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    Matt, Thanks for the comment. Probably being a huge Yankee fan like me we never want to see any of our heroes decline but it is inevitable with age. Jorge is going to be very complicated. He has been a Yankee all his career and just the thought of seeing him in another uniform is somewhat unconscionable; but with that said we have to think team and not loyalty to the point where it could eventually hurt the team. Your point is well taken about Jorge helping train a new catcher and becoming either a full time DH and part-time catcher. The question will be is he willing to do either one? Players who have been starters the majority of their careers find it difficult to make those types of adjustments due to their egos. If Jorge could put his ego aside he would be an asset to the team in the long run, but if he can not he will force the organization to make decisions about his future that none of us as Yankee fans will be very happy with. That decision could be just as you stated, "a release at the end of his contract."

    August 31, 2010
    11:33 AM
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