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Posted by: dp57 on Feb 13, 2011 at 09:32:52 PM

My cousin went to High School every day.  I know you are saying, so did I.  But you are wrong.  She went every day.  Every single school day.  180 days, for 4 years straight.  720 straight days of school!  I taught high school.  In my 18 years there, not one student EVER had perfect attendance for even 1 year, never mind 4!  God, didn't she ever need a mental health day?  We teachers need them all the time.  We justify that if we didn't take them, conveniently on Yankee Opening Day, we might go ballistic and honestly tell the students what we actually thought of their work.  And what would that lead to? Depression and anxiety in the hallways. Xanax being popped like M&Ms. People crying in the bathrooms.  Oh, wait,