Yankees vs. Mariners- 2nd game of 3

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 7:01 PM [General]

    Yesterdays start for Phil Hughes and the Yankees was a rough one! In my opinion, I think that the Yanks should have let Phil just hit in the NL parks and not disrupt his usual routine. I would rather Hughes go out there and look like a blindman at the plate than have him give up 7 runs on his next start to one of the worst offenses in the American League. Don't forget that 7 runs looks like 100 runs when your trying to catch up with Cliff Lee on the mound for the opposition! But, tonight the yanks will try and regroup after last nights loss against another tough ace in Felix Hernandez or "King Felix". King Felix's line to date= 5-5, 3.28, 112.2 IP, 1.26 WHIP 

    Pitching= Felix Hernandez-5-5, 3.28, 112.2 IP, 1.26 WHIP  VS. Javier Vasquez- 6-6, 5.16, 75 IP, 1.3 WHIP

    June has been somewwhat good to Javy-he's 3-1 (in 5 starts), 3.00 ERA, 11 Ks. Look for him  to finish June with a decent start, not great but decent.

                                 Lineup Card

    Jeter  SS-AVG. .286, HR  8   , RBI  39    , OBP .346

    Swisher  RF-AVG. .292, HR 13, RBI  47, OBP .372

    Teixeira 1B-AVG.  .230, HR 13, RBI  48, OBP .343

    Rodriguez  3B-AVG. .281,  HR  11, RBI  54, OBP .356      

     Cano 2B-AVG. .358, HR 15, RBI 53, OBP .407 

     Posada DH-AVG. .275, HR 9, RBI 28, OBP .379

    Granderson CF-AVG. .243, HR 7, RBI 22, OBP .320

    Curtis LF-AVG. .333,HR 0, RBI 4, OBP .429

    Cervelli C-AVG. .276, HR 0, RBI 29, OBP .352

    Key points= The Yankees have been playing some poor baseball fundamentally these past couple of games. Look for them to tighten up the loose ends and have a good game tonight and bounce back from getting beat by a mediocre team. I also hope that A-rod and Tex can start to kick it into gear

    Sluggers Of The Game= I'm predicting Swisher to have a nice game tonight after having 2 homers against Cliff Lee, that' something you don't see everyday against a guy that has 15.6 K/BB ratio! He has a .206 AVG against Felix and 3 homers. I also will predict Tex- .306 with 3 homers also.

    Go Yankees!

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    Yankees vs Mariners-1st game at of three at the stadium.

    Tuesday, June 29, 2010, 8:03 PM [General]

    Well this is my first blog ever on the Yes Network website and I hope people who read my posts like it and  hopefully follow me! Thanks enjoy!

    This is Hughes' first start after being skipped over so he would not have to pitch with the NL rules and have to hit. I would imagine that this is just precuationary because the Yanks don't want their most consistent starter (besides Andy) to get hurt, and don't forget that Hughes, unfortunately, has an innings limitFrown. But we should not feel down about the innings limit because I'm pretty sure the Yanks have learned from the disaster of Joba Chamberlain and how they screwed up his development as a starter so I think they will treat Hughes correctly and not screw up his growth and development so we can have a good #2-3 starter in the rotation in the future. Look for Hughes to be a little rusty but he will get the feel for his pitches later in the game. I'm looking for Jeter to have a good game tonight, hes been struggling a little bit of late. Go Yanks!

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