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    Hey Yesnetwork! My name is Don McComb my friend calls me Donnie Baseball and I call him Jorge Posada his name is Jorge Rosado and he could pass as Jorge Posada's brother and he say's I could pass as Don Mattinly's brother. We both went to a game at the old stadium in 2007 same year I took my Mom to a game in 2007 for Her 90th Birthday, a about a year later GOD called Her Home, so I was so Happy (Blessed) to have been there to take Her to Her First Yankees Game, Ever. I have Major Leauge Extra Innings from Direct TV so I'm able to watch 98% of all Games, Micheal Kay is the Best Announcer I ever heard. I live in Arizona for the last 30 years, so be a Big Yankees Fan it helps to be able to watch games. I have a service dog that I named after the Great Mickey Mantle, I would send you more pictures but I can't find to attach more, maybe you can help. Thank You for all the memories Goooooooooooooooo Yankees, 2010 (28) Don McComb or Donnie Baseball

    August 22, 2010
    9:03 PM
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