6 years later the Yankees still remain the most recent NY Team to win a world series

    Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 9:38 AM [General]

    On this day 6 years ago the New York Yankees defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series! The Yankees earned their 27th World Championship.  Until today no other NY baseball team has won a world series!  I’ve made a video last night to remind everyone what does the most recent NY baseball Championship Hat and T-shirt looks like!  


    Sorry Mets 2015 wasn't your year!

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    BigYankeesFan interviews Blue Jays Fans after last night 14-2 Loss

    Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 8:16 AM [General]

    Last night after the epic defeat of the Blue Jays I've sat down with two fans to discuss the ALCS.  Jose Crowtista had some interesting things to say.

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    Thank you Derek Jeter

    Saturday, September 20, 2014, 2:05 PM [General]

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    Which Derek Jeter Jersey should we buy this year?

    Friday, May 2, 2014, 8:49 AM [General]

    It’s the final season for the Yankees Captain Derek Jeter!  If you don’t owe a Derek Jeter jersey I’d totally say this is the year to buy some!  Last season when Mariano Rivera retired I’ve made sure that I was able to pick up a home, road and All-star batting practice Jersey.  I’ve noticed there are currently four authentic Derek Jeter Jerseys for sale!  All four of these I’d say would be great for anyone’s personal collection.  Which Jersey should I buy and which ones do I think the Yankees would wear for a game?

    The #2 with gold around it and the gold #2 Derek Jeter Jersey I’d consider more of a commemorative Jersey; however the road Jersey and the traditional pinstripe Jersey with Final season logo patch I hope the Yankees do wear towards the end of the season as they did for Mariano Rivera last year!  Mariano Rivera became the 1st active MLB player to wear a retirement patch during his final games as New York Yankee! 

    It’s only fitting that Derek Jeter becomes the 2nd active MLB player to wear his final season logo during an actual game!

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    Yankees end April in 1st place! Don't get too excited yet!

    Thursday, May 1, 2014, 9:06 AM [General]

         I honestly don’t want super excited and celeberate that the Yankees have finished the month of April being in 1st place for the AL East with a record of 15-11!  The Yankees did finish the Month of April 2013 being in second place with a slightly better record 16-10 and the Yankees ended up missing the playoffs!  I also would like to point out the following:

    • The Yankees 1996 finished the Month of April 15-8 and were 1st place within AL East!
    • The Yankees 1998 finished the Month of April 17-6 and were 1st place within AL East!
    • The Yankees 1999 finished the Month of April 14-7 and were 1st place within AL East!
    • The Yankees 2000 finished the Month of April 15-8 and were 1st place within AL East!
    • The Yankees 2009 finished the Month of April 12-10 and were 3rd place within AL East!

    We all know how the 5 seasons above ended with winning World Series Championships; however these 2014 Yankees are looking like the 2013 in some ways due to injuries!  Our opening day pitching starting rotation so far during the month of April have taken two major blows!  Ivan Nova is gone for the rest of the season due to Tommy John surgery!  Michael Pineda was suspended for 10 games due the obvious Pine tar incident and is now having back issues which will result to missing several weeks!

    Things I do like about the 2014 Yankees!

    I think it’s a great mixture of veterans and young talent!

    Derek Jeter is back at being Derek Jeter!

    Jacoby Ellsbury can hit, run, score & play the outfield well!

    Mark Teixeira & Carlos Beltran are hitting for power!

    Masahiro Tanaka throws a lot of strikes!

    Dean Anna ,Yangervis Solarte & John Ryan Murphy have a lot of potential!

    Ichiro Suzuki can still hit and play very well in the outfield!

    Dellin Betances will be used a lot more innings during the season for relief!

    David Robertson had certainly filled in the shoes taken over the closers role from the retired Mariano Rivera!

    May Concerns:


    Starting rotation! 

    How well can the bullpen preform?

    Is Brian Cashman going to make any trades?

    Are we going to see more home runs from the Yankees offense?

    You can also follow me on Twitter @BigYankeesFan

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