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    Everyone has something to say about the Yankees and what happens during the games. List everything from complainants to complements. If you want to complain about the umpires (Joe West) go ahead. We will listen and respond.

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    I vote that Girardi should get Huffman back up and put Russo back down.

    July 10, 2010
    4:25 PM
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    Braden needs to take a chill pill. No need to go kicking cups around when A-Rod didn't do anything. Even if he did, "Braden's Mound" could be fixed. He said that the Yanks are classy, and he is right. They would never do anything to be disgraceful to the franchise. Braden is the one who needs to be classier.

    April 23, 2010
    9:40 PM
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    Just wondering how many more #5 starts does Hughes need before he is our #4 pitcher... if he keeps looking this good maybe #2 might be a better spot in rotation ...WTG Phil keep up the great work!

    April 22, 2010
    11:01 AM
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