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Posted by: dp57 on Mar 4, 2011 at 11:11:28 PM

The news wasn’t so good for Francisco Cervelli today.  It was actually pretty depressing.  Broken bone in his foot.  He has to wear that Ugly, Ugly, Ugly, Ugly, Ugly boot.  Did I mention how Ugly that boot is? It's sandals with socks ugly.  And he is on crutches.  Good thing he worked out all offseason.  Those crutches require massive arm strength.  The one time I needed crutches, I was reduced to slithering across the floor like a slug.  Thank God I wasn’t required to wear that ugly boot though!

Cervelli will spend the rest of spring training in that boot, avoiding baseball activities, drinking lots of milk, downing tums like candy, and trying to heal that bone.  Not the way he planned on spending ST after working all winter