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Posted by: dp57 on Jul 2, 2011 at 02:56:00 PM

July 4th weekend has always signaled the official start of Real summer fun for me.  Schools let out in late June in the NY/NJ area, so July 4th weekend is always the start of fun in the sun.  We celebrate the birth of our nation
with all things Americana:  a family BBQ, a day by the pool, fireworks at the high school football stadium, and NYY

For July 4th weekend the NYY, along with all the other teams in MLB will wear patriotic caps.  The cap is a marvel of red, white or blue with stars and stripes.  What makes it a marvel is year after year, it just looks wrong. 
It’s not that it is that ugly, although it just isn’t eye pleasing and I hear some of the players grumble about it. 
It just doesn’t resemble the team colors