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    The Joba Chamberlain experiment as a starter just isn't working. Let's band together and see if we can get the Yanks to put him back in the bullpen.

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    Joba to the 'pen

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    I wouldn't expect them to make any major changes during the postseason. My guess is that they already know that he isn't going to make any playoff starts, but are just not saying anything yet. Lucky for them, they get to use the rain as an excuse.... more


    Since this threads been started, it's looking like Joe Girardi's view is no "Joba to the bench!" I'm sure Joba will come around!

    July 30, 2010
    9:27 AM
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    Yes...Joba place will be the Pen..will be another Rivera setting the stage the closer Like John W. Remember???? now he will settle the stage for Rivera to Finish The Job.

    April 14, 2010
    8:29 PM
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    i'am a Joba to the pen too!!!!!!!! that is where he is a PRO ONCE HE GETS HIS RYTHUM DOWN IT'S LIGHT'S OUT ( BRING BOSTON ONNNNNNNN ) .GOOOOO YANKS I FEEL 28TH . ( GOOD NIGHT! )

    March 29, 2010
    11:39 PM
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    I think that Joba is a great pitcher.Personaly, I think the the only problem is that because he's so young he gets a little over eager and outthinks himself.Especialy with all this pressure of being moved from the bullpen to being a starter. I mean who could blame the guy. I see what the yankees were trying to do with him when they moved him to the starting rotation. I just think that with all that heat out of the pen he should be able to consentrate on being the final bridge to Mariano.The reason that he would be such a good set up man for Mo is simple, out of the pen Joba can release that 97-99 mph fastball that he's got and this willspeed up the hiters bats for Mariano so that he can A) Throw his cutter with more effect; And B) Put less stain on his body, limiting injury

    December 16, 2009
    11:27 AM
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    Joba's entire demeanor changes when he comes out of the pen. He becomes aggressive; he attacks the hitters -- he's just different, probably because he knows he can put on the heat (99mph fastball) and not worry about the next inning. In all fairness to him, the Yankees screwed around with him with this reliever/starter/reliever stuff. They should have just primed him for the 8th inning and perhaps even the replacement for Mo when he retires. I vote for the pen.

    December 14, 2009
    11:28 PM
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    i hope he stays in the pen, he does a great job.

    November 13, 2009
    5:58 AM
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