 2022. His 32 HRs matched his MLB player career high (also 2014, 2016 and 2017) and were tied for the 7th-most in the AL. Over parts of 2 seasons with the 2021-2022 Yankees, he has hit  .230 BA with 109 runs, 28 doubles, 1 triple, 40 HRs, 96 RBIs, 74 BB, 32 HP and 8 SB in 179 total games.

2022- The Yankees have announced that Reliever Stephen Ridings was claimed off waivers by the Mets. In 2016, Ridings, who is 27, was originally drafted by the Cubs, but then he was traded to the Royals, later he was released by the team. Prior to the start of the 2021 season, he would sign a Minor League deal with the Yankees prior to the start of the 2021 season. He briefly got up the MLB as a COVID player replacement. He would only toss 5 innings in that stint, spending most of the season in the Minors, but he was putting up very impressive numbers on the farm. Between the AA and AAA levels, he would throw 29 innings along with a 1.24 ERA, 38.2% strikeout rate and 3.6% walk rate. That was enough to get him added to the Yankee MLB roster prior to the 2021 MLB Rule 5 Player Draft, 1 year ago. However, his right shoulder issues would land him on the 60-day IL in April;  he never would return to team. He did do start a Rehab Assignment in September, but he only got into 2 Minor League games before the 2021 offseason arrived. Various MLB teams are facing roster squeezes this week, since today is the deadline to add prospects to 40-man rosters in order to protect them from being selected in the Rule 5 Player Draft. As such, some other players are going to get nudged out of their spots, and it seems that Ridings was one such player for the Yankees. He would be selected by the Mets.

2022- The Yankees have protected a valuable prospect from the grubby hands of their foes

The team has added P Randy Vasquez to their 40-man roster on Tuesday. The MLB Rule 5 Player Draft is set for Dec. 7th at the 2022 MLB Winter Meetings being held in San Diego, Ca. The Yankees’ 40-man MLB roster, now sits at 38 players. Teams, who select players in the MLB portion of the Rule 5 Player Draft must keep them through spring training and on their 26-man active roster throughout the entire regular season, otherwise the player must be offered back to his previous club. MLB Pipeline ranks Vazquez, 24, as the Yankees’ No. 14 overall prospect. Vazquez, a Dominican Republic native, was also ranked No. 90 on Baseball Prospectus’ top 100 list at the start of the 2022 season. Vazquez had spent the entire 2022 season at AA Somerset, where he posted a 3.90 ERA in 25 starts. He had struck out 9.4 batters per 9 innings but he had walked 3.2 per 9. At 6 ft. and 165 pounds, Vazquez leads with a power, high-spin curveball and a fastball that has touched 98 mph, but lives in the mid-to-low 90s. Also, he also throws an inconsistent slider and changeup. The Yankees have left several notable Rule 5-eligible prospects unprotected. They have included Catchers Josh Breaux and Anthony Seigler, Pitchers Matt Sauer and Zach Green and Infielders Andrew Chaparro and Jesus Bastidas.

November 16th

1883- Former Yankees INF/P Rollie “Bunions” Zeider (1903) was born. (1883-1967)

On June 1,1913, INF Rollie Zeider was traded by the White Sox along with 1B Babe Borton to the Yankees for 1B Hal Chase. For the Yankees, Rollie would hit .233 with No HRs and 12 RBIs in 50 games. Before the start of 1914 AL season, Rollie would jump from the Yankees to play for the Chicago Chi-Feds (Federal League.) He was the one of the 2 MLB players to play for all of 3 Chicago MLB teams, the White Sox, Cubs, the Chi-Feds and Whales (Federal League teams). Later, he would become a Minor League Manager.

1932- Former Yankees Minor League C Harry Chiti was born. (1932-2002)

On December 14,1956, the Cubs would send a Player to be Named Later and C Harry Chiti to the Yankees to complete an earlier deal made on December 11th. On December 11,1956, the Cubs sent a Player to be Named Later to the Yankees for veteran Reserve Catcher Charlie Silvera, Cash and another Player to be Named. Harry never appeared with the Yankees at the MLB level. He was sent to the AAA Denver Bears (AA) for the 1957 baseball season. On December 2,1957, Harry was drafted by the Kansas City A’s from the Yankees organization in the 1957 MLB Rule 5 Player Draft. Also, he would later play for the Tigers and the 1962 Mets before leaving baseball.

1950- In the 1950 MLB Rule 5 Player Draft, the Yankees had selected P Bob Muncrief from the Cubs organization. With the 1951 Yankees, Bob would post a 0-0 record with a 9.00 ERA in 2 games. He had previously pitched in the MLB with the Browns and Indians, while appearing in the 1944 and 1946 World Series with the 2 teams. Overall, Bob had posted an 80-82 record with a 3.80 ERA in 273 MLB games.

1962- Former Yankees OF Hugh “Bunny” High (1915-1918) had passed away. (1876-1962)

Outfielder Hugh “Bunny” High had played 6 seasons during the deadball era for the Tigers and Yankees. In 1913-1914, he was the 4th outfielder to the Tigers' regular outfield of Ty Cobb, Sam Crawford and Bobby Veach. For the 1913-1914 Tigers, High had hit .247 in 171 games. On February 4,1915, Hugh High was purchased along with 1B Wally Pipp by the Yankees from the Tigers for $10,000 Cash. For the 1915-1918 Yankees, he would appear in 345 games, while hitting .250 with 3 HRs with 90 RBIs.

1964- Former Yankees Pitcher Dwight “Doc” Gooden (1996-1997, 2000) was born.

Veteran MLB All-Star Starter “Doc” Gooden would post a 24-12 record with a 4.67 ERA in 67 games with the Yankees, including throwing a No-Hitter against the Mariners in 1996. In the fall of 1997, he would leave the Yankees for MLB Free Agency, signing with the Indians. In 1984, as a Mets Rookie Starter, he was voted the NL Rookie of Year. Then he won the 1985 NL Cy Young Award with the Mets. Overall, as an MLB Pitcher, he would post a 194-112  record with a 3.51 ERA in 430 MLB games. 

1976- Yankees Catcher Thurman Munson is named AL MVP. He had hit .302 with 17 HRs and 105 RBIs, earning 18 out of 24 1st-place MVP votes.

1998- Former Yankees Special Pitching Coach and MLB Player Russ “Mad Monk” Meyer had passed away. (1923-1998) 

Russ Meyer had appeared with the 1950 Phillies and the 1953, 1955 Dodgers against the Yankees in the World Series with a 0-1 record. He would finish his MLB Pitching career with the 1959 Kansas City A’s. Meyer would serve as a Minor League Pitching Coach with the Yankees in the 1980’s, working with Manager Buck Showalter with the Class A teams: the Oneonta Yankees (NYPL), Fort Lauderdale Yankees (FSL) and the AA Albany-Colonie Yankees (EL). In 1992, Russ Meyer and Buck Showalter were promoted to the Bronx, where he would spend the 1992 AL season as a Yankees Bench Coach. 

1998- The Yankees had traded Minor League 3B Allen Butler to the Twins for MLB Reliever Dan Naulty, who had 4-5 record with a 4.61 ERA and 5 saves in 97 games in 3 seasons for the Twins. In 1998, Dan would go 1-0 with a 4.38 ERA in 33 games before ending on the DL with a season ending injury. Allen Butler had hit .268 with 19 HRs and 81 RBIs for the Class AA Greensboro Bats (SAL). On December 14,1999, Dan was traded by the Yankees to the Dodgers for Minor League 1B Nick Leach. 

2002- The New York Yankees and the Yomiuri Giants sign an agreement to form a working relationship. Being the most successful teams in their respective pro baseball leagues, the organizations hope to establish scouting and marketing ties, which will benefit both teams.

2017- The AL MVP Award is announced, as Astros 2B José Altuve easily outpolls Yankees RF Aaron Judge. It is the 1st time winning the AL MVP Award for Altuve.

2018- Former Yankees Batting Practice Pitcher and MLB Player (1958) Nick Testa had passed away. (1929-2018)

Catcher Nick Testa would appear in 1 MLB game with the 1958 Giants, later that season, he would become the Giants Bullpen Coach. He played in 1 game as a Catcher, but he didn’t get a chance to bat in the game. Nick had played in the Minor Leagues from 1947-1964 playing for the Giants, Cardinals and Braves Minor League organizations. During the off-season of 1960, Nick was the catcher for the  baseball TV show “Home Run Derby.” In 1962, Nick would go to Japan to play baseball. That season, he would play in 57 games for the Daimai Orions, while only batting .136 with No HRs and 5 RBIs.  Later, Testa would serve as a Coach for the St. Lucie Legends in the Senior Professional Baseball Association during their lone year of existence in 1989. He also would coach the College Baseball team at Lehman College. After retiring from his Head Coaching job at Lehman, Nick Testa would join the Yankees as their Batting Practice Coach, serving on 5 World Championship Teams. He would work behind the plate at the Yankees winter fanasty baseball camps. On November 16, 2018, Nick Testa would pass away at the age of 90 at his home in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.

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This Week in Yankees History November 12th-18th Part Two


November 17th

1867- Former Yankees Manager George Stallings (1909-1910) was born. (1867-1929)

George Stallings reached the MLB as a player in 1890, going hitless in 4 games with the NL Brooklyn Bridegrooms. He was soon back in the Minor Leagues. In 1893, he would begin his pro baseball managing career with the Augusta Electricians (SL). He was also the Head Baseball Coach at Mercer University from 1893-1896. He became the Phillies Manager in 1897, also appeared in 2 games as the club would finished in 10th place in the NL. He played in 1 game with the team the next summer, but he was replaced by Bill Shettsline at the helm on June 18th. In 1901, Stallings would lead the Tigers to a 3rd place finish. Then he would find success with the AA Buffalo Bisons (IL), leading the club to 2 Eastern League titles. He would take over the job as Yankees Manager for the 1909 AL season. The 1909 Yankees had finished in 5th place in the AL with a 74-77 record. The 1910 Highlanderswere in 2nd place late in the season, before he resigned on September 21st.  Stallings had a disagreement with Yankee Co-Team Owners Farrell and Devery over 1B Hal Chase’s play. He had strongly felt that that Chase was trying to throw games and gambling on them as well. Ironically, Stallings was replaced by the team’s Co-Owners with 1B Hal Chase. Overall, George Stallings Yankees Manager record was 153-138. After 2 more seasons back with Buffalo, Stallings  would become Manager of the 1913 Boston Braves. He  would take the club from last place to a NL pennant in 1914. The Miracle Braves, as the 1914 squad was known, were in last place for much of the 1st part of the 1914 NL season; as late as July 18th. On August 4th, they had climbed to 4th place, but they didn't reach 1st until August 25th. They dropped back into 2nd, but by September 5th they were atop the NL standings for good. They went on to sweep Philadelphia Athletics in the 1914 World Series. Under Stallings' leadership, the Braves would finished in 2nd in 1915, he continued to manage the team through the 1920 NL season. In 1959, Stallings was elected to the International League Hall of Fame. 

1913- Former Yankees Pitcher Lee Stine (1938) was born. (1913-2005)

On December 19,1936, P Lee Stine was purchased by the Yankees from the Reds. He had previously pitched for the White Sox before being traded to the Reds. Lee had pitched 4 seasons in the MLB, while he was young, finishing up with the 1938 Yankees, for whom he appeared in 4 games with no record with a 1.04 ERA at age 24. He did not pitch in the 1938 World Series for the Yankees against the Cubs. In 1937, he would pitch for the AA Kansas City Blues (AA), posting a 7-14 record. In 1938, Lee would appear with the Yankees AA team, the Newark Bears (IL), posting a 11-8 record for IL Pennant winning Bears. As an MLB Pitcher, Stine had a 3-8 record along with a 5.09 ERA and 2 saves in 49 games. In 1940, he was pitching for the AA LA Angels (PCL).

1961- Former Yankees Reserve OF Benny Kauff (1912) had passed away. (1890-1961)

Benny Kauff was an outfielder for 12 MLB seasons, including 8 with the Yankees, Giants and in the Federal League; Semipro and Minor League Baseball. He was a World War I Veteran. Heralded as the "Ty Cobb of the Federal League", Kauff never lived up to his braggadocio about what he could do if he played for the Giants. After playing briefly for the Yankees in 1912, he led the Federal League in hits, doubles, runs and batting average (.370) in 1914. Transferred to Brooklyn, while his Newark team moved west, he hit a 3-run HR on opening day in 1915. Feeling overworked and underpaid, he tried to jump back to the Giants, but he was thwarted in that attempt by opposition teams, who cited contractual responsibilities. He finished the season in the Federal League, but he was sold to the Giants for $30,000 Cash upon the League's disbandment in 1915. He became a good, but not great performer, topping .300 in 2 of 5 seasons. He had turned down a $500 bribe from teammates Hal Chase and Heinie Zimmerman to throw a game, reported the incident to Giants Manager John McGraw. He remained in the team's good graces, until he ran afoul of the law in February 1920 for accepting stolen cars in a used car business that he and his brother ran. MLB Commissioner Kenesaw Landis banned him from organized baseball before the 1921 MLB season got underway, calling his subsequent acquittal a "miscarriage of justice".

1964- The Mets would name former Yankees great Yogi Berra to their MLB Coaching staff. Berra signs a 2-year contract with the team. He will work under another former Yankees legend and his former long-time boss, Casey Stengel, who is current the Mets' Manager.

1966- Former Yankees Reliever Jeff Nelson (1996-2000, 2003) was born.

Pitcher Jeff Nelson was signed by MLB Scout Bob Carter for the Dodgers as a 22nd round pick in the 1986 MLB Amateur Player Draft. On December 9,1986, Jeff was drafted by the Mariners from the Dodgers in the 1986 Minor League Player Draft. On December 7,1995, P Jeff Nelson was traded by the Mariners along with 1B Tino Martinez and P Jim Mecir to the Yankees for INF Russ Davis and Starter Sterling Hitchcock. On August 6, 2003, Jeff was traded by the Mariners back to the Yankees for veteran MLB Closer Armando Benitez. With the 2003 Yankees, Nelson went 1-0 in 24 games with 1 save in his last MLB active season. As a set-up man with the Yankees, Nelson had posted a 23-19 record with a 3.47 ERA and 9 saves in 331 games. He had pitched for 4 World Champion Yankee teams, appearing in 16 World Series games, while posting a 1-0 record with 1.69 ERA. As an MLB Pitcher, Jeff would post a 48-45 record with a 3.41 ERA and 33 saves in 798 games, while pitching for the Mariners (3 times), Yankees (twice), White Sox and the Rangers.

1977- Former Yankees Shortstop and MLB Manager Roger Peckinpaugh (1913-1921) had passed away. (1891-1977) 

On May 25,1913, Shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh was traded by the Cleveland Naps (aka Indians) to the Yankees for INF Bill Stumpf and OF Jack Lelivelt. He would stabilize the Yankees infield with his steady play at Shortstop. Roger’s best Yankees season was in 1919, when he hit .309 with 89 RBIs. During the 1914 AL season, he had managed the team for 17 games, going 9-8. Overall, as a Yankees player, Roger would hit .257 with 36 HRs and 428 RBIs in 1,219 games. He would appear in 1 World Series for the team; in 1921, Roger would hit .179 in 8 games against the Giants. On December 20,1921, Roger was traded by the Yankees along with Pitchers Harry Collins, veteran MLB Starter Jack Quinn and Minor League P Bill Piercy to the Red Sox for Shortstop Everett “Deacon” Scott, Pitchers Joe Bush and Sam Jones. During the 1921 AL off-season, he would be traded by the Red Sox to the Senators. He would become an MLB Manager again with the 1929-1933 and 1941 Indians, while posting an overall of 992-499 record.

1977- Former Yankees Pitcher Alex Graman (2004-2005) was born.

The Yankees in the 3rd round of the 1999 MLB Amateur Player Draft had selected P Alex Graman. He had appeared in 5 games with the Yankees with no record. On July 29, 2005, the Yankees would release Alex; the Reds would pick him up in August of 2005. Alex was released by the Reds in September of 2005. From 2006-2011, he would pitch in Japan with the Seibu Lions (JPL). Alex had pitched in 140 games, while posting a 11-17 record with 52 saves as Reliever.

1980- Former Yankees OF Hersh Martin (1944-1945) had passed away. (1909-1980)

Hersh Martin had played 6 seasons in the MLB from 1937-1940 as a CF with the Phillies and from 1944-1945 as a LF with the Yankees. He was an NL All-Star player in 1938. He would steal a few bases; he had moderate power and drew a fair number of walks. In 1938, when he hit .298, when the team had hit .254. On June 20,1944, Hersh Martin was traded by the AA Milwaukee Millers (AA) to the Yankees for 1B Ed Levy and Cash. With the 1944 Yankees at the age of 34, he hit .302 on a team that hit .264 for the season. He had the 2nd-highest BA among the Yankee regulars, behind 2B “Snuffy” Stirnweiss. Playing with the 1944-1945 wartime Bronx Bombers, Hersh would appear in 202 games, while hitting .283 with 16 HRs and 100 RBIs. On December 13,1945, Martin was purchased by the AA Oakland Oaks (PCL) from the Yankees. In 6 MLB seasons, Hersh Martin had played in 607 games, while hitting .285 with 28 HRs and 215 RBIs. In 1955 and 1956, Martin would be an MLB Scout for the Phillies. In 1958, he would be an MLB Scout for the Cubs. From 1961 to 1979, Martin was an MLB Scout for the Mets.

1988- Former Yankees Minor League and MLB Pitcher Shawn Green (2014, 2022) was born.

Shawn Greene was undrafted out of high school. He had attended the Univ. of West Florida on scholarship, but he blew out his elbow late in his freshman season. After Tommy John surgery, he had lost his baseball scholarship; then he would transfer to Daytona Beach Community College. In the 15th round in the 2009 MLB Amateur Player Draft, Green was selected by the Yankees. In 2009, while pitching for the GCL Yankees, he was 1-2 with a 5.87 ERA in 13 relief appearances in his rookie pro season. After converting to starting pitching in 2010, he recorded a 2-8 mark with a 4.59 ERA in 14 starts for the Class A short-season Staten Island Yankees (NYPL) posting a 2-6 record with a 4.59 ERA and the Class A Charleston RiverDogs (SAL) with a 0-2 record with 4.58 ERA. In 2011, the Green was 5-14 with a 4.37 ERA in 27 starts for Charleston. He would lead the South Atlantic League in losses, tied for 5th in runs allowed (88), was 5th in walks (68), was 4th in strikeouts with 128, and tied for 10th with 14 wild pitches. In 2012, he was 4-7 with a 5.22 ERA in 24 games (23 starts) for the Class A Tampa Yankees (FSL), walking 63 batters in 112 IP.  He went 12-10 with a 3.38 ERA in 27 games (26 starts) splitting time between Class A Tampa (FSL) with a 4-6 record, 3.60 ERA, 13 starts) and the AA Trenton Thunder (EL) with an 8-4 record with a 3.18 ERA in 2013. His control was much sharper, with 30 walks in 154 1/3 IP and only 10 HRs allowed. 

His performance with Tampa would earn him a spot in the FSL All-Star Game, while named him an Organization All-Star following the season. Greene was added to the Yankees 40-man MLB roster following the 2013 MLB season. He was in a notable spring training game in 2014, because it was against Florida St. Univ. and Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston. Greene had retired Winston on a grounder. He would start the season in the minors, but he saw little action with the AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees (4 H, 1 BB, 2 R, 5 K in 2 2/3 IP). When Starter Michael Pineda was suspended, the Yankees would call up P Bruce Billings and Greene for arm reinforcements, while sending down INF Dean Anna and P Preston Claiborne to open 25-man MLB roster space. He would make his MLB Pitching debut on April 24th, when he gave up 3 unearned runs on 3 walks in a third of an inning against the Red Sox. He came into the game in the 7th with the Yankees leading, 12-2, but he walked Jackie Bradley and allowed Dustin Pedroia to reach on an error. A passed ball scored Bradley from 3B and he then struck out veteran Shane Victorino. He walked pinch-hitter Jonathan Herrera and Mike Napoli to load the bases, at which point he was replaced by Adam Warren; 2 more runs scored on a sacrifice fly and a double by Xander Bogaerts before the inning ended. After the 1 outing in the MLB, he was sent down in favor of Chris Leroux. 

He would come back to the MLB on July 7th, when he started against the Indians in place of Vidal Nuno, who had been traded the day before. Things went much better this time, as he kept the Indians hitless until the 5th inning, when Nick Swisher touched him for a solo HR; he left after allowing 2 runs in 6 innings and he was credited with his 1st MLB victory, a 5-3 win. He would finish the 2014 season with a 5-4 record with a 3.78 ERA in 15 games for the Yankees. On December 5, 2014, Shawn Greene was involved in a 3-team trade that allowed the Yankees to acquire the heir apparent to Shortstop Derek Jeter as they landed INF Didi Gregorius from the Diamondbacks. For his part, Greene was immediately flipped by the D-Backs to the Tigers in exchange for 2 Minor League Prospects; P Robbie Ray and INF Domingo Leyba. Shawn has pitched for the 2015-2018 Tigers; while posting a 17-21 record with a 5.20 ERA and 43 saves in 205 games. In 2019, he would pitch for the Braves, while posting a 0-3 record with a 2.30 ERA and 23 saves in 65 games. He would return to the Braves in 2020, posting a 1-0 record with a 2.60 ERA in 28 games. Shane would split the 2021 season splitting time with the Braves, then the Dodgers. On May 26, 2022, Shane would sign a Minor League deal with the Yankees. He was assigned to AAA Scranton. He had started out the 2022 MLB season with the Dodgers with a Minor League deal. He would make 1 relief appearance for the team on May 15th, holding the Phillies scoreless for 2 innings, while picking up the win. Then the Dodgers would DFA, he would refuse the outright assignment to AAA, becoming an MLB Free Agent. He did appear in 1 game with the 2022 Yankees, pitching just 1 inning with no decisions, before being sent down to AAA Scranton for the rest of the season. After the 2022 MLB post season had ended, he was granted MLB Free Agency by the Yankees.

1992- The MLB holds the 1992 Player Expansion Team Draft to stock the rosters of the NL’s 2-new teams, the Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies. The Yankees would lose the following players: Minor League OF Carl Everett (Marlins): veteran MLB 3B Charlie Hays (Rockies), Minor League Catcher Brad Ausmus (Rockies). Former Number #1 Draft Pick OF Carl Everett was let go because the Yankees felt that his mental playing attitude wasn’t right. Despite his playing talent, he would have a troubled MLB playing career because of his mental attitude, bouncing around from team to team in the MLB. Hayes who was left unprotected in the player draft due to the Yankees signing MLB Free Agent 3B Wade Boggs. Charlie would later return to the Yankees in August of 1996. Catcher Brad Ausmus would have a decent MLB playing career, the Yankees felt that he wasn’t going to be a power hitter, so they left him exposed to the player draft. Later, he would become an MLB Manager for several teams. 

1994- Former Yankees Pitcher Adonis Rosa (2019-2020) was born.

On December 9, 2013, P Adonis Rosa was signed by the Yankees as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. He had been pitching at the 2020 Yankees’ Alternate Training Site at Scranton. Rosa has a 3.35 ERA, with a 3.79 K/BB rate and 7.8 K/9 over 515 1/3 career Minor League innings, starting 74 of his 114 career games in New York’s farm system. Rosa’s MLB resume consists of a 1 game with a 2-inning relief appearance for the Yankees on August 13, 2019 against the Orioles. On September 5, 2020, he was released by the team. 

2013- Former Yankees Reserve OF John “Zeke” Bella (1957) had passed away. (1930-2013)

In 1951, the Yankees had signed OF John “Zeke” Bella as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. He would appear in only 5 games for the 1957 Yankees, while hitting just .182. He had played for the 1955-1958 AAA Denver Bears (AA), hitting over .300 each season for Bears Manager Ralph Houk. On August 22,1958, John was traded by the Yankees along with Cash to Kansas City for veteran P Murry Dickson. Overall, as an MLB player, with the 1957 Yankees and the 1959 A’s, Zeke had appeared in 52 games; he had 18 hits in 92 at-bats finishing his MLB playing career with a .196 BA. He would finish out his pro baseball playing career in 1960, playing with the A’s AAA club in Dallas

2022- Yankees RF Aaron Judge is the AL winner of the AL MVP Award. His AL-record 62 HRs  had grabbed the sports headlines, but Judge led all of baseball in a bevy of categories, including runs (133), RBIs (131), OBP (.425), slugging (.686), OPS (1.111) and total bases (391). He had finished 2nd in the AL Batting Championship race with .314 BA.

November 18th

1863- Former Yankees C/1B and MLB Manager Deacon McGuire (1904-1907) was born. (1863-1936)

Deacon McGuire had played pro baseball for 26 years (1884-1912). On February 21,1904, the 41-year-old Catcher was purchased by the Highlanders from the Tigers. He would play for the Yankees from 1904 to 1907. He had appeared in 225 games for the team, while hitting .230 with No HRs and 67 RBIs. He would share the Yankees catching duties with Red Kleinow. On June 7,1907, Deacon was selected off waivers by the Boston Americans (aka Red Sox) from the Highlanders. He would become the 1907 Red Sox Manager. Overall, as an MLB player, he had appeared in 1,781 games; while hitting .278 with 45 HRs and 840 RBIs. As an MLB Manager, he had led the 1898 Senators, 1907-1908 Red Sox and the 1909-1911 Cleveland Naps (aka Indians).

1922- Former Yankees Minor League INF Kermit Wahl was born. (1922-1987)

In 1940, Kermit Wahl had graduated from Columbia HS, where he starred in baseball and basketball at age 17. Then he would attend Indiana Univ., where he  had played Big-10 College Baseball. In the summers, he would play in the independent Western Canadian League. He had served in the U.S. Army Enlisted Reserve Corps for 7 months during World War II before receiving a medical discharge for a knee injury suffered in his Sr. year of basketball (OB). He went back to college and would receive his Bachelor of Science degree in Education. In 1944, he was signed by the Reds as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. Wahl would break into Organized Baseball at age 21 with the Class A Birmingham Barons (SA). In his pro debut with the Barons, he would hit .231 with 3 RBIs. On June 22, 1944, Wahl was 21-years old, when he joined the MLB with the Reds. Also in 1945, when he was a utility infielder, appearing in 71 games. With the 7th-place team, he would hit .201 in 194 at bats with 8 doubles and 2 triples. The 1st postwar year of 1946 would find Kermit playing for the AA Syracuse Chiefs (IL). The Chiefs would finish 2nd in the IL, as he would hit .271 with 7 HRs and 58 RBIs. In 1947, Kermit was again spent time with the Reds as their utility infielder. He would play in 39 games. His BA had dropped to .173 in 81 at bats. For the 5th-place Reds, he hit his 1st MLB HR run on June 27th off of Howie Pollet, but that was his only extra-base hit of the season. In 1948, he was back with the AA Syracuse Chiefs (IL), where he had a good power year by hitting .255 with 20 HRs and 95 RBIs. The team would finish 3rd, Kermit was sent from the Reds to the Dodgers. In 1949, he  would play for the Dodgers' top farm team, the AA Montreal Royals (IL). They would finish 3rd in the IL as Kermit would hit .286 with 11 HRs and 83 RBIs. On September 28,1949, he was traded by the Dodgers to the Philadelphia A’s for Bill McCahan and $25,000 Cash. In 1950-1951, he would play for the A’s, as his 2 good years in the International League had earned him a promotion to the MLB, albeit with the last-place A’s, who won only 52 games for Manager/Owner Connie Mack in 1950. Again, he was a utility INF making the A’s lineup cards 89 times. He had hit better then in his previous MLB seasons (.257) with 280 at bats and with more power (12 doubles, 3 triples, 2 HRs and 27 RBIs. Kermit had played just 3B for the 1951 A's, he batted 59 times, hitting only .186 in 20 games; later in the season, the A’s would trade him along with Paul Lehner and Cash to the Browns for Don Lenhardt. His stay was short in St. Louis, appearing in only 8 games, as he had batted 27 times and got 9 hits, while playing 3B in 6 games and playing his final MLB game on July 29th at age 28. On July 31st, he was purchased from the Browns by the Yankees. Unfortunately, he never got a chance to wear the Yankee pinstripes as he was sent to their AAA team, the Kansas City Blues (AA). For the 1951 AAA Blues, he would hit .275 with 9 RBIs. For the next 2 seasons, he was still stuck playing for the AAA Blues. In 1952, he hit for his highest career average by .302, while hitting 5 HRs with 43 RBIs. If he had been in another MLB organization, he would have had a much better chance at playing for an MLB club. In 1953, he would spend another season on the "farm" hitting only .240 with 3 HRs and 17 RBIs. His pro baseball career was obviously fading. In 1954, he finally would escape the Yankees farm system, when he would play for the Milwaukee Braves' AAA team, the Toledo Mud Hens (AA). Kermit would hit well for average (.305), he had only hit 5 HRs along with 20 RBIs; ending his pro baseball career at age 31.

1932- Former Yankees Pitcher Danny McDevitt (1961) was born. (1932-2010)

In 1951, the Yankees had originally signed P Danny McDevitt as an MLB Amateur Free Agent.  However, after giving up 76 walks in 43 innings that year in the low minor leagues, he was released by the Yankees, before the start of 1952 AL season. Then the Dodgers would sign him as an MLB Free Agent. On December 16,1960, Danny was purchased by the Yankees from the Dodgers. He was projected to replace Bobby Shantz as the lefty swingman for the 1961 Yankees pitching staff. Danny would post a 1-2 record with a 7.62 ERA and 1 save in 8 games with the Yankees, before being traded on June 14,1961 to the Twins for veteran Reserve INF Billy Gardner. Dan’s claim to MLB fame was being the last Brooklyn Dodger Pitcher to start, throw a shutout and win at Ebbets Field in September of 1957 against the Pirates. His best MLB season was in 1959, when he went 10-8 for the World Champion Dodgers. He didn’t appear in the 1959 World Series for the Dodgers against the White Sox. Danny would finish his MLB Pitching career with a 21-27 record along with a 4.40 ERA with 7 saves in 155 games with the Dodgers, Yankees, Twins and the 1962 A’s.

1938- Former Yankees Minor League 1B Marion “Bud” Zipfel was born.

Before the start of the 1956 AL season, the Yankees had signed Bud Zipfel as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. He would never play for the Yankees at the MLB level. On December 14,1960, Bud was selected by the new Washington Senators from the Yankees in the 1960 AL Expansion Team Player Draft. Bud had replaced veteran INF Gil McDougald on the Yankees Expansion Draft Player list, when Gil refused to go to the new Senators. Bud was being groomed to be a possible replacement for veteran Bill Skowron at 1B. With his departure, Deron Johnson and Joe Pepitone moved up in the Yankees farm system as possible Moose’s future 1B replacements.

1943- Former Yankees Minor League P Jim Shellenback was born.

Before the start of 1962 AL season, lefty hurler Jim Shellenback was signed by Yankees as an MLB Amateur Free Agent. He would spend the 1962 Minor League pitching for the Yankees Class C Idaho Yankees (PL) and the Class D Harlan Smokies (APLY). With the Idaho Yankees, Jim had posted a 0-2 record with a 6.00 ERA. His Smokies pitching record was 1-0 with a 2.60 ERA in 28 games. On November 26, 1962, Jim was drafted by the Pirates from the Yankees Organization in the 1962 1st-year Minor League Player Draft. He would have an MLB pitching record of 16-30 with a 3.81 ERA and 2 saves in 165 games. Jim had pitched for the Pirates, Senators, Rangers and the Twins. When he retired as a player, he would work in the Twins Minor League organization; then he would become an MLB Bullpen Coach for the Twins.

1954- In an enormous 2-part MLB trade that will begin today, the Yankees and Orioles will exchange a total of 17 players. The 2nd part of the trade will be announced after the 1954 MLB Rule 5 Draft is held in December. Included in the trade are 1B Richard Kryhoski, Pitchers Bob Turley and Don Larsen, Catcher Darrell Johnson and INF Billy Hunter being obtained by the Yankees from the Orioles. The Yankees would send veteran MLB OF Gene Woodling, Reserve INF Willie Miranda, Pitchers Harry Byrd, Jim McDonald along with Reserve Catchers Gus Triandos and Hal Smith. This trade will give the Orioles a chance to rebuild their team, which was formerly the St. Louis Browns, one of the poorest MLB team franchises. By the late 1950’s and early 1960’s the Orioles farm system will start producing their own stars such as Brooks Robinson, John “Boog” Powell, Milt Pappas and other young players. The Yankees will plug Don Larsen and Bob Turley into their 1955 starting rotation, joining Whitey Ford, Eddie Lopat and Tommy Byrne. Veteran Yankees Starter Allie Reynolds had retired from the team due to serious back problems that occurred in a team bus accident in Baltimore during the 1954 AL season.

1960- Former Yankees Reserve INF Ron Coomer (2002) was born.

In 2001, the Yankees had signed veteran INF Ron Coomer as an MLB Free Agent. As a Reserve INF for the Yankees, Ron would appear in 55 games for the team, while hitting .264 with 3 HRs and 17 RBIs during the 2002 AL season. He had appeared with the Yankees in the 2002 ALDS, getting 1 hit in 2 at-bats in his only taste of MLB postseason play. Ron would finish his MLB playing career with the 2003 Dodgers. He is now a TV Baseball Announcer for the Cubs.

1964- Baltimore Orioles 3B Brooks Robinson is voted the 1964 AL MVP, outpolling the Yankees CF Mickey Mantle by a vote of 269 to 171. In 1964, Mantle had hit .303 with 35 HRs and 111 RBIs in 143 games for the AL Pennant winning Yankees. It was Mickey’s last season as a productive slugger for the Yankees, as his decline would be starting with his bad legs. In 1965, he would be switched to LF, then he would be moved to 1B the following season.

1967- Former Yankees Reliever Tom “Flash” Gordon (2004-2005) was born.

In the winter of 2003, the Yankees had signed MLB Free Agent Closer Tom “Flash” Gordon. He had been a Closer with the Red Sox. He was set-up man for Yankees Closer Mo Rivera during the 2004-2005 AL seasons, going 14-8 with a 2.38 ERA and 6 saves in 159 games, before leaving the team for MLB Free Agency. He would be sign by the Phillies to become their 2006 Team Closer.

1968- Former Yankees Assistant GM and MLB Executive Kim Ng (1998-2002) was born.

Kim Ng was the Vice President and Assistant General Manager of the Dodgers from 2001 to 2011. On March 8, 2011, she was named Senior Vice-President of Baseball Operations for MLB reporting to newly-named Executive Vice-President Joe Torre, who was previously the Dodgers' Manager. On November 13, 2020, she was named General Manager of the Miami Marlins, becoming not only the 1st woman to be a General Manager in MLB, but the 1st in North American men's sports. Of Vietnamese origin, Ng was born in Indianapolis, IN, but she grew up in Queens, NY. The oldest of 5 girls, she had attended the University of Chicago, where she played softball and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. She applied for a variety of sports-related jobs after her college graduation, she was accepted for an internship with the White Sox in 1991. She was talented in the nascent field of computers and data analysis and impressed the organization with her skills, landing her a full-time entry-level job. To her surprise, she ended up in the baseball operations side of the business, and not in marketing, where she had expected to work. 

White Sox GM Dan Evans was impressed by her analytical ability and attention to detail; he quickly pegged her as someone who could aspire to senior positions and he took her under his wing. She was also lucky in starting out at a time when front offices were starting to hire persons with different profiles, which would result in a class of highly-educated young GMs, who had never played the game. In 1997, she took a job with MLB as Director of Waivers and Records for the American League office. The position required her to know all the arcane details of the Major League rules and help interpret them for General Managers. This allowed her to meet all of the league's GMs, including Yankees Brian Cashman, who was so impressed with her that he hired her as Assistant General Manager in 1998. At the time, Kim was the youngest Assistant GM in the game. She was put in charge of the Yankees' salary arbitration cases and proved very talented in this sensitive file, both in assessing the value of players and in conducting negotiations to avoid the cases having to actually be argued before an Arbitrator. She was also involved in contract negotiations with star players. She was the 2nd woman to have the title of Assistant GM, following Elaine Weddington Steward, who was hired by the Red Sox in 1990.

In 2002, her former mentor Evans, who was now GM of the Dodgers, lured her away from the Yankees. She worked under a succession of bosses, including Paul DePodesta and Ned Colletti, until leaving for her senior position with MLB. In 2005, Ng was interviewed by the Dodgers for their vacant GM job, but she was passed over for Colletti. In 2008, She also interviewed for the Mariners' GM job and with the Padres in 2009. In her position with MLB, Ng was put in charge of implementing some of the changes to the signing of players not subjected to the Amateur Draft that were included in the Collective Bargaining Agreement reached at the end of 2011. These included a reform of how Latin American Amateur Players could be signed, and meant a greater involvement by MLB in setting up showcases and an "International Talent Committee" that aimed to curb the rampant abuse of young players by Scouts and other intermediaries. In 2014, her name surfaced again as one of the top candidates to replace fired Padres GM Josh Byrnes, being 1 of 4 contenders to be asked for a 2nd interview, out of an initial pool of 14 candidates. She would lose out to A.J. Preller, however. She finally was appointed to the top job in 2020, when the Marlins selected her to replace GM Michael Hill, who had been let go after the Marlins had surprised everyone by making it to the postseason during the shortened 2020 NL season. She was taking the reins of an up-and-coming team loaded with young talent. Her reaction was as follows: "This challenge is one I don’t take lightly. When I got into this business, it seemed unlikely a woman would lead an MLB team, but I am dogged in the pursuit of my goals." Ng’s appointment was extremely well received around the industry, as many pointed out that her credentials were impeccable, that she would likely have acceded to the GM ranks years earlier had she not been a woman and a member of a racial minority to boot. In October of 2023, Ng would leave the Marlins organization.

1968- Former Yankees Reserve INF/OF Clay Bellinger (1999-2001) was born.

INF/OF Clay Bellinger was signed as an MLB Free Agent to helped out the Yankees bench; he had appeared in 182 games, hitting only .189 for 3 seasons. He could play many positions, but he had a very weak bat. His son, Cody is a currently an MLB Free Agent.

1968- Former Yankees OF/DH Gary Sheffield (2004-2006) was born.

In the winter of 2003, the Yankees Team Owner George Steinbrenner had signed veteran MLB Slugger Gary Sheffield as an MLB Free Agent. Gary was a good power hitter, but he was injured in 2006. For the 2004-2006 Yankees, he would appear in 347 games, while hitting .291 with 76 HRs and 269 RBIs. After the Yankees had picked up his MLB player contract option on November 10, 2006, Gary was traded by the team to the Tigers for 3 Minor League Pitchers: Anthony Claggett, Humberto Sanchez and Kevin Whelan. 

1970- Former Yankees Reliever Allen Watson (1999-2000) was born.

On July 3,1999, Veteran Reliever Allen Watson was signed as an MLB Free Agent. He was assigned to AAA Columbus (IL). He had pitched for the Mariners and the Mets, while posting a combined record of 2-3 in 17 games. Watson had MLB lifetime pitching record of 47-55. He would post a 4-0 record with a 2.10 ERA in 21 games. In 2000, he had no record, while appearing in 17 games for the Yankees. He would finish his Yankees Pitching career with a 4-0 record with a 5.27 ERA in 38 games.

1976- The Yankees had signed MLB Free Agent Starter Don Gullett for $2 million. With the 1970-1976 Reds, he had posted a 91-40 record with a 3.03 ERA and 11 saves in 236 games. In 1977, Gullett will have a 14-4 record with a 3.59 ERA in 22 games, but he will spend most of the next 3 Yankee seasons on the DL, before being forced to retire from MLB. Overall, as a Yankees Starter, Don would record a 18-6 mark in 30 games for the team. He had appeared in 1 game in the 1977 World Series, posting a 0-1 record against the Dodgers. His final MLB Pitching record was a 109-50 mark with a 3.11 ERA in 266 games. His World Series record was 2-2 with a 3.61 ERA in 10 games (8 with the Reds and 2 with the Yankees).

1979- Former MLB Pitcher, MLB Manager and Yankees Minor League Manager Freddie Fitzsimmons (1956) had passed away from self-inflected gunshot wound to the head. (1901-1979)

In 1956, Freddie Fitzsimmons had managed the Yankees AA farm team, the Bingham Triplets (EL), leading them to an 81-53 record. He was a Special MLB Spring Training Instructor for the Yankees. As an MLB player, he had pitched for the Giants and Dodgers. Fred would finish his 19-season MLB Pitching career with a 217-146 record with a 3.51 ERA and 13 saves in 513 MLB games. He had appeared in 3 World Series, while posting a 0-3 record. From 1943-1945 ,he had managed the Phillies. Also, he was an MLB Coach for the Dodgers, Braves, Giants, Cubs and the A’s.

1980- The Yankees had traded Reserve Catcher Brad Gulden and Cash to the Mariners for INF Larry Milbourne and a Player to be Named Later. With the recent trades of Reserve Infielder’s Fred Stanley and Brian Doyle to the Oakland A’s, the Yankees need a new Reserve Infielder for their MLB bench. Milbourne had hit .278 and .264, for the past 2 seasons for Seattle. Gulden had hit .163 in 40 games for the 1979 Yankees, while sharing the catching duties with Jerry Narron, following Munson’s tragic death in August of 1979. He had started the 1980 season with AAA Columbus (IL), he only hit .157 in 14 games, then he was sent to AA Nashville Sounds (SL), where he would hit .237 in 85 games. The Player to be Named Later for the Yankees, would turn out to be Catcher Brad Gulden, who will rejoin the team on May 18,1981. He would be sent to AAA Columbus Clippers (IL).

1986- Former Yankees Pitcher Bruce Billings (2014) was born.

On December 20, 2013, P Bruce Billings was signed as an MLB Free Agent by the Yankees. Bruce had posted a 5-5 record with AAA Scranton (IL) before being called up to the Bronx. He appeared in only 1 game for the Yankees with no record. On August 2, 2014, the team released him. Bruce would be picked-up by the Dodgers organization. Later, he would finish out his pro pitching career with the Nationals organization in 2015. He was a Minor League Coach in the Phillies organization.

1991- Former Yankees Starter Jameson Taillon (2021-2022) was born.

Jameson Taillon was the #2 pick of the 2010 MLB Amateur Player Draft by the Pirates. On January 24, 2021, the Pirates had traded him to the Yankees in return for 4 Minor League prospects: P Miguel Yajure, P Roansy Contreras, OF Canaan Smith and Shortstop Maikol Escotto. He had pitched for the Pirates from 2016-2019, while posting a 29-24 record with a 3.67 ERA in 82 games. He had missed playing time with the team due to injuries and TJ Surgery, costing him playing time in 2014-2015, then again in 2019 and 2020. His 2021 trade would reunite him with his former Pirates teammate Gerrit Cole, now the Yankees' ace. He made his return to the mound on April 7th, pitching 4 2/3 innings against the Orioles. He recorded his 1st win in 2 years on May 1st, when he gave up 1 run in 5 innings and struck out 8 batters in a 6-4 win over the Tigers. He pitched better as the season advanced and in July, he was named the AL Pitcher of the Month, when he had a 1.16 ERA in 5 starts covering 31 innings. Cole had won the honor in April. Taillon would finish out his 2021 AL season with the Yankees, posting an 8-6 record with a 4.30 ERA in 29 games.

Taillon was back in the Yankees' starting rotation at the start of the 2022 season as the team would post the best record in the MLB over the 1st 2 months. He was an excellent with a 5-1 record, along with a 2.49 ERA over his 1st 9 starts as the Yankees had the best starting rotation in the MLB over that time span. That included his best start as a Yankee on May 27th, when he pitched 8 scoreless innings against the Rays, by allowing just 2 hits, but no walks. He probably could have pitched the 9th inning as well, but Yankees Manager Aaron Boone decided to bring in Reliever Clay Holmes to close out the 2-0 win, which he did by retiring the Rays in order. On June 2nd, he started the 2nd game of a doubleheader against the  Angels with 7 perfect innings before allowing a double to Jared Walsh that deflected off the glove of Shortstop Isiah Kiner-Falefa. Walsh came in to score on a 2-out single by Kurt Suzuki, and he left the game trailing 1-0, but the Yankees rallied for 2 runs in the bottom of the inning to give him a 2-1 win that improved his record on the season to 6-1, with a 2.30 ERA. For the 2022 AL season, he would post an excellent 14-5 record along with a 3.91 ERA in 32 games. After the MLB post season had ended, he had became an MLB Free Agent. 

1997- The Yankees had obtained INF/OF Scott Brosius from the Oakland to complete the Kenny Rogers deal that was made earlier in the month. He will have a chance to become the Yankees 1998 Starting 3B in Yankees 1998 MLB Spring training camp, completing against the Yankees top Minor League 3B Prospect Mike Lowell.

1997- MLB holds the 1997 Expansion Team Player Draft to stock the rosters of the 2 new MLB teams; the NL Arizona Diamondbacks and the AL Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The Yankees will lose Pitcher Ben Ford to the NL Diamondbacks, meanwhile the AL Devil Rays had selected Pitcher Brian Boehringer and Reserve OF Luke Wilcox from the Yankees.

2003- Former Yankees Pitcher Ken Brett (1976) had passed away from Cancer. (1948-2003)

Ken Brett was George Brett’s older brother. He had appeared in 2 games with the Red Sox in the 1967 World Series. In 1974, he was named to the NL All-Star team, while pitching for the Pirates. Ken had appeared in 2 NL post-season series with the Bucs, pitching in 3 games with no decisions. On December 11,1975, Ken Brett was traded by the Pirates along with P Dock Ellis and Rookie 2B Willie Randolph to the Yankees for MLB Starter George “Doc” Medich. He only appeared in 2 games with the 1976 Yankees with no record, before being traded on May 18th by the Yankees along with OF Rich Coggins to the White Sox for OF/DH Carlos May. His brother George complained to the MLB media that the Yankees Manager Billy Martin never gave his brother a chance to prove himself with the team. As an MLB Pitcher, Ken had posted an 83-85 record with a 3.93 ERA and 11 saves in 349 games. He was a good hitter for Pitcher; he would finished with MLB playing career with a .262 BA with 10 HRs and 44 RBIs in 385 games. Later, Ken became a Minor League Team Owner with his 2 brothers.

2022- The Yankees and Reliever Lou Trivino agreed to a salary of $4.1MM. Trivino had been a solid reliever for Oakland over the past couple of seasons, but he had struggled to a 6.47 ERA with them in 2022. He was dealt to the Yankees by the A’s on August 1, 2022 along with Starter Frankie Montas for 4 Minor League players: Cooper Bowman, Luis Medina, JP Sears and Ken Waldichuk. Then he would right the ship with a 1.66 ERA the rest of the season, having a 1-2 record with 1 save in 25 games for the Yankees.

2022- The Yankees and Shortstop Isiah Kiner-Falefa have avoided arbitration by agreeing to a 1-year, $6MM deal. He had hit .261 with 4 HRs and 48 RBIs in 142 games for the club. On March 13, 2022, he was traded by theTwins along with Veteran 3B Josh Donaldson and Catcher Ben Rortvedt to the Yankees for veteran Catcher Gary Sanchez and 3B Gio Urshela. Isiah can play several positions as well as being a former Catcher with the Rangers.

















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